Books or Movies?

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books or movies?

  1. books

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  2. movies

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  3. both

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  4. either

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  1. justkatie123

    justkatie123 New Member

    Movies are good as you don't have to read anything you just watch the film. However a book has more detail and information. And you get to use your imagination while reading. So i can't really decide :)
  2. Brifranklin

    Brifranklin New Member

    This is honestly a hard choice because I love both. I do prefer books over movies though because I get to read them in the comfort of my home but I can also stop take a break and pick back up anywhere at anytime. I love being able to imagine the characters in my own way and then seeing how much my imagination matches up with how the movie is played out. I do like watching movies as well, but usually after I've read the book and I usually wait to watch them at home.
  3. musawar

    musawar New Member

    I prefer books because when i found myself lonely i use to read books.books are the real friends.
  4. Rejjix

    Rejjix New Member

    For me I guess its different now a days. Mostly books are turned into movies right now. Right! but for me I'd probably like to read the book before seeing the movie. It is adapting a slew of books from fiction and non-fiction into films. But I'd still go for the books.
  5. Noli Pangda

    Noli Pangda New Member

    I'd really still prefer a good book over a movie. Most especially when movies adopt a book, the book is still better. Although with a movie we are able to see how it is described in a book, in a book, my imagination has no limits. I am still watching the scenes develop in my head, and somehow, this becomes more than enough. The characters are not bound to how the movie portrays their physical attributes, but by reading a book, I am not restricted. Reading a book helps you understand the characters more, as to why they did it--most especially. You question their moral standards, and here you are able to gain an insight into your own world and formation.
  6. I prefer films because in a film you can get lost in all the action and actually feel like you're there like in action packed films. Films like High School the Musical are great because you actually feel like you're there because of the sing along. and also it's better because it's more understandable when your watching something rather reading something the movements alone can deliver whats the character needing to say.
  7. Jhet14

    Jhet14 New Member

    Both, because people are different. They could prefer doing things through watching movies or reading a book. The reasons are some people has it's own character, they are either visual learners or readers. So if you enjoy reading a book and you can understand better than watching a movie, do so. Otherwise, you can also watch a movie instead.
  8. Krtnathaniel

    Krtnathaniel New Member

    I'd rather to Books . Why book? Here why, because books is the best thing that i have it full of imformation . Because not of all fact and truth is in the internet. Most of them are fake. So what would you choose ?
  9. peter_orlina41216

    peter_orlina41216 New Member

    Books it is complete in details, complete in action and complete in story. It is the best way to know a story. A book can be adventurous, action-packed, and magical. In a book you can learn many new things; new words, new methods, and new figures of speech that you never knew. It can widen your vocabulary. Books are full of wisdom.
  10. sarahknap

    sarahknap New Member

    I would say Books. I love a good movie, but I prefer losing myself completely in a good book. There's just so much more fodder for the imagination with books. If the director makes a mistake, the actors are terrible, or the effects are just too fake, then even a great movie plot gets lost in the chaos. But with books, all you need is your imagination. Also, most movies have to meet the two-hour time frame. In trying to do this, some parts of story (sometimes the best parts) are taken out. No such issue with books.
  11. Anniekho

    Anniekho New Member

    There is no better of both..both have rheir unique characteristics,and benefits,although you can say that intellectually books are more beneficiary as like building your imaginative power.all in all movies and books are equal.
  12. LadyAthena

    LadyAthena New Member

    Personally, I like both watching movies and reading books. They are both interesting and entertaining. But, if I were to choose between movies and books, I would choose reading books. Watching movies can be very addictive and requires only a couple of hours to finish one, but reading a book gives you much detailed information about the story. It makes our brains work by just imagining all the scenes and events happened. It makes us be a part of the story and be one of the characters. It is such a wonderful feeling to finish a book, to put yourselves into the story, and to learn a lesson from it. That feeling would last as you live.
  13. jason concepcion

    jason concepcion New Member

    Movies!!!!! forever, books are ancient history. With the ever evolving world of technology books a re being neglected and it`s more productive to watch a 2 hour movie that reading a 2 day endless pages of books. I`m not a lazy person but with my active life I can stay tracked of any movie from my laptop or easy to carry smartphone with full access anytime any where than bringing a 4 inch. thick book.
  14. Ksu_Marozava

    Ksu_Marozava New Member

    I would normally read a book and if I really like it then I'll try to find the movie based on that book, it is sometimes interesting to compare my "vision" of the story with someone else's (movie director's in that case).
    But recently the opposite happened: I watched "Wild" (with Reese Witherspoon) and it actually inspired me to read the book (the one by Cheryl Strayed)... and there I am now, about to finish the third book of hers, haha.
  15. Francis Macaraig

