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    1. nowadays bitcoin became one of the most common currency although it’s just a cryptocurrency so you can’t hold bitcoin in your hands bitcoin it’s a currency was established by satoshi nakamoto bitcoin price has started with only one cent till it grow to a 1000 usd in 2017 in his year bitcoin reached 10000 usd but the surprise happened when bitcoin reached to 19000 usd in beginning of 2k18 then after few months bitcoin dropped from 19000 usd to 10000 then 8000 hen 3000 usd which is the price of these days i think the bitcoin in a step of reviewing and it will get back its price sooner. that will not be easy and fast but it will be in slowly way so people now can invest in bitcoin buy it and store it or if they have needed materials they can mine bitcoin because i’m sure i will come back to its real place. so hurry up and store your own bitcoin. 13283
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