best way to control your eating

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    Eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy. You also need to drink plenty of water. When your stomach is full of water, it stops sending signals to your brain that it wants food.
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    Eat slowly. When you eat, you should be eating, not multi-tasking. You'll be able to concentrate on your food and actually taste the flavors. And eating slowly gives time for the digestive and hormonal processes to take place and your brain time to process the chemicals sent from your stomach saying you are, indeed, satisfied.
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    The best way to control your eating is to discipline your self, it is better to understand first the purpose of proper diet than to force or divert your eating hobby instantly, understanding what you are doing gives you courage and will power to finish what you are planning to do, we are the most intelligent beings don't let yourself become a slave of foods. I know its hard to do, we cannot deny the fact about this but if you want to change your life start it by asking yourself why i have to do this? what benefits it can give? if you find it beneficial to you why not make a step or you realize someday & figuring out lately that you are the one who harms yourself.
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    Two glass of water before meal help to control your eating. Pay attention to what you're eating, take time to enjoy your food and how full you are getting this way you will be less likely to eat more than you need. Eat more on watery fruits and other high fiber foods this can help you feel fuller faster and longer.
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    It's imperative to understand that we don't develop binge-eating habits in a single day, so we can't expect to break free form them in a day or a week. It's human nature to want immediate results, but it's just not realistic.

    Don't think about beating your binge-eating habit immediately. Focus instead on the actions you can take on a daily basis to get to that outcome. If you have a bad day, don't freak out. Progress is hardly ever linear. If you plan for some backward steps, you can rest assured that you're still making progress, even if it momentarily feels like you aren't.

    The most important thing to remember is to stay consistent. Apply all the things you've learned and try your best to follow them over and over. Consistency builds momentum and leads to long-lasting results and habits.
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    * Get completely off sugar. Most important. Use only natural alternatives like liquid stevia, and Swerve. Swerve comes in granulated and confectioners . and you can make a brown sugar version by adding some molasses.

    Sugar is EVIL!!!

    *Use high-fat foods like grass-fed butter, MCT Oil, heavy cream, loads of cheese, protein, and low carb veggies like cabbage, greens, cauliflower, mushrooms, and squash. I can do a bullet coffee (bullet, translates into butter, cream and MCT oil in your coffee) in the morning and will not really be hungry at lunch.

    *Leave off as many carbs as possible. (This is the most difficult part for me.)
    (If you're working to get the weight off or simply keep it off, don't mix carbs and high fat, if you do this will not work.)

    *And eat as clean as you possibly can. Grass-fed meats, only non-GMO, etc. as much as possible.

    Basically a keto diet. To avoid the keto flu to a great degree, get on good minerals with high magnesium and high doses of Vitamine C.
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  7. I began to walk three miles [5 km] nonstop every day, and I got up early each morning to exercise. I had to reeducate myself regarding my eating and drinking habits. I eliminated junk food and cut back on bread and sodas, replacing them with more fruit and vegetables. Now my weight is down to 175 pounds [80 kg]!” I feel that I am healthier and that I am really living again. Before, it was as if my life were on hold, as if I were stagnating. Another benefit is that I have been able to drop the medications for high blood pressure. And I feel that I can look people in the eye, knowing that there will be no implied criticism because of excess weight.
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    Here are a couple of things that have really helped me in this sort of thing.

    1. Low carb. Actually preferably full on keto diet. This is much more powerful the more weight that you have due to how some hormonal things work but it can really take the edge off.
    2. Get fiber in your diet. Fiber gets you really full. If you aren't very good at eating veggies look into chia seeds. It's an easy way to add a lot of fiber into your meal.
    3. Eat high protein. Protein takes quite a while to digest and seems to slow your digestion down because of it. There are also satiation signals that only protein seems to hit.
    4. Hydrate. Many people think they are food hungry when they're actually water hungry. If you want to munch drink a glass of water and wait a bit to see.
    5. Meditate and pay attention later. The meditation helps you learn to pay attention. Later when you're hungry pay attention to the sensation. "Bored" hunger will have a different feel than nutritional hunger. It can help you to begin to learn the difference.
    6. Give it 30 minutes. Eat what feels like a minimum amount of food if you have issues with portion control. Go with like half or 1/4 of what "seems" right. You can have it all but you need to wait 30 min between portions. Are you still hungry then?

    Just a few quick little things that are easy to implement.
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    In the last two or three months I was able to lose some seven or eight pounds, I work out regularly, which somehow helps I believe so, but what I really think contributed to my weight loss is the intermittent fasting where in I follow a twelve hour interval, well my secret to control my starving and hunger is the kind of foods I take and the enough amount of water I take.
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    In order to control your eating, try to eat a healthy option of your food that is prepared at home itself. Drink enough water, and eat your food by taking smaller portion of meals all throughout the day. Your strong will-power and a good amount of patience shall aid you to control your eating habits. It is also good to keep a strict watch on your weight for the best method to control your habit of eating food.
  11. marztejano

