Brain or your heart?

Discussion in 'Books' started by mangoshake, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. mangoshake

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    When you are bluer than blue and tired. You started to ask yourself its either your heart or your brain. Sometimes your heart say's you can't hold on anymore and begging to your mind don't let you walk outside the door.

    Let's get more further it's your heart or your brain.

    When your world turn to upside and down,when you are confused and the moment you doubt yourself. Would you listen to your heart or your mind. What's better to follow your heart or your mind?

    Would you like to follow your heart, but your mind stopping you?
  2. krstnshelley

    krstnshelley New Member

    People often answer how one can always choose between the heart and the mind. However, I believe the other way around. I think that even when the heart and the mind are both saying two very different things, one will always have something that he or she really wants to do. Sometimes this is all about taking risks; but that depends on the bravery of a person. There is a need to consider all the possible consequences of the options first before making a decision. For me, I always prioritize the choice that would benefit more people and hurt less.

    Like what they say, "you can always flip a coin". As a coin goes up into the air, a thought will always come to mind and what you really want to do will be a lot clearer to you.
  3. christhon

    christhon New Member

    I would assume you speak brain as logic and heart as emotion. It really depends on the situation for me but for most times a suggest having a balance of both. In my opinion most of us are really overpowered by our emotions, but as we mature, we must be able to be aware and control our emotions but that does not mean that we have to neglect it. Emotions are really important specially if you are finding your purpose in life. It will tell you what makes you happy and what you really want to do in life
  4. Abbybvega

    Abbybvega New Member

    For me.
    It is the brain.
    Our brain is above our heart.
  5. jumars03

    jumars03 New Member

    A lot of people keep saying that the heart is better because it represents love and emotion but personally I think that the brain is the one who responsible for having feelings and emotion.sp for me I choose the brain
  6. mirin9

    mirin9 New Member

    If I may be pedantic, I would say that the brain rules over the heart—always and in everyone. Why? Because the brain controls all of the organs, including the heart. If the brain dies, then without specialized medical equipment, the heart would die. Even more importantly, the brain houses the identity—or the soul, if you wish to be more poetic. The brain is the person. When the brain dies, the person dies. If a new heart is transplanted, the same person remains. The heart is removable and replaceable; the brain, not so.

    But that is perhaps not the answer that you are looking for.

    Would I follow my heart (emotions) or my brain (logic)? For most of my life, I have followed my brain. It turned out to be a good decision, especially when it came to financial management. By maintaining my rationality, I have resisted impulsive purchases and built a sizeable savings account. I have also kept away from trouble. Despite the dark desires that sometimes bubbled inside me, I have avoided seemingly cathartic actions that I would have otherwise regretted later on—from rebelling against authority and ruining my education, to getting pregnant with a child that I would never have wanted. I sacrificed short-term satisfaction for long-term achievement. And ironically, now that I am older, now that I have sufficient financial capital, it is this desire for long-term achievement that is pushing me to look more into my heart.
  7. mirin9

    mirin9 New Member

    (continued from previous post)

    With age comes a tendency for introspection. At least that's the case for me. I reflected on the past thirty years, on what I have achieved and on what I have yet to achieve, and I am overwhelmed by this deep wanting—no, need—this deep need for more in life. What is "more"? you may ask. Honestly, I am not so sure myself. And so I am seeking answers. Whereas before, I pooh-poohed the idea of personal development (I already know this, I would often tell myself, while barely participating in compulsory seminars organized by my erstwhile employers), now I devour self-help books and videos with the same gusto that I had for technical manuals just a few years ago. And slowly, slowly, I built something that I never had before: direction. Finally, I knew where I was going. I no longer was just surviving, growing my bank account dollar by dollar. I finally have a plan. I finally appreciated all those goal-setting seminars that I begrudgingly attended during my twenties. They turned out to be useful after all.

    Now, going back to the question: my heart or my brain? I say: Why not both? It's not really a dichotomy. My brain has served me well. It took care of my survival. It ensured that I didn't do anything too risky or too stupid, especially back when I was young and hormonal. But it has a major flaw: it's not particularly ambitious. Did you notice how most of what it did was to avoid something bad? And that was where I reached a ceiling, where I would have likely stayed for the rest of my life if I didn't begin listening to my heart. My heart gives me direction. My heart is the part of me that wants "more" from life, whatever that "more" may be. My brain and my heart will continue to work together to give me the best life that I could make for myself.
  8. zupbuddy

    zupbuddy New Member

    It is more important to choose brain over heart because, our brain shows us what the right thing to do and the truth, while our heart blinds us from the reality and sticks with the emotions which is very irrational.

