Books or Movies?

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books or movies?

  1. books

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  2. movies

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  3. both

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  4. either

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  1. xlr8_14

    xlr8_14 Member

    Movies ofcours because you can actual saw the character as well as the effects if they have.Movies is most greater than reading books.
  2. McMende

    McMende New Member

    Personally, I would go for movies. I prefer movies because they are not tiring, and are not as boring as books are. A person can be able to go on a movie marathon without losing concentration or interest. As for books, no matter how exciting a book is, I doubt one can be able to read a book the whole day without losing focus. I can't read a book the whole day, but I can watch a movie series the entire day.
  3. miracle2516

    miracle2516 New Member

    For me movies are better than books. Because in movies you can see the characters. Its not boring, you can really feel & enjoy the movie.
  4. raamontero

    raamontero New Member

    I preferred movies, though I usually read books. But in the movies, it gives you an immersive experience of telling a story not just by reading it.
  5. reinventlove

    reinventlove New Member

    I choose books. I am the type of person who likes to keep my brain active. Thus, reading books stimulate my mind more than how movies do.
  6. Carrel Malcolm

    Carrel Malcolm New Member

    It would be unfair to answer this question because I know I have watched more movies than I have read books so if I would pick I would pick movies. However, I strongly believe that books should be the number one choice because it does so much more for you. Books refresh the vocabulary and also teaches new words. what you will find is that books also provide more descriptive content than what you will find in the movies eg 'Braking Dawn'. Most book lovers and myself would argue that the move didn't do the book justice and same goes for 'fifty shades of grey' but then again that's jus my opinion.
  7. Jepoyrains

    Jepoyrains Member

    Now a days if you ask that question they will answer movies. Because it's very easy to watch movie, in an internet in a DVD in YouTube and many more. By using new technologies you can watch any movies you want. Reading books is like killing the time. If you want to make the time fast, you read books. It's true, I've tried it for how many times already. If you enjoy reading books, you didn't notice the time.
    Doing research in a library is fun. I still remember that when I'm in first year college.
  8. Melodiva

    Melodiva New Member

    Haha I feel like I'm cheating but I absolutely voted both. Literature provides a sense of wonder that your own brain can conjure up and take you places. It's an escape and you can carve the image within your own mind giving the parameters set by the novel. But movies bring in so many senses like a soundtrack and bringing words to life.

    Obviously there are many unfortunate blunders from movies that butcher the books but things like Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes are the proof that we can have our cake and eat it too!
  9. FToby

    FToby Member

    I prefer watch movies rather than reading books. I used to enjoy reading books. But with movies, those words on the book are displayed in animation form which more attractive in the way of actions. We more to experience how the characters feels rather than reading those words.
  10. I like movies because they are more enjoyable and they do not take as much time. and Social opportunities! Books can be very anti social! When watching a movie you can talk to your friends. and your very enjoy...
  11. itsalyssarae

    itsalyssarae New Member

    I prefer both, but in my case I also prefer to read first the book and then next is the movie because watching a movie before reading the book is no fun at all for me. Reading books let me to escape the reality on at least in just a span of time. It awakens my imagination and let me travel through space and time and different places that only exist in the fiction world. However, I also love movies because I love it when I always get in awe with the movie production, especially when it narrates things that actually happened inside the book.
  12. rope16

    rope16 New Member

    Movies. You'll have much more intensity in visual and audio. In movies we appreciate the effects and animations while on books you'll only get to read.
  13. Elyzer Furagganan

    Elyzer Furagganan New Member

    Each of us has our own learning styles. As a teacher, I am aware of these and there are three major learning styles:
    1. Visual
    2. Auditory
    3. Kinesthetic
    Most of the movies that are shown are adapted from novels. So, here is where the question arose. Some people prefer to just read its book and rather know all the exact details as given by the author. They are the sophisticated type of perfectionists. While others favor to just watch the motion form of the book. They learn visually through the portrayal of emotions and characters. One reason also is wanting to learn the language used. I watch movies and series technically to learn the language. I never watch without subtitles. Also, I love reading books. The choice is preferential. It is just how people want to be entertained in a certain mood and circumstance. But they are largely affected by their learning styles.

    In movies, other people complain the lack of even the subtle details which are present in its book form. Yet, others are just satisfied how it is convenient to them to learn the whole story with just ample of hours of sitting in front of a screen instead of spending days of comprehending word by word. Movies and books have their own distinctive features. That is why they are called choices, so that people can choose which is suitable for them as for the call of conditions.
  14. Kynnedy Cole

    Kynnedy Cole New Member

    Books bring one's imagination into new forums of life. With books you can imagine what a character looks like and what the setting is. Usually movies that are made to go with books are inaccurate and most of the time are totally different from what the context in the book states.
  15. fairy_lia

    fairy_lia New Member

    I would choose both. Both are relaxing and entertaining. Also, there are movies that I have enjoyed but wasn't a book and vice versa. But when a movie was based from a book, I would prefer to read the book first since it is more comprehensive and enhances my imagination then watch the movie later. I like watching the movie also because I enjoy watching the characters and scenes come to life.
  16. YhuLrick