    Francis Macaraig New Member

    Physically speaking, books cause we have the physical copy with us unlike movies we have to pay for it and if we get it in the internet, we might be accused of piracy. Also, some books when translated to movies or in real life scenes aren't accurate meaning some parts of the book aren't in the movie. And I am more of a reader than a viewer so books are more of my preference.
  16. I choose books. I love reading books. The good thing about reading books is that it can help you widen your imagination in many different ways. Furthermore, reading also helps improve your vocabulary.
  17. dello

    dello New Member

    I actually choose movies over books because you can watch the real flows of the story not by imagining it and you can actually see the real face of the characters not just by their names. Well for me, i can really appreciate movies than books and i can keep it my mind unlike books sometimes i can forget it. There are advantages of each other but which ever you choose, it will do.
  18. summerwashere

    summerwashere New Member

    Books because sometimes when you get really deep into a book you feel like you're in the book and it's the most amazing thing ever.
  19. gamingadict

    gamingadict New Member

    I think books are better than movies and I'm also writing a report on why books are better than movies so can please help me in studying and everything.You can imagine characters, places, scenes just the way you want them to be. Books allow your mind to be creative. Watching a movie requires a lot less attention than reading, or at least in my opinion, it's less of a hassle.
  20. Kimberlee Molon

    Kimberlee Molon New Member

    I cast my vote for both books and movies, because sometimes I read the books and also watch movie according to that book, but I'm getting disappointed if the movie is far from the story of the book. I'm enjoying watching movies and also reading books, because in movies you don't have to imagine things like when reading book, you just have to watch it and focus in front of you and ofcourse, just understand the content and story. I also enjoy reading books since you need to use you imagination and you can protect your eyes from radiation of your phone, laptop, desktop or TV. You will also find how astonishing the story if you read it from books since you will read it word by word.
  21. devaras

    devaras New Member

    i want them both also because they can entertain me when im bored at home .But i not doing it only if im bored
    because i really love to read and watching movie .
  22. EduardAnghel

    EduardAnghel Member

    I prefer movies because they are easier to understand, watch and take much less than when you read a book. I read books to my life, but I would choose the movies in this case.
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  23. Jackson

    Jackson New Member

    Why not both? To me, movies and books are completely different. Movies are for when I just want to relax, and I have 2 hours to spare. Books are a much larger commitment but are usually more rewarding in the long run. I read books when I'm done with all of my work, but I'm not quite ready to kick back and relax, or when I'm just really into a good book.
  24. saraesun

    saraesun New Member

    In my opinion, books and movies are both good for their different purposes. Books allow you to feel what the character is feeling and to let you understand what is going on through their head. Movies don't allow that option unfortunately but they do provide visual entertainment. You have that ability to see amazing editing and cinematography that is created for some of our favorite books. It's basically watching your favorite books come to life.
  25. TEYTEY

    TEYTEY New Member

    For me both because they can beneficial for us. Reading of book reduces stress, which in turn will help improve your health. Reading a book before bed helps reduce stress and can help you sleep better. Reading stimulates your mind, whether you're reading non-fiction or fiction, helping you to take in more information and watching movie can wake you up when you feeling dreamily opposite in reading of books reading of because in reading you will fall asleep due of silent. Take note watching movie also the best way to improve the English language of child or any kind of language because through hearing they can learn.
  26. sithlordk

    sithlordk New Member

    i choose both, although sometimes the movie adaptation of a book to a movie really sucks, but the coolest thing with it is being able to critic your expectations on what comes on the screen base on your own perceptions.
  27. New Member

    I love books primarily but movies have its charms as well. So I guess I went for the both option, since I enjoy both anyway. Books make way for your imagination to run wild while movies instantly give you what you just imagined. It could be a different point of view of the character or same point of view.
    I remember reading a certain novel first and then the next year it was made into a movie. There's some satisfaction if you read the book first and then watched the movie.
  28. okissabam

    okissabam New Member

    Honestly, I really love reading books during my spare time and I can do it all day long but if I were to chose I'd pick movies. Watching things being done contrary to what you imagine when you read books makes your mind work really hard. Movies also bring out the best in one's character from a book especially if that movie is based on a book or novel just like the American Gods tv series which is based on Niel Gaiman's novel of the same title.
  29. rochelle10

    rochelle10 New Member

    i think books because you have to learn anything in books and you can have many knowledge here and when im a kid i learn in the books how to read and i learn many things like english language and in science and to a computer books many ways to learn in books....
  30. 8000writer

    8000writer New Member

    First of all, these movies came from well written books. They are made as movies because the producers think that it would be screen worthy. Although, the negative part of it, not all scenes and situations from the book aren't showed or performed on the movies; which, fans get disappointed on. Second, some actors and actresses do not perform the character well, as expected by the book fans. It would always be better for reading and keeping our imaginations within ourselves. That's what I think. Books for life!

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