Brand new car or Second hand car?

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  1. silentmigz08

    silentmigz08 New Member

    I prefer to buy 2nd hand car than the brand new one's. when buying brand new car, it generally comes with a warranty, new car's will have the latest technology. while the 2nd hand, the advantage of it is that you let someone else take the biggest depreciation hit on the car, it is easier to save up and pay cash, your insurance rates will be lower on a used car as opposed to a new one, you can also review the consumer reports and choose a model that has been performing well.
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  2. Marksheen

    Marksheen Member

    Absolutely I choose brand new car. Second hand car have a lot of hidden secret that you dont know. Brand new car have low percentage of defective rather than second hand. I dont think so if second hand car is trusted regarding on the performance in long term but in brand new car is trusted and safer. Having brand new car can boast your feelings or motivate you to do something beyond you limits.
    Choose brand new car as a reward to yourself for being faithful and passionate in your career. By having it many people around you will be inspired and don't forget to boastful in that but be humble. Brand new car for brand new life and making the choice that new car for better and safer travel in your family.
  3. Manhattan214

    Manhattan214 New Member

    There are many things to be considered in this new vs. used argument. Are you cash-strapped? Can you write a leased vehicle off on your taxes as a business expense? Are you financing your new vehicle or purchasing it outright?

    There are a number of variables that would sway my answer in either direction, but overall I’d buy a new car in cash over a used car in cash simply for the peace of mind that comes with a new vehicle. Buying a new vehicle means you’ll have an extended warranty covering all major issues. When you buy a used vehicle you really never know what you’re getting even if the car appears to be in good condition.

    My first car, which was used, had an alternator that clunked out after a year and a half. The used vehicle I purchased right after that one ended up having major engine issues that ended up costing an arm and a leg.

    On top of the unexpected costly repairs that you may incur with a used vehicle, you should also consider the time you’ll spend waiting for your car as it’s being worked on, the time spent communicating with maintenance professionals about your car, and the time you may have to spend away from your car if the issues with your car are serious.

    It’s a lot to consider, and some people may not have a choice due to finances, but if you have a choice I’d encourage everyone to buy a new car.
  4. JosephDavidJacob7

    JosephDavidJacob7 New Member

    The brand new car is still my best choice, it takes away the worries of over heat and any sort of engine failure, I believe 95% of brand new cars undergone rough factory test and expected to overcome tough road and weather situation.
  5. stangates

    stangates New Member

    When you think of buying a car, you should consider important things first. I understand important is an opinion so my important things are not necessarily your important things but I know there are the common ones. Firstly, a new or used car? A new car is much better for you get to interact with the car fully without having things you do not know about it. Example, whether it ever had an accident, engine change etc. However, the cost may restrict most of us from purchasing a new car. It is not lost. When you decide to go for a used car, check on the mileage, condition and the cost.
    I advice you to call a mechanic to check the condition for you. Starting the engine, chassis, specifications and stuff.
    Lastly, the physical appearance should come in. The color, make, inner and outer specs etc
  6. jmai2026

    jmai2026 New Member

    A new car will likely be more reliable than a used one, even though pre-owned cars are much more dependable than in the past. If a new car breaks down, you can have it fixed for free under the included factory warranty. Brand new car will give a peace of mind and self satisfaction.
  7. RDM1015

    RDM1015 New Member

    I have bought both over the years and I prefer to buy lower mileage used cars. The have been driven enough to work out any defects and usually still under the manufacturer warranty. Most of the brand new cars that I have had actually had more defects than my used cars. I have taken several new cars back to the dealership for work within the first few months of owning them. Also the fact that a brand new car depreciates a great deal as soon as you drive it off of the lot.
  8. Julian8207

    Julian8207 New Member

    From my opinion buying a brand new car is a not very good investment. For example if you buy brand new car now couple years later she will be old and will cost 1/2 of his price in the best case .
  9. APM1011

    APM1011 New Member

    You should definitely choose a second-hand car because once you leave the lot with the new car you will have a second-hand car. New cars are also a liability and a depreciating value. But if your old car is so bad that it breaks down every other day then you should buy a new car.
  10. seanaustinj

    seanaustinj New Member

    It'd depend on the time and money you have available. Personally, if I had a lot of spare time, I'd go for a used one. I'd have saved money and would be able to learn more about auto care in case it breaks down right off the bat. Might not be ideal for someone who's working all day though, especially those who do need their cars to travel back and forth. There are a lot of factors you have to consider, and it's ideal to weigh priorities, whether it's knowledge or efficiency.
  11. backo93

    backo93 New Member

    I will always take a new car, after couple years i gonna sell it and buy a new one, with small amount of money...On that way i have a reliable car, and i not gonna lose money on repairs...So i believe that is, in fact, more profitable..
  12. jaym24

    jaym24 New Member

    I choose brand new car because all the parts of the auto is fresh,new,and not been used.And I have no doubts about it because I'm confident that they will no be issue in the time I buy it.Unless in buying a second hand car,I'm not sure that all parts of it is no issue.And we dont know that if the car he sell is carnapped to the real owner.In my country carnapping is widespread.So i prefer buying a new car.
  13. Jeramel0829

