Book or Movie version?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by zenhashy, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. zenhashy

    zenhashy New Member

    It depends. If I watched the movie first, I 'm not going to read the book. If I read the book first I will not watch the movie. But I prefer to read. When I don't have enough time I have no choice but to watch the movie version. The book is more complete and detailed compared to the movie. Movie producers most of the time omit things from the book. This is, I guess, for them to fit the story in two hours. One thing, reading books will enhance your imagination while watching only damages your eyes. :)
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  2. kci_kevin

    kci_kevin New Member

    There are some movies that it depicts what really in the books. Others were the other thing. It depends on how the movies is created really. We probably based it really on how better will be the outcome when it comes out on cinemas. Most viewers especially the readers as well, they want the same as the have read.
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  3. Gany Mede

    Gany Mede New Member

    If a book has been turned into a movie, then I'll most likely watch the movie first. If I'm invested enough into the story (i.e., the movie doesn't yet cover the whole story), or I'm curious about things like what emotions were the characters feeling throughout the story, then I'll read the book. Most of the time, movies really do pale in comparison to the books they are based on like the Harry Potter series. But sometimes you'll get movies that elevate their corresponding books. Like Ender's Game, which was hard to read.
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  4. JCyap

    JCyap New Member

    Book, always the book. It is really different from the movies. A lot different especially to those books you love the most then suddenly they will make it into a movie. Some details are not in the book. The ending most especially is not good when they try to change it.
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  5. klouvalenz87

    klouvalenz87 New Member

    Both! I tend to watch the movie first since there are lots of "cut" scenes but still gives justice to the story. Then afterward I read the book thus helping me visualize the story even more (thanks to the movie!) .
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  6. Raks

    Raks New Member

    I'm a visual learner so I really enjoy the movie version. I'ts always nice to see actual movements and representation of a story. Plus you also get to appreciate the people behind the movie, form the Director, to the Producer, to the Actors, camera man and many more! They show you much work. They invested so much time, money and effort just to give you a 1 hour movie or more. I salute them! Where are all my movie friends out there?
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  7. Beginner

    Beginner New Member

    Book. Always the book, a lot of things get left out when the movie version comes out. Sometimes the story changes entirely!
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  8. Cabl

    Cabl New Member

    I would probably watch a movie before reading the book, But as to which version is better, I'd say the book.
    Since most movies have a run time of at most two and a half hours, it's really hard to adapt all the content and detail of a book into that time span.
  9. Elizabeth_Page

    Elizabeth_Page New Member

    For me, I prefer the book version. It's complete, satisfying and more personal. I can imagine the writer is talking to me.:) I usually watch the movie first and consider it as my motivation to read the book. Somewhat like movie is a "Trailer" only. You have to read the whole book if you want to know the whole story. The movie script writers made lots of cuts and twists with the story line that makes me so frustrated especially with the romantic novels. I ended up just making comparison and find the missing part the whole time watching the movie.:thumbsdown: Book version is always the best.:thumbsup:
  10. mamudra08

    mamudra08 New Member

    I usually watch the movie first then if the book is available, that's the time I read the book version. Usually, I had noticed that some scenes in the movie are different form the book version, nevertheless, they are both exciting!
  11. King25

    King25 New Member

    For me of course the movie. Because in the movies you don't need to think or imagine the scene, which can also not be a good imagination. HAHAHAHA. There the good graphics are already laid out for you.
  12. justmine

    justmine New Member

    Well, for me books. I love reading books, it helps me to run my imagination while I reading some interesting books. Books version are way better than to movie, if you going read the particular book that has a movie version you will find out the difference based on the story. The movie version has a lot of missing parts, there are some story that not included to the movie and most of the time that missing part is one of the important situation in the book version. Other thing why I like the books version more than to movie, it's because my brain created some scenario or situation that helps me to imagine that I'm one of the characters in the story.
  13. seyj0508

    seyj0508 New Member

    Definitely books. On all the books and movie version that I watched and read, not a single movie ever pass my expectation on how they can play the book version in the big screen. Most of the time, I usually read the book first before watching its movie and most of the time I feel disappointed because many important scene,character and events are omitted in the movie that for me has a big part when I read it in the book. But I also admit that I like watching movie version because the things and character I only imagine and made up what they look like is portrayed in real life.
  14. krisselc

    krisselc New Member

    The first answer that comes to my mind is books! The stories are usually told with more detail, and give room to imagination. Actually when they try to make a movie about a book, most of the time you feel like something is missing and that the plot is weak. In my opinion this adaptations only work when they only take part of the universe to tell a completely different story.
  15. mjboykolokoy

    mjboykolokoy New Member

    I prefer books. The thing I hate the most in movie adaptations of books is omitting some of the best parts in the book. And books game much attention on details than movies
  16. Mr. Mac

