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Discussion in 'Music' started by BrinaPresley, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. BrinaPresley

    BrinaPresley New Member

    What has been the best song of 2018 so far?
  2. ilija892

    ilija892 New Member

    Really hard question! I guess I would go with Kanye West's and Kid Cudi's 'Reborn'. That is a really good song on itself but if you take into consideration the problems they had in their life up until this point, 'Reborn' transforms into something else! It's a beautiful song about hardships in life and it's message : you should always keep moving forward no matter what life throws at you!
  3. raphaelmendiola

    raphaelmendiola New Member

    i recommend OPM song from the philippines .. they make good song with nice voice artist , just try to listen to it and you will find the true meaning of the song . if your sad and broken hearted i thing thats fit for you.
  4. Phiann30

    Phiann30 New Member

    I think the best song of this year 2018 is Perfect by Ed Sheeran, when you play or hear the song and internalize it you feel the message of the song there's this feeling of deeply in love as if you are the one who serenade that song to the one you love.
  5. Leiforeveryoung

    Leiforeveryoung New Member

    I will recomend OPM song it was originated and sung by various Filipino musician,OPM have a english song that probably suits your taste in music
  6. ceendhy

    ceendhy New Member

    For me, the best song for this year is NEVER ENOUGH...

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