    YhuLrick New Member

    I prefer movies because it's much more fun watching than reading books. The visuals and audio makes it real and you don't need to imagine the characters appearance or the settings of action, while in reading books it takes too much time just to finish a single novel, sometimes a book has 1000 pages and that excessively too many to read.
  17. Kim Yansel

    Kim Yansel New Member

    With books, your imagination plays a large part and that excites me more. Watching movies on the other hand is a classic way to enjoy your day, especially when you are with your friends and family. They are completely different things with different purposes, like I'm not comfortable reading when I'm not alone; likewise I don't enjoy seeing movies when I am alone.
  18. Richbelle

    Richbelle New Member

    Books are better than movies because in reading books we will gain many information that we cannot get in watching movies. Yes, we got addicted in movies and it may possibly destroy our health. So that I vote for books.
  19. Bitrate

    Bitrate New Member

    Sometimes I feel quite lazy or not in mood for books, so I choose movies.
    Visual movies are more appealing. For many people like my mom, books are very boring and dull, whenever they see a page full of text, they fall asleep. I can understand them, as I used to be this way before.
    Movies are not that time consuming like books, as instead of spending 2 days reading a book or more, you would only spend 2 hours.
    I still chose both because not always movies are better than books.
    You can't see in a movie what is happening in characters head, but you can read and feel from the book. Characters often in books are not described as perfect shining dolls as they appear in a movie, so this won't distract you from the main scene.
    Books are good for imagination and movies are good for relaxation :)
  20. Rhanna Lei Sia

    Rhanna Lei Sia New Member

    I prefer watching movies instead reading books, because in movies it is already on point. The whole book is sorted into a shorter version but with the out most detail. I'm mostly entertain watching movies because of the characters and i can actually see the settings and how the movie is being designed.
  21. ruelbermudez

    ruelbermudez New Member

    I like both! But of course it depends on the persons who you are asking. For example, if you ask a student the same question, the answer would be books for they have to learn the art of reading comprehension plus the fact that students need to exercise there imagination critical in the learning process for those who are in search of the fundamentals of information and knowledge. On the hand, try to ask professionals who are busy doing professional job the resounding answer is movies. The blatant reason is to save time to go back to there busy schedules and continue there daily and sometime tedious routine.
  22. Marikit Irowe

    Marikit Irowe New Member

    I choose both. It both warms my heart in my idle times. Books enhances creativity and imagination of the reader while movies is the visual representation of what we read.
  23. Iamjudy

    Iamjudy New Member

    Between the two I think movies are better ,because in movies you can see the mood,emotions, places and most of all the character. For me the main factor of enjoying a movie is that when we see the cast of the story. Aside from that, its more enjoyable to just watch a story in a television than reading a book for a long period of time which is really tiring to do.
  24. radiant115

    radiant115 New Member

    I choose both as well, because i feel exactly the same way as you. We must not always live within our comfort zone. Why not widen our horizon if we can.Reading books/novels and watching movies are proven to be great reasons to enjoy what life can offer.
  25. Rianne

    Rianne New Member

    For me, I prefer books than movies. The good thing in movie is that , it requires you less attention; meaning, you can either watch it in the end or middle, you can still understand the movie. Unlike reading books, it requires you a full attention, which is a good thing. Reading books helps in exercising your mind. It helps in vocabulary expansion, improve focus and concentration, better writing skills, and many more. Reading books is like dreaming with an open eyes. You imagine what are the scenario while reading and it gives you a tingling sensation or unexplainable feeling while reading. It also gives you thrill while reading, it's like you're in a journey along with someone (the main character in the story) which gives you excitement and weird feelings.
  26. camochick202

    camochick202 New Member

    Movies or Book.... I have to say both. When a new movie comes out based off of book series, I like watching the first movie and then I like reading all of the books. I like comparing the movie to the books to see if the producers followed the book or went their own way with the story. Movies are good for visualizing the story. Books, on the other hand, lets you escape the world and get lost in the pages. I love it!
  27. olorvidarebecca

    olorvidarebecca New Member

    Books and Movies have a different impact on me, and it really differs from a person if he is a visualizer or more of a watcher. If you are a visualizer, you will definitely enjoy books because you can imagine things easily in just words. If you love looking visual effects, cinematography and enjoy watching characters that will make the story be alive, you will love Movies.

    Books and Movies have the same impact on me, how the characters made me feel the same way they did, how the plots surprise me, how I have a great respect for authors and directors to create masterpieces. However, Books have this special place in my heart. I grew up reading books, visualizing things and creatures that are out of this world. Books have the special magic that makes you think you are in another dimension, wherein you are the one who is managing it. Reading has also a great benefit for your brain as it helps you in your comprehension and analyzing skills.

    Overall, I am a fan of both things, there are more to books and there are more to movies than we can imagine.
  28. Emely Osting

    Emely Osting New Member

    I chose books because it is more complete than movies. Sometimes movies are edited and omit some scene or revise the story..
  29. nesty

    nesty New Member

    I love watching movies because it's fun, but sometimes the message or the value that movies gives to it's audience is so limited and even the scenes were designed merely to attract peoples attention, but for books, it's designed to educate it's readers as per subject matter, so you can never go wrong in choosing it.
  30. I'll choose watching movies, it's more intense and you'll feel what was the message of the story, you could feel how the actors or actresses are portraying their roles. Another thing you could relate more if you are watching

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