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Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by dm xaos, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. dm xaos

    dm xaos New Member

    How to generate thousands of visitors a month without spending a dollar on ads?
  2. AstringentP

    AstringentP New Member

    As far as I understand, it wont happen on your first few months. You'll need to conduct research to keywords to help your blog posts, post in a regular interval, and have quality content.

    Sharing it at social media should help too.
  3. slapsh0ck

    slapsh0ck New Member

    Quality content. Be consistent. Do not create a blog that shows you just want to earn money, it should show that you created the blog for them to enjoy it. Then if you have those then start posting on all the social media platforms that you know. Depending on the demographics, but I prefer Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and Reddit. Then start learning how to optimize your site for search engine.
  4. mohit aggarwal

    mohit aggarwal New Member

    The best way to skyrocket your blog traffic is keyword research and content of your blog. Content is always the king to generate organically traffic. You can also use on-page and off-page Seo techniques to generate traffic from Google.
    There are several ways to generate traffic such as Facebook Groups, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Pinterest followers, using infographics, using blog commenting, forum commenting and so on. Generate quality backlinks is also a free and legit way to generate huge traffic to your blog or website.
  5. kevaton77

    kevaton77 New Member

    The best way to generate fee traffic to your blog or website is by applying Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to your contents. The main purpose of of SEO is to make webpages more visible to search engines, which would in turn rank them higher on the search results.
    Although as a beginner, you may not experience huge amount of traffic in the first month. But steadily, as Google continue to trust you contents, you stand to get more and more exposure. Over time the results you will get would be worth your efforts. That way, you may have thousands of visitors to your websites monthly without spending a single dollar on paid advertising.
  6. Phi

    Phi New Member

    Hi dm xaos, to generate thousands of visitors per month without spending a dollar, your best bet is SEO. SEO is simply an abbreviation for search engine optimisation. This involves how a web page from a website which could be yours ranks on google search engines when certain key words are typed into google search pages.

    Let us say for example someone seeking for more information about blog traffic, types in the words blog traffic into the google search engine. Google brings up all related web pages belonging to different websites that pertain to blog traffic. Google ranks the web pages according to depth of information, which they usually judge by quality, originality, and number of words.

    So for you to get thousands of visitors per month for free you have to setup a blog and write quality and original content. The articles should be at least two thousand words or more. When you do this your site automatically ranks higher on google search engines. This is how you can get thousands of visitors to your site for free without spending a dollar.
  7. knapovsky

    knapovsky New Member

    If you don't want to use ads, you have to offer the right content in the first place. Quality needs to high and the theme needs to be chosen according to the needs of the potential visitors. That is always the first thing you need to think about. That you can use SEO techniques that can help search engines index you website and bring you some organic traffic from search results. You have optimize you site for fast loading as this is also one of the ranking factors or search engines. You need to use technologies that are supported for indexing - no adobe flash! This is still the SEO part.
    Another part of getting more visitors is active marketing. Try to get some deal with well-known websites to place your link into their articles in exchange for some article on your site. Post about your website on social networks and try to find specific group that might be interested in your content. The main channels these days are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. You can also shoot videos to support your site.
    Getting more traffic is also a real life quest. You have to present it. Give talks.
    Stay active. Post periodically and your audience will grow. Don't expect to become famous overnight.
  8. Ryugun46

    Ryugun46 Member

    There are a lot of ways you can get paid traffic but there are a few ways you can get free organic traffic. You will need a goldmine for that. There are some goldmines around the internet when it comes to blogging. First of all, you gotta put up some great quality content because without that no matter how much traffic you have, they won't convert to customers.

    Second, your goldmine is a very common place where people hang around. Can you guess it? It's forums. Forums are a great way to get traffic. But you gotta contribute first to get traffic. Posting links and spamming won't work.

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