Books or Movies?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Daisycuba, Aug 7, 2017.


books or movies?

  1. books

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  2. movies

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  3. both

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  4. either

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  1. Daisycuba

    Daisycuba New Member

    I choose Both! Sometimes reading books could make me feel bored and sometimes moves can too . So i prefer both.
  2. Dkaraly

    Dkaraly New Member

    I prefer books. I don't know, there is something about books, about our imagination. I mean, a book can descrive a place or a situation or a character but it's ultimately our mind the one that draw the image in our heads. You can talk about a book with friends and find out that they imagine this character or place like this or like that and it's different to the way you imagine it. I don't know if I'm explaining myself. There is just this kind of magic about reading a book. I like movies and I have seen a few that are master pieces. Some can be as captivating as a book, but I still prefer books.
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  3. 0mni

    0mni New Member

    Why not books then movies?
    I mean, there are great books than inspired movie series, let's take for example the Harry Potter books.
    J.K. Rowling did a great job writing those, however if you only watch the movies you'll find out that there is a lot of story that just cannot be incorporated in a 2 hour movie clip. So if you find some movie that has been inspired by a book, my suggestion is read the book first and then watch the film.
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  4. penshoppeboi03

    penshoppeboi03 New Member

    books are still the best, because you will use your imagination, and it has no limits :)
  5. flower16

    flower16 New Member

    I like both books and movies but if a movie is based on a known book I prefer to read the book first so that my imagination can still go wild...
  6. autoscribe

    autoscribe New Member

    This is a tough choice to make. Naturally I prefer books, for a good reason. Books are always comprehensive and well detailed. But movies on the other hand have a timeframe in which producers will not want to exceed this timeframe, in attempt to fit in within the time a lot of the story details are removed. For instance I saw a movie but later I read the book the movie was adapted from and the book made me to understand the story much better.
    But recently, the TV series that are all over now make me to spend more time seeing movies than reading books. It can be simply put that book is my first love but movie is my new love. Even though I have new love I can never forget my first love.
  7. tishirak

    tishirak New Member

    I choose both as well, because i feel exactly the same way as you. I mean, normally books ares spectacular and awesome describing, they usually contain more information and for fans, it's a lot more entertaining and interesting to read the book so they can get all the details. Also, if one has good imagination, all those details can be projected and it makes everything better.
    However, sometimes i don't feel so attracted or pleased by the style that some authors use to tell their stories, and movies area an easy way to enjoy something and make it brief. If your imagination is not that good the movie does all the work for you.
  8. bhensley37

    bhensley37 New Member

    I choose books over movies any day of the week. Most people, including myself, can attest that movies are enjoyable and entertaining, they do their jobs. Books, however, bring your mind to a new kind of world, one where rules and guidelines do not exist.
    When an author writes descriptive words on a paper, they are not only telling a story but, they paint you a picture that your brain has control of. Everyone's brain interprets words differently, so one simple book could mean a million different things to each and every person. It allows you to be apart of the work.
  9. heide

    heide New Member

    Movies.... With that my imagination doesn't need to try hard putting things together.:D
  10. Nailu

    Nailu New Member

    I choose both. Reading a book it's beautiful because they come with every detail of the story, it just makes your imagination go wild but if you see a movie based on a book is not the same, I mean there are some movies that can blow your mind but you can't put all the information they give us on a book in a two hours movie it is too difficult the whole information that makes you go crazy in a book it just fades on the movie
  11. Sanela

    Sanela New Member

    Book if you have time, and if you are school kid than the definitly book.
    It gives a better picture it gives as big chance to imagine.
    A film is just watching the pictures, but it can be good too.
  12. Godwin23

    Godwin23 New Member

    It is pretty difficult to choose between them, but I would prefer books to movies because they are capable of illiciting our power of imagination. They help us to picture descriptive words of an author vividly, thereby developing our imaginative capabilities. Books also help us appreciate the author's efforts in describing probable life situations that ordinarily we may see as mere make-beliefs if we were to watch them in movies. In addition, books helps to develop our vocabularies as we would be able to build a repository of them. Movies on the other hand help us to relax but of course not horror movies or action packed movies. We also tend to forget faster movies we've watched but tend to remember easily books we have read long ago as they tend to be permanently engraven in our minds like an epitaph caved on a tablet of stone. Both can be suitable for different situations at different times.
  13. Rebara

    Rebara New Member

    Although I solve this question regularly it´s not easy to state which one is better. I like watching movies, especially the educative ones, as I can see clearly the main thought of the author. However I am amazed by books of all kind because they make me silent inner voice and focus on the text or pictures with my mind. When I am reading a book I can easily take the plot in my stride, which reassures me. While a movie is sometimes obtrusive and attacks my emotions unpleasantly.
  14. brynneroja

    brynneroja New Member

    If the movie is based on a book then I prefer reading it first before watching the movie version. I really want to see how they'll bring the story and characters to life though most of the time it fails. Only some movies are exactly how you'd imagine them while reading a book. Books preferably for me but when I feel lazy then movies it is.
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  15. Dr_Faustus

    Dr_Faustus New Member

    Both! Nothing invites reading time more than blankets, tea, and rainy days. Then again, Wednesday movie night has been a ritual in my home for years. But like so many things, whether I prefer a movie or a book depends on my mood.