    Mr. Mac New Member

    Movie, I prefer movie than books because of the visuals that you can see to much more understand the story. Plus the fact that you can always see great actors and actresses who can portray their characters in story beautifully and professionally for viewers to much more understand it.
  17. charlou215

    charlou215 New Member

    I prefer watching the movie because I like how the events are portrayed and acted out in the big screen. It sure is fun reading books but I would like to witness how a certain director carries out his own perception of the whole story. I like how my imagination differs from that of what is seen in the movie plus my favorite actors are sometimes chosen to be the actors and that's just the bonus part of it.
  18. ryocok21

    ryocok21 New Member

    for me when you read a book you will just imagine the happenings of the story. If you watch movie what you will just do is sit back and relax! :D so i vote for watching movie because you will be able to see the beauty of the characters and not imagining things in the book. I am a person who learn by listening and not by reading long paragraphs. But there is one thing for real. The story of the book is not full version when they convert it into movie. Not All! :)
  19. Kristel Madarang

    Kristel Madarang New Member

    I prefer movie when it is a sci-fi, action and horror because you can see characters with your very own eyes and it is very entertaining but if romance, I like to read the book version of it because it is fully detailed to what is happening in the plot story of the book.
  20. Matia

    Matia New Member

    Nine out of ten times, the book is better than the movie. If I do watch a movie based on a book, I have to watch the movie first so that I’m not distracted by all the changes that have been made to the book. It drives me crazy to see a book that I love be changed in ways that somehow change the message or take out a scene that I loved from the book.
    Books also have much more detail, so the movies feel like they are missing something unless they have been exceptionally produced.
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  21. akiralee

    akiralee New Member

    Films are great,but they just don't have the same, inclusion that books have. You're merely an observer you aren't feeling everything the character feels, aren't reading every single one of their innermost thoughts ,all of their doubts and fears and hopes . Films let you observe everything. Books let you feel everything,know everything and LIVE everything. With a book, you can be the hero who kills the demon with one twirl of your blade. You can be the girl who battles cancer, along with all the pain and uncertainty that comes with it.You can be a demigod ,alien,angel, a god,a hero.You can be in love,you can hate ,you can lose.there are no limits. No restrictions. Nothing is impossible,that is why books are always better. When you read books, nothing else exist and you can be a whole other person in this completely new and amazing world .You can live as someone else,free of your own troubles ,even if only for two hundred pages.while the movies are good the books are always better.
  22. Kevin Baldovino

    Kevin Baldovino New Member

    I like movies because they are more enjoyable and they do not take as much time. And you can watch movies with your families and friends. It is a lot easier to visualize. They are just better. They are also a lot cheaper than books. Books can be very expensive.
  23. Janine2199

    Janine2199 New Member

    Both but it depends on the situation, some books are good to read but when it comes on the movie version it becomes awful. Vice versa on that also. But the movie version is more easier and appropriate than books because movies contains 1 to 2 hours watching and books contains a week or a month depends on how we read. Books are good also for they are much detailed than the movie because the movie is the summarized version of the book story itself. I am a wattpad reader and there are times that most stories on wattpad has a movie version which is sometimes not detailed from the book for the movies contains not exceeding 2 hours or more. Books are more needed and less eye contact with the radiation than we watch the movies. We know our eyes are important to ourselves so i prefer books.
  24. Toroba21

    Toroba21 New Member

    In watching movies, it doesn't only gives you the factor of knowing the story but also the thrill of how does each character most specifically if they were your number one favorite artist could make you feel and love the movie. We knew that we can spend much more time in reading than just by watching a movie. You don't need anymore to search your favorite book in the bookstore, buy it and read it page by page. All you have to on watching movies is sit down, listen attentively and relax.
  25. natta

    natta Member

    I like watching movies
  26. Xrisharry

    Xrisharry New Member

    Movie version ..all the way ...can get the real picture and thrills
  27. MommaDill

    MommaDill New Member

    I am an avid reader and always prefer the book to the movie. I think my favorite movie adaptation of a book is "A Muppet Christmas Carol." It remains true to the book with plot line and character but takes some creative license to make it enjoyable. I love the humor in the movie. My least favorite movie adaptation of a book was "Eragon." What an atrocity. It is such a great book and such a terrible movie. I just sat there picking the movie apart the whole time. My husband who had not read the book did not understand why I was so upset.
  28. sophia aragoncillo

    sophia aragoncillo New Member

    Book. There is a lot of differences between reading books and watching movies. If you want a complete version of your favorite story, I suggest you to read books. But if you are too lazy to spend time reading the book, and you want to finish it immediately, then watch the movie version. That's all.
  29. Geeeee

    Geeeee New Member

    I like watching movies and reading books. In watching movies, you see real action happening and they don't leave it to your imagination. It's fun. In reading books, however, you get the thrill of using your imagination it's up to you as the book gives you details.
    Between movie adaptations or books, I like books better. I always experience watching the adapted movie of a book I read and it disappoints me that they leave out scenes from the book. Sometimes, the most important ones. Although watching the book I read come to life gives me excitement, it also gave me disappointments which I did not experience while reading book.​
  30. rkilongan

    rkilongan New Member

    For me both are good, reading the book sometimes is good because you will know the details of the story in the movies so it both the book and the movie complement each other. Reading the book is good for understanding the story and watching the movie is fun and enjoyable.

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