Bojack Horseman, final season

Discussion in 'Television' started by bonkerred, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Anyone else here who watched Bojack? I just wanna get this weird feeling off my chest.
    At first, I didn't even wanna finish the show It felt like something monumental was ending, and I didn't wanna see that end. But I pushed it, and watched. The first half was good, yeah sure. But that final half? I think I was scarred a bit.
    I waited for the season finale eagerly, just like any other fan. I had the notification on and everything. I watched with baited breath, and as always, Bojack delivered some profound words of wisdom. Words that are hard to describe, but somehow accurately describe how I'd feel. It's weird.
    The whole thing was amazing, but the episode that made me pause (literally), was Diane's "Good Damage". I actually had to stop watching for a few days, solely cause of her episode. Her whole process of confusion and self-doubt resonated within me. The parts where her words were getting tangled together, the imagery of actual images and fragments floating in her head. How her thoughts made sense to her, but were so hard to put onto paper. That's exactly how I felt. Exactly how I feel.

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