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Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by Pusya, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Pusya

    Pusya New Member

    I recently made a blog about finances and investments, I even shared it among my friends on FaceBook (around 500), but no one decided to join it.

    Long story short, I even submitted a proof of my income with my investment websites, but the blog just doesn't catch their eye.

    Can you suggest a trick for me to have a stable audience of followers?
  2. beermoneyhunter

    beermoneyhunter New Member

    You should choose a subject to discuss that you are very enthusiastic about and can happily write about for hours. Writing with self belief and enthusiasm will provide your words authority and credence, your readers will respond to this. additionally, write like you're talking to one individual. If you write as though you're addressing the entire room, that one individual sitting and reading your work wont feel personally linked. If you write with consciousness, as though you're chatting to a pal about your preferred topic, they'll feel as though they alone are being addressed and could be absorbed to your writing.
  3. kattsallie

    kattsallie New Member

    You shared your blog which is great, but did you ask or invite anyone to join it, at least look at it? Of these 500 people, are any of them close friends? If so, I would ask those friends and family to at least read it, even critique it. When people are asked to help, regardless of the situation, they will help. Is the topic or language about your topic for the average audience? Some topics people steer away from especially if they do not understand it, or are intimidated by it. And money and finances is a subject that people hate or love. The rich do not need your blog, the poor do not believe that this subject relates to them-- your target audience would be the middle class. Again, ask for input and ask for help. Finally you must find out what this middle class wants or needs.
  4. Jersy

    Jersy New Member

    In my opinion you do blog that you want or your passion because if you like what you are doing you will enjoy and the people will join to your blogs
  5. mandla2018

    mandla2018 New Member

    I think that you should keep trying to grow your blog and try setting up and Instagram Accountant centered around getting rich and investing. This will drive traffic to your blog.
    If you have some money to spend you could do targeted ads and also that's the problem your Facebook friends are probably not your target audience. I suggest sitting down and finding an exact audience. Maybe it could be anyone who wants to lean how to invest or it can be targeted at Millennial's who want to retire early, because its a hot topic I suggest you do some research on that.

    So in summary:
    1. Create a Instagram Account or Facebook page to drive traffic.
    2. TARGET AUDIENCE, you need to target people who want to invest and they are probably not your Facebook friends.
    3. Be patient as these things do take time to get going.

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