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    Best way to control eating is to drink 2 glass of water before you eat and if you're done eating, drink again another glass of water to makes you full. And after three or four hours,eat some fruits and drink again a glass of water. This way can help you control your eating problem and i makes you much more healthier.
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    1.Eat a balanced diet of grains, fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy. You’ll be more likely to eat “right” portion sizes if your meals include:

    • High-fiber foods, such as whole grains. Fiber can help you feel fuller faster and longer. The opposite is true for low-fiber, high-sugar foods. Your body processes them quicker, which can cause you to feel hungrier sooner and lead you to eat more.
    • Lean protein and unsaturated fats (from vegetables, nuts and seeds, for example). When your body breaks down proteins and healthy fats, it signals your brain to feel more satisfied. The more satisfied you feel, the less you’ll overeat.
    2. Give food your full attention. Research shows that people eat more when they eat while distracted, such as when driving, working or watching TV. Instead, eat at the table. Turn off the TV, and get rid of other distractions. Take time to enjoy your food. By paying attention to what you’re eating and how full you’re getting, you’ll be less likely to eat more than you need.

    3. Slow down. It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain when it’s full. So, eat slower. Put your fork down between bites. Encourage conversation at the dinner table, so your mouth is preoccupied with more than just chewing.

    4. Don’t restrict yourself. Restricting your portion size may only make you hungrier — or at least think you’re hungrier. Go ahead and eat just what your body needs, when it needs it. And that includes snacks. (See the next tip.)

    5. Eat on a schedule. Eating meals and snacks at the same time each day can make it easier to eat healthy portions. Enjoying food at regularly spaced times helps ensure your body always has the fuel it needs. That way, you’ll never feel famished, which can push you to overindulge.

    6. Don’t super-size it. Enormous portions in restaurants can skew our impression of how much food we really need. When you’re served a super-sized portion, don’t feel like you need to eat all of it. Split the meal with someone else. Or immediately ask for a take-home box so you can pack up part of the meal and just eat what’s left on your plate.
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    the best way to control your eating is drink plenty of water when you stomach is full of water its stop sending signals to your brain that its wants to food although water passes through the digestive system quite and quickly it can still help decrease your appetite.
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    There are so may ways to control your eating habits. One of the best way is to drink two glasses of water once you get up in the morning - that will make you full once you have your breakfast. Next is eat brown rice instead of white or polished rice, and also eat brown bread instead of white bread or other pastries, because brown rice and brown bread are heavy in your stomach and you will feel full for much longer time. In that way, your eating time will have long intervals thus making you in your pink of health.
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    Eating is everyones hobby. We eat here and there almost everytime. Sometimes, we cant control ourselves from eating especially if the food infront of us are delicious. For me to be able to avoid eating a lot, I drink water first before eating so I can lessen the food I can take.
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    Eating healthy is a mind game. In order for you to monitor your food intake, one must be able to determine his/her daily activities and caloric needs. Of course, if you are an athlete, your food intake should be higher and balance with the right protein and carbs that your body will need to sustain you through practice or competition. However, if you have lessen physical activities, you must only limit your daily food consumption based on the acceptable levels depending on your body weight and measurements.

    Drink lots of water through out the day. Drinking water before meals are helpful too to regulate your food intake.
  17. ChristineOh

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    It is not easy to control eating so it will take some times and a healthy process to be able to achieve your goal. The best thing that we should have to be able to start a good process is to have self discipline. Self discipline has a big role in maintaining or removing the bad habits that we have. When you have discipline you will be able to stop your self or control yourself from eating unnecessary foods. Discipline can also help you to set your limitations and to set a healthy daily routine that will make you more productive. Don't afraid to make your own meal recipe or trying suggested recipes from other, it is much better if you know what you're eating. To stop yourself from craving from sweets then stop eating sweets, it is effective to me and I never craves on sweets now. Always drink water to make yourself feel full even though you're not and besides it has a good benefits to our body too. Having a role model or inspiration is also good to keep you motivated in doing things. Don't stop on trying until you can, just keep on moving to be able to get what you want to achieve.
  18. enilanyer

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    If one is a foodie, it would be really difficult for him or her to control his or her eating habits. If an individual has a habit of consuming large amount of food, your stomach gets used to it because it will just continue to stretch until your brain tells you to stop because you're already full, but our stomach does not pop like a balloon when it is overstretched. What happens to your body is you gain weight and you tend to be prone into several diseases because overweight or obesity is a modifiable risk factor for most of the diseases.

    Modifiable risk factor? Yes. M-O-D-I-F-I-A-B-L-E. It can be changed or modified. One just needs to gain discipline to control his or her food intake. Other experts say that, one should consume water of how many glasses in order to fill your stomach and make you fill full with just a minimum amount of food consumption. Water helps our body cleanse our kidneys to flush out what must be removed in our body. It is also important for our brain because it helps with the lubrication and cushions the brain from protecting it from trauma.

    So the best way to control eating is DISCIPLINING YOURSELF.
  19. Lady_Seah

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    The best way to control eating is literally having great control of your self. By setting goals, having plans and taking responsibility are the keys to successfully control your eating. Eat right on schedule, don't skip breakfast. Do not get distracted while eating because doing so might take your attention away from the amount of food your eating. Take your time to enjoy your food at a table with your family.

