Books with picture or without picture?

Discussion in 'Books' started by kelvin235, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. kelvin235

    kelvin235 New Member

    What is your recommendation of reading a book, with pictures or not?
  2. montakun

    montakun New Member

    It depends. Some things are better explained through pictures than with words. In fantasy novels, a picture of a map is a must to to fully immerse oneself in the story. It's fine to read books without pictures as long as the author is clear on what he is trying to show the reader.
  3. Jazzy26

    Jazzy26 New Member

    For me it does'nt matter if the book has a picture or don't have the important thing is the words that written inside the book. Having a picture sometimes on a book make loose your focus on reading especially on kids, most kids will probably not going to read it all and just focus on the picture but it's kinda catchy when the books have a picture on it. And if the books does'nt have a picture it makes you imagine the scene and you can focus more i guess? But this way is much suitable for me.
  4. LMFI2031

    LMFI2031 New Member

    If you read often, you'll likely prefer a book that doesn't have pictures as books with pictures are usually targeted towards children or younger audiences. The obvious exception to this is books that are instructional in nature. A user manual without pictures or a guide to building a garage is mostly useless without diagrams. I'd say overall my vote is no pictures.
  5. Kingjabari333

    Kingjabari333 New Member

    I would rather have books without pictures because it gives you the opportunity to really play with your imagination, actually visualizing things without any other outside influence. It's just you and the words of the author. this to me helps the reader to experience the story in a whole different perspective. leaving out the illustrations requires the reader to utilize the transforming power of thought.
  6. Sonson

    Sonson Member

    personally, reading books without picture make me more imagine the characters and books with picture are better for children .
  7. Marleo

    Marleo New Member

    I’m somehow a childish that’s why I prefer to read with pictures because when I read without pictures I easily get bored and sleepy the more pictures I’m exited to turn to the next page . But with or without pictures I think we should read and understand what we are reading and get lesson from it so we can apply to our daily life.

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