Blog or Vlog?

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Blog or Vlog?

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  1. shanekristina

    shanekristina New Member

    Which would you prefer?
    What's on your mind when you hear these words?
    Which is more interesting?
  2. julianne-Mk9h

    julianne-Mk9h New Member

    The more the visitors connect personally with the author of a blog, the better the experience they will have on the blog. Video blog does this several times better than regular blog. We humans respond more to voice and picture, than to text. For us it is preferable to see and hear the author, than to merely read their written text.

    With video blog you don't get to spend time reading chunk of text, you just listen and watch which is way easier and convenient. You can leave your computer and be do something else while devouring the content of a vblog. So I believe to a visitors point of view, vblog is more interesting.
  3. redwarriorist

    redwarriorist New Member

    Blog or Vlog? For me, I prefer Video Blogging (Vlog) because it is enjoying and lots of fun. There are a passion and have happiness on this. It is hobby and do what you want to make videos. Particularly if you loved video blog on your trip or getaway then you share it on your channel and viewed by the viewers and have many views, it’s fulfilling.

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