Brain or your heart?

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    When you are bluer than blue and tired. You started to ask yourself its either your heart and brain. Sometimes your heart say's you can't hold on anymore and begging to your mind don't let you walk outside the door.

    Let's get more further it's your heart or your brain.

    When your world turn to upside and down,when you are confused and the moment you doubt yourself. Would you listen to your heart or your mind. What's better to follow your heart or your mind?

    Would you like to follow your heart, but your mind stopping you?

    Does it feel comfortable,uncertain and maybe confusing to follow your heart.


    When the heart and mind battles. Which side are you? When you're novice in heart center matter,it feel safeter to follow your mind. It's like you will feel it's something to comfort you but I think it was just an illusion. When you choose your heart you will feel vulnerable. Your heart it's connected bigger than you.

    I didnt say you have to kill your mind because it has a uses. It means you aim a balance approach.

    Let your mind and heart works as a team and integrate.

    You probably seen others follow their heart and it's looks good.But you may doubt your own abilities. You may even look at other people living their passion and think that you would never able to do that. The must have some kind of gift gifted ability and lucky. They must be better than you in some way,but they aren't. Maybe they just simply learned how to listen to their heart and move forward. They must developed a trust in themselves. They simply take things onr day at a time. They feel overwhelm and confusion, just like you.

    Just always remember just to follow your heart.


    I can't give you the exact steps for following your heart, because your heart differ from mine. Guess some people overlook message from their heart because they are looking in the wrong direction. If you focus wide and keep your eyes open, because you never know where your will nudge you.
  2. Rickyross18

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    Listen to your instincts. Listen to your heart, not to your head -- although, it would be more correct to say listen toyour limbic brain, not to your cortexbrain. As Steve Jobs once said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
  3. Quintin99

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    Whenever there's the call for a decision involving the brain and the heart, I'd say go with a bit of both. The heart is not always a 100% correct but every decision that a person makes, originates from the heart. If one always follows the heart in every decision making situation, then the number of crimes in the world would spike over and above. For example, if someone accidentally kills the love of your life, and you have the opportunity to return the favor, every instinct in you would suggest you to go for the kill, but your reasoning will remind you that, we're not savages.
  4. NewbieGainers

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    Brain. There's a reason why our brain is placed ABOVE our hearts because it is superior to the heart. Heart can be decietful in so many ways but the brain is logically thinking a way for us to make the right choice. If you're watching game of thrones, remember when Rob Stark chooses to mingle with his lovelife rather than focusing all his might expanding the North? He died. On the other hand, Jon Snow focuses all his might on his mission, he even shot the girl he loved at that time and now look at where he is, He is now in bed making love with The mother of Dragons, Freer of Slaves, and The Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, The Chosen heir for the Iron Throne... Khaleesi <3
  5. iamwil101

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    Brain. It is our unique skills that human have we must train our mind to reason out than to used our heart to release our feelings because sometime feelings are the most idiot weapon to used if you are in a fight in order for us to settle things we must think first what are the best ways to solve this certain problem.
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