Blog or Vlog?

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Blog or Vlog?

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  1. shanekristina

    shanekristina New Member

    Which would you prefer?
    What's on your mind when you hear these words?
    Which is more interesting?
  2. julianne-Mk9h

    julianne-Mk9h New Member

    The more the visitors connect personally with the author of a blog, the better the experience they will have on the blog. Video blog does this several times better than regular blog. We humans respond more to voice and picture, than to text. For us it is preferable to see and hear the author, than to merely read their written text.

    With video blog you don't get to spend time reading chunk of text, you just listen and watch which is way easier and convenient. You can leave your computer and be do something else while devouring the content of a vblog. So I believe to a visitors point of view, vblog is more interesting.
  3. redwarriorist

    redwarriorist New Member

    Blog or Vlog? For me, I prefer Video Blogging (Vlog) because it is enjoying and lots of fun. There are a passion and have happiness on this. It is hobby and do what you want to make videos. Particularly if you loved video blog on your trip or getaway then you share it on your channel and viewed by the viewers and have many views, it’s fulfilling.
  4. BallerinaInLA

    BallerinaInLA New Member

    I LOVE watching vlogs, though I do get a lot out of reading well-written blogs. When it comes to vlogs though, they need to be created with the best possible production values. By that, I don't mean you need to spend lots of money to create your content. Go ahead and do it in your living room or other space in your home that's not cluttered. But make sure to have great lighting so you can be seen and purchase a microphone to ensure good sound quality. has affordable lav and boom mic options that can be connected to your cell phone to produce good sound for your vlog! I'm talking $20-$50 affordable.
  5. GolGalore

    GolGalore New Member

    Nowadays, people tend to choose an article that they can watch and listen. For me, vlogs has advantage over blogs. I knew a lot of vloggers. I watching youtube vlogs. In my experience, when I want to read an article to gain information in a particular knowledge, I watching youtube videos. Sometimes, I visit blog sites and end up by closing it and going back to youtube. People nowadays, want a fast information load, so they don't want to read long paragraphs if they can watch it.
  6. wgchild

    wgchild New Member

    People are easily distracted so, I feel vlogs would be the best option for anyone doing any type of business online. Blogs are simply a series of small articles or other similar content and are static. Vlogs are visually engaging and if attention is paid to good quality audio and clear, steady video images, they should prove to have a higher return on investment for the savvy entrepreneur.
  7. lhanz

    lhanz Member

    I prefer blog as it is more entertaining and interesting and fun thing to see or to do. But it is just for me.
  8. aidenreed

    aidenreed New Member

    I would rather write a blog but watch vlogs. I am not a "camera" person and I would never film myself, especially talking alone.
  9. chickfillay

    chickfillay New Member

    Video Blog is better than Blogging for your website since if your using clips and videos, it feels like your views really actually reliving the moment that you also had. Your viewers can actually see for themselves what you experienced and what you've seen during your vacation, travel, and many activities that you had during those Vlog. They get sucked into your life and it makes more sense cause you'll be having your genuine opinion about the place or events that you'd be reviewing or just sharing your own opinion about something. Since this generation is getting more involved in Youtube, a lot of trending people do video blog and they get recognized. The Pros of using vlog is its easy to edit, you dont have to type in words or explanation about the content of your videos. You just go pick up your camera, have a set and you're good to upload.
  10. jerichomendoza2

    jerichomendoza2 New Member

    *A blog originally came from the word “weblog” or a “web log”. You can think of it as an online journal or diary, although blogs are used for much more now, like online journalism. ... *A vlog is a video blog post. The term can also refer to a blog made up entirely of video blog posts.

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