Best Spider-man actor since 2002?

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Best spider-man actor since 2002

  1. Tobey Maguire (2002-2007)

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  2. Andrew Garfield (2012-2014)

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  3. Tom Holland (2016- )

  1. maemandapat

    maemandapat New Member

    Tobey was the reason why spidey became my favorite superhero. He delivered Peter Parker perfectly. But I admit that Spider-man 3 is the worst. The whole movie is a cringe worthy. I can't stand the emo parker. As much as I hate Emo Parker, I still feel bad for him because a lot of people took him a joke despite his iconic movies before spider-man 3. Still Legendary.

    I kinda didn't like Andrew's delivery of peter. He's kind of disrespectful to his aunt and other older people if you're gonna watch the scenes between him and captain stacy/aunt may. His peter looks also a cool guy because of that skateboard lol. But I loved his Spider-Man. He was funny as spider-man.. He showed how fun spidey fights his villains and it's great.

    I think Tom Holland is the best fit for both peter and spidey. His appearance fits for a 15 year old kid. Some says it's childish but I think that's how 15 year olds nowadays act. Spider-man Hoco was fun. I loved every single moments of it.

    all in all they delivered the roles at their best. There might be flaws but you can't hide the awesome work they put on the character. Much respect for the past spider-men and looking forward for the new spider-man.

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