    JMLANTING New Member

    No one can make you honest. Only your heart and mind can do that.
  10. dannycash

    dannycash New Member

    Das Gehirn spielt mit deinem Herzen, höre immer auf dein Herz und Gefühl!
  11. Plantgal

    Plantgal New Member

    I believe our heart want to be first but the brain should be first. If I follow my emotions right away without thinking about it first. I could end up in trouble or with a broken heart. So I have to stop and think first.
  12. elai19

    elai19 New Member

    I always follow my heart. But my brain says that if i follow my heart you always get hurt by the people you love..
  13. Var

    Var New Member

    i wish it was that easy to pick between the two. But given a choice i'd pick brain because being overwhelmed with emotions can be very exhausting and debilitating. Then again without heart one can be very cold and callous. I guess it's between being good to yourself or being good to others. Is it that black and white? Perhaps not. i would say both can co-exist. I can be in a place where i feel all the emotions but do not necessarily act on each. To have the ability to judge which emotion requires action.
  14. CaptainDee

    CaptainDee Member

    Of course the brain my dear. The heart's sole function is to pump blood. The brain is the control unit of our body. It is the CPU of our body if we are going to relate it to computers. That's why if you are going to choose between the two, choose the brain not the heart. Though they are both important parts of our body, still the brain is the most important. That is my statement if we are just talking merely about anatomy of the body. But if we are talking about love and relationship, of course heart and brain is taken into different meaning. But for me, if its in love, if the heart and brain dont synchronize well, then its a big trouble. Feelings is a very different thing. Cannot be explained clearly unlike simple anatomy.
  15. mblaster

    mblaster New Member

    well, I could probably share my view better with an example.
    just recently I started working out and trust me when I say I have little to no stamina at all. I don't need to exaggerate about the pain and soreness in the muscles, even though you are just that one rep away from completing your set target for the day you are ready to just give up....and if I had to relate, you get this feeling like your heart says "go for it" and your brain screams "are you stupid?! you are only going to hurt yourself!",
    So it is just you trying to figure out if you can do it. It's always the brain taking the shots and preparing the heart to take the stress and that has always been the way our body has worked.
    The fear of something which we haven't done before is our heart sending an alert!! and our brain is what decides whether it is something we are capable of [may include some external factors to help support decision like in my case it was my instructor] and should we do it ?considering that it is something that won't leave you paralyzed or put you behind the bars for the rest of your life.
  16. monkee

    monkee New Member

    Hi everyone, apologies for this post, I accidentally posted it and now I cant seem to delete it. Am I being incredibly dim and haven't seen the obvious? Any suggestions would be gladly received.
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  17. monkee

    monkee New Member

    For me it's a constant battle to stop my heart from ruling my head because I can be quite compulsive by nature. It has its advantages and disadvantages, on one hand my temper is quite quick to flare up but I'm often the first to join in on a fun idea or activity and I'm told I'm fun to be with because of it.

    I inherited this disposition from my mother and have passed it on to my daughter although my son is more like my wife who is agonaizingly ponderous from my perspective. It works quite well though, she acts as a brake to my freight train and has stopped me from looking foolish on more than one occasion.
  18. Victorolamide

    Victorolamide New Member

    the really fact is that I don't even know what to choose write now because both are more important take fr instance the brain ,the brain is the main component of human reasoning without the human brain their is no way some one can think or reason ,the heart ,I don't know hw to say this but let me sat the heart is the main transformernof the body ,the channell life into every part of the body ,so the both part are much more important ,
  19. hernanj82

    hernanj82 New Member

    I think that the answer to your question is both because the brain and the heart both influence the power of our reasoning and intelligence in two different but complementary ways. In the holy book, Quran, fowad and Afadah clearly point to both heart and the brain and their role in man's power of reasoning. This has also been endorsed by western scholars like Gary Zukav , who believes that , " the higher order of logic and understanding that is capable of meaningfully reflecting the soul comes from the heart". As such, our ability to have a better living comes about from the way we control and coordinate our emotions that are deeply embedded in the heart. This enables us to experience a solid foundational platform by which we can overcome capricious desires which negatively influence our lives .
  20. uyanna9

    uyanna9 New Member

    I would choose both. They are both necessary for me. When God created man, he was created completely. Both organs are not the same. They are unique and have different functions.

    The heart is to feel. The mind is to think. Both are the same for me in its importance. One could not live without the other and vise versa. They are united but with different functions. This is unity in diversity.