    Reading is my antidote to a long and noisy day. Reading helps quiet my mind, focus its attention, and close out the chaos. Movies are great way to bring some spontaneity to a ho-hum day. They're a great way to spend time with friends, family, and even alone. One of life's greatest pleasures is playing hooky to go watch an afternoon movie.
  16. troilus15

    troilus15 New Member

    I prefer Movie! it can help you visualize what the author wants you to see in his Book. One Good example is the Games of Thrones... in books you cannot see khaleesi naked, but in the movie? Damn that body! hahaha #PeaceOut
  17. Arii

    Arii New Member

    I did say I prefer books. Books is one thing I can't do without. I love to read just anything. It relaxes me in a way I can not describe and makes me to for the moment forget everything else and everyone else around me.

    However, books are convenient and portable. I always make sure that I carry some books in my bags where ever am going. You might call me weird, but I have get to realise that I don't relate well with people. So whenever am less busy or feel lonely, I simply bring out books and start reading.

    Moreover, reading books makes me to really create my own scene of the play in my mind and picture the characters. I tell you, there is nothing like picturing how a play or scene goes down in your mind, the emotions and reactions of the casts; its really awesome.
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  18. Elaw426

    Elaw426 New Member

    I prefer reading books over a movie any day! A book seems to have more detail and significant meaning. I also feel that books are more accessible. I can always open a book and begin to read which isn't always capable with a movie. I can read a book more than once and it never gets old. Although I can watch a movie one time and never watch it again.
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  19. Richie Joy

    Richie Joy New Member

    I prefer watching movies than reading books because watching movie is fun specially if you're with a friend accompanying you.
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  20. pandooh

    pandooh New Member

    I love books but also movies. But when books are being transformed into movies I don't consider it in my bucket list. Since, for me personally, I hope for high expectations from my imagination in reading into portrayal of it. I am a fantasy/ sci-fi reader and I am expecting a lot of graphic/ special effects. That is if I read the book first.

    If I was introduced to a movie,firsthand, before reading the book. I wouldn't read the book already since I do not want to buy the book if I have already seen it.
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  21. PearlMatias

    PearlMatias New Member

    I choose books over movies any day of the week. Most people, including myself, can attest that movies are enjoyable and entertaining, they do their jobs. Books, however, bring your mind to a new kind of world, one where rules and guidelines do not exist.
    When an author writes descriptive words on a paper, they are not only telling a story but, they paint you a picture that your brain has control of. Everyone's brain interprets words differently, so one simple book could mean a million different things to each and every person. It allows you to be apart of the work.
  22. Vastor122

    Vastor122 New Member

    In reading books you have to make your imagination work a lot, whereas in movies, you have to pay attention in what you are watching cause not like in reading books, you can't put a bookmark to go back into chapters or pages that you want to reread. Nevertheless, I'll choose both. Reading books/novels and watching movies are proven to be great reasons to enjoy what life can offer.
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  23. Benz Ascaño

    Benz Ascaño New Member

    I choose movies cause the movies more interesting more sounds pictures a lot of things to see not to think well to story unlike reading book fell sleepy many words to read you do multitasking but only reading and think and movies you see you hear also
  24. Adrian cruz

    Adrian cruz New Member

    For me I'll go for movies. I love watching movies even if it is in cinema, dvd player, or in mobile phone. It is also my way of relaxation. For me, it's cool to watch the characters you have just read in books. Also you can feel the intense specially when the movie is action or a horror movie.
  25. ketket09

    ketket09 New Member

    I like reading books and watching movies also. But most of the time I read the book first then if they will make a movie of it of course I will watch it.
  26. Asuna

    Asuna New Member

    I love reading books because it turns my imagination in a whole new level. While reading it, I imagine the scenery and what happens in the story. I made my own characters face just by imagining. Also I have one reason why I live reading books is it's benefit to me. I've research a lot and found these 10 benefits of reading. These are mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, stronger analytical thinking skills, improved focus and concentration, better writing skills, tranquility and free entertainment. For more information, you can visit the site here ( Enjoy reading!
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  27. LouissLane

    LouissLane New Member

    I do love movies. But if its based on a book, I'd rather read the book since a lot of detailed parts of the story are cut out during the movie. Some parts were also changed for the sake of it. I admit that if you watched the movie first before the book, it is pretty good. But once you read the book, you would somehow be disappointed at how it turned out.
  28. king92

    king92 New Member

    Books is my past time , using and reading books helps me to learn more thing than movies, books gives ideas,information rather than movies where it it just forn an entertaiment .
  29. shreeprasad

    shreeprasad New Member

    Books are better than movies because they increase creativity.
  30. Emsss Asug

    Emsss Asug New Member

    I love reading books. I love watching movies. So I go with both. I really believe in the saying that ''You Only Live Once'' so why not do both of it if you can? We only have one life. We must live our life to the fullest. We must not limit ourselves to do what only the society tells us to do. We must not always live within our comfort zone. Why not widen our horizon if we can.

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