    Eat the amount of food your body only needed and make sure it's a well balance diet. You can take snack in small portion in between meals. Drink plenty of water, get a good rest, exercise and eat slowly helps improve your metabolism.
  20. The best way to control your eating is to motivate yourself to live healthy. Because living healthy has many benefits not just for yourself but also for all the peaple you care such as yout family and friends. Cotrolling your eating habit wil make you stronger fit and healthy, and when youur healthy you can do more things actively, you will not become sick and your famliy will be less worried as you can have more time to spend with them.
  21. Wilvelo88

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    Teach yourself to eat when you're really hungry and stop when you're comfortably full. Eat more meals with your partner or family. Eat your meals seated at a table without distraction. Get 8 hours of sleep each night, as fatigue can lead to overeating and start each day with a nutritious breakfast.
  22. Angelondrei

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    Best way to control eating is by making yourself busy. I think that is the best way. By doing so, you are not going to think of food but rather you are focus on doing something else. If you're doing nothing, let's say just watching television, that makes you want to grab something and eat though you're not that hungry at all. You're mindless eating and that's not healthy for you. Be busy and occupied so you don't think of eating all the time. Eat when you're really hungry and eat healthy always.
  23. rlynrlyn

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    Best way to control eating?
    I have tired water therapy, actually it was my sister ho fully followed that idea, no solid food only water.
    So what I did, I eat heavy in the morning, and then the whole day until evening all water, I did survived.
    Once in a while, when I feel am gaining extra pounds again or a bit bloated, i do that again, its worth trying thou.
  24. Jmag35

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    Drink enough water! This is not only good for you, but curbs your appetite. Many times when you reach for food, you are actually thirsty not hungry. It allows you to feel full and as an added bonus takes away bloating.
  25. ivan_17

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    For me, the way of controlling eating is to drink plenty of water and some fruits. You should have also self control and goal to your life.
  26. jep034

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    I 100% agree with this! I try to drink water all day constantly because not only is it good for your whole body, because we are basically giant sea cucumbers with anxiety, but a lot of the time hunger signals are actually our body saying its thirsty!

    Also I know a lot of people say don't indulge in snacks or sugar, but I find when I ignore cravings to long I end up eating my entire fridge. So when I want chocolate, I have a small piece or if I want pizza I get a slice. That way I feel satisfied and not like I am constantly on a crazy diet.
  27. Therese16

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    2-3 glasses of warm water before eating, this worked for me. Before I eat any meals I would drink two glasses of warm water. If you crave something, wait for five minutes and the craving will be gone. I also brush my teeth whenever I feel hungry just after I ate a meal. Warm water also aids constipation. It makes you feel full when you drink it. If you don't like drinking warm water, try water infused with fruits because it is so satisfying and refreshing. Cucumber water is my number one favorite and the second one would be water infused with watermelon. You can also try mixing if you prefer. It's so satisfying and delicious! and it makes you forget your cravings.
  28. khadra

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    you can trick your brain to eat less and keep fit .
    According to an Expert in 'Gastrophysics'
    Use less sugar in homemade desserts—and serve on a white plate
    "Careful consideration of the coloring of a plate can be used to nudge any one of us toward slightly less unhealthy food behaviors," says Spence. Research suggests that white plates magnify how sweet we find a food. In one study, the same strawberry dessert was rated 10% sweeter when it was served on a white plate than when it was served on a black plate. If you can rely on your plate to contribute to a perception of extra sweetness, you reduce the amount of actual sweetener you use in your recipes, he says

  29. PitchBlack

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    The best way to control your eating is having enough knowledge on how to manage your appetite and cravings. Without the right information and motivation on how to start monitoring your eating regimen, it will be hard and somewhat useless to try at all.

    Most of us have food cravings once in a while, and we all know that these food cravings are the worst enemy when it comes to people who are on a diet. These are strong or overwhelming desires for particular foods and are way more intense than the usual hunger that we are accustomed.

    So without further delay, here are the simple methods to put a stop to those unhealthy cravings.
    • Drink water regularly because thirst can sometimes be mistaken as hunger.
    • Consume a more substantial amount of protein-rich foods; it can help you feel full for a reasonable amount of time.
    • Don’t get tempted by the craving and immediately turn away from it.
    • Prepare a meal plan. It can help you eat the right foods and avoid getting unhealthy and unwanted ones.
    • Avoid getting stressed, because stress invites cravings.
    • Get a good amount of sleep. Our appetite or cravings are affected by our hormones.
    • And last but not the least, get yourself a goal or a good motivation to keep you on your track.
    Good luck on your diet and remember to eat healthy!
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    The 21 nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, plant-based phytonutrients, and health-promoting bacteria) that form the core of this book come from the rapidly evolving science of how food changes the brain. I’ve selected them based on this science, and on the reality that Americans are missing a number of key nutrients in their diets. The simple and scary truth is that the majority of Americans eat a diet that is lacking the most important nutrients for health.

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