    I am thankful to God for giving me both organs. Thanks be to God that I can feel and have different emotions. I thank Him too that I can think very well. I know what to do in order to live. Both are necessary to live in this cruel world.
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  21. John213

    John213 New Member

    For me it is our brain. It is put on our head for a reason. God put it there for us to take control of our heart. Our heart will make us do things that we can not imagine that we can even do. I can be an exmaple for that . I was a boy in love with my partner but my parents did not approve so I rebeled against them and followed my heart. Knowing I was right I followed it to the point I left our house and went to my partners house. I was soo foolish to follow my heart and not used my brain because I learned the painful truth about following your heart. My partner left me but my family was always there for me. Be a lesson to all of you that you should FIRST listen to your brain because it will give you righ5 decisions and let your heart be a SECOND choice or referral when your deciding on what things to do because I gurantee you I learned it the hard way just to figure this one out.
  22. Joyce1231234

    Joyce1231234 New Member

    My grandmother always tells me, "Follow your heart and you will never go wrong". As years passed by, my experiences taught me that the heart always knows what you want, it tells you honestly what you feel and where you want to be. Frankly, that's why it is not called "the brain", because the brain tells you what to do, what is wrong and right for you. But sometimes, it is not right that you are always "just" right, sometimes you also need to be happy, and that's where your heart will lead you if you follow it. It's not bad to commit mistakes or wrong decisions, just be ready and human enough to face all the consequences. At the end of the day, you still learned and experienced something, and that is what life is for, and that is what means to be human.
  23. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    Following our brain and heart are both important and crucial when it comes to decision matters. Our brain is there to help us think on what to do while our heart is there for our emotions but be careful not to think or decide to do something while your full of emotions. Following our brain is being practical while going with our guts or heart is what we really want and is deeply our choice. But sadly at end of the road, Humans follow their brain because they are afraid of being judged and what society will think of them, they don't usually follow their heart those who follow their heart are the brave ones.
  24. GuestHu

    GuestHu New Member

    Scientifically speaking, it our brain that controls our actions and thoughts whereas the heart is to pump blood throughout the body. But since the question is in metaphor I would answer it also metaphorically.

    For me, I will choose what what my brain says because choosing something to satisfy my heart's desire would not lead to long-term satisfaction. Following my heart would only lead me to a temporary happiness, sometimes the heart might trick me to do something irrational thereby making me stupid and one day, I might regret choosing that decision. But I am not saying what our heart's desire should not be pursued because sometimes, it might lead to satisfaction.
  25. rapmartin

    rapmartin New Member

    If your heart stops beating, your brain is useless. Heart it is.
  26. AfroMan

    AfroMan New Member

    Now this is real.
    Okay so it really depends on the situation you're in my friend.
    let's say that your in a position where you need to choose between staying in your city with your girlfriend but knowing that you have no potential there, or going to a diffrent city where you know it will give you the potenial to increase anything be it financially or socially or etc.
    The point here is I guess quite obvious you definetly won't dump your girlfriend, but you also won't dump your future for a relationship that might not workout. So here comes the important part, the heart tells you to stay while your brain tells you to leave. In this case you follow your brain, because it is what is reasoable. Although you won't leave your heart broken you can express the situation to her and if she is willing to go through the sweat and sour for you then she won't mind having a long distance relationship.
    Now other times we follow our heart, for example, let's say you went out for a walk and you get involved in a situation that involves helping a homless and a complete stranger, and this situations urges you to bring him home. What do you do? Do you follow your brain that tells you not to, or your heart that tells you to?
    Some choose the brain others the heart, but in the end you will always need a balance of both.
  27. Kateyy222

    Kateyy222 New Member

    Heart. When you do anything with your heart you can never go wrong. This is not just about your love life right? But this is about anything. So for me as long as your heart says YES consider it. You can never go wrong with your heart. I know it is not good to always consider your emotions when doing important decisions but try to listen to your heartyou will never go wrong with it. Trust it. And just go with the flow.
  28. 118

    118 New Member

    Brain and a little bit of Hearth...

    Brain because there are many situations in our life that requires a discerning brain than a soft hearth. Our brain is responsible for our financial status while our hearth is in our emotion. Sometimes I used to think that if I only used my brain more I could have had a better life.

    Love is a just a feeling. I'm not saying that I regret what I have now but there are some decisions that I would like to do all over again if given a chance.
  29. Cindyrelleee

    Cindyrelleee New Member

    Even if your heart stops beating, the brain still manages to aware the body that it is dead, which concludes that the brain and consciousness seems to work. The heart pumps blood onto the body for us to function, but can we fully function if there's no brain? Metaphorically questions or not, definitely i'll choose heart.
  30. narseshe

    narseshe New Member

    Both are important. One cannot function at its finest without the other, both are essential to life. The function of heart is to pump the blood all over the body including the brain. With insufficiency, our system will go to its worst state, leading to multi organ failures. So as with the brain, it will be ischemic which can eventually ruin the motor and sensory function in a living human. My point is, all are interconnected and survival of one depends upon the wellness of the other. Metaphorically, I believe heart has it's own brain. So I'd choose heart in that matter.

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