    Jeramel0829 New Member

    At first glance, it will seem that buying a pre-owned unit is more financially wise. Cars depreciate because they are used a lot and that can be a disadvantage to you, financially speaking. But things are not always what they seem, so let’s use real numbers so that we can come up with a more logical conclusion. If buying a car is an important need and the car is a tool of the trade that will make your daily life more convenient, or even allow you to earn more income, then go buy a new car. The bigger issue is whether you have the budget for one. If by buying the car, you will not be able to finance other needs, be forced to cut down on basic necessities or be prevented from achieving more important goals, then I would strongly suggest that you defer your decision until you have enough funds.
  14. deadko88

    deadko88 New Member

    this one is pretty much easy, of course it's brand new... it's like quality versus quantity, i prefer having brand new car than second hand cause of the quality of the unit... for example if you're going to buy second hand then you'll have more thing to fix and end up spending more than haveing a brand new one
  15. a_navor

    a_navor New Member

    The quality of the car is most important for me, so I will buy the brand new car. I might save some money buying for second hand car but it might cost me a lot for its maintenance.
  16. AlenDominic

    AlenDominic New Member

    Brand new car is one of best material thing you can have, but really bad investment. From financial point of view is better to buy a 1-2 years old car than brand new because it will be 20% cheaper and you'll get a decent car. And if you by a old car you will not feel any regret if you damage it.
  17. rosinovapolo23

    rosinovapolo23 New Member

    I want brand new car.Why?Because you dont need to worry when you travel for your safety.It was expensive but It has many differences than in second hand.No need to check up daily for maintenance and it has insurance too.It was expensive but it was worth the price base on its performance.
  18. germavz123

    germavz123 New Member

    For me I prefer for brand new car rather than second hand car. Brand new car in terms of physical it more looks beautiful and impressive. You can enjoy riding with a new car you feel proud of it although there are some are factory defects but mostly are good nothing to worry and enjoyable to ride on. With brand new car people can say "WOW" to your car rather than second hand can say only "Nice Car".

    In terms of maintenance , the brand new car is less maintenance because all the parts are brand new and carefully assemble in manufacturer. And the maintenance expense in brand new car is less than second hand car because in second hand car there are lot of defects in there parts because of something old in their life shield.
  19. Tanya****

    Tanya**** New Member

    Whether to purchase a brand new car or a second hand car depends on a number of factors.
    Access to money or credit
    Can you get a loan? Do you have enough savings to purchase a new or second hand vehicle?
    Available vehicles
    Is the car you are looking for available in your area either new or used?
    New cars generally have more safety features than their older second hand versions.
    Fuel efficiency
    New cars will have more fuel efficient engines than older vehicles.
    Optional extras
    Sometimes you will be able to purchase a new second hand vehicle fitted with lots of optional extras for the same or less than a new base model vehicle.

    After considering all your options, your wants and needs, in the end the most important thing is to buy a safe vehicle that does what you need it to do.
  20. RisaMy

    RisaMy New Member

    I personally think that buying a secondhand car over new cars is wise enough. Because car value depreciate fast in a certain period of time. For me, car is a necessity especially when your work or lifestyle needs you to drive quite often. I heard a lot of people say, buying a secondhand car is a risk well i can bring along a mechanic friend to go with me when buying the car and help me check throughly the condition of the car before buying it. This saves me a lot than buying new cars and pay it for the next 5 years.
  21. naililmuna

    naililmuna New Member

    If you plan to lease the car, take new car. Cause it might come with a cheaper insurance bundle. But if you know how to assess machine quality, how to keep it run smoothly, and will use the car for yourself, then prefer a used car.
  22. joybitzee

    joybitzee New Member

    It all depends on your budget or preferences. For me, if you simply want a reliable car that can last you for years, then buying a brand-new one makes more sense. The biggest advantage of buying a brand new car? Zero defect. And if there’s any, the new car is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.With a used car, expect to make more frequent trips to the auto repair shop, as old car parts tend to break down faster than new ones. That could be a big hassle if that’s the only car you have, and you drive it to work every day.
  23. delubyo2000

    delubyo2000 New Member

    Most economical is the used can be customized and you can make that look brand new again depends on how you will work on that.even though that is used car you can use that for your work etc. be practical enough for you to save money.
  24. Macizit

    Macizit New Member

    I never buy brand new. The moment a car gets registered for the first time it instantly loses at least 5-10% of it price, because it's now a "used" car. Going second hand you always get a better deal.

    The downside of course, is that most of the time you don't get the "perfect" model with all the options you want when you go second hand.
  25. Karl D

    Karl D New Member

    Financially speaking it is almost always better to buy a used car. But you have to be very careful. Make, model, state of maintenance all have to be carefully evaluated by a competent mechanic. Never allow the seller to certify the car for you. The most common and expensive maintenance costs on today's automobiles are brake and tires, and these two items are not covered under warranty anyway. So know your thing before engaging any major decisions. On the other hand, if your born as a rich kid then go for that brand new car.
  26. Patrickdim

    Patrickdim Member

    Sometimes Buying a secondhand car gives you more problem than using it as a service to your trips so a lot of money will be waste for repairing but when you buy a brand new car all you need to do is to use is as far as you can and nothing to worry about because of they have a bumper to bumper warranty. So if you can afford a brand new car just choose a brand new one but if your budget is for a secondhand car then you need to prepare also a budget for the repairs of it and mark down all the trusted auto mechanic to do your car.
  27. rdaniel14

    rdaniel14 New Member

    Both brand new and used car have its advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, there are a lot of used car that has low mileage, well-maintained, and good as new. Personally, it is more practical to buy pre-owned cars than new ones. You can have your dream car at a lower price.
  28. lockhard41

    lockhard41 New Member

    I have only had used cars until recently. The problem with used cars is that they have a tendency to break down on you and you are left to pay for the repairs. On the other hand, if you have a new car then the warranty will cover the parts and labor in most cases. So new car is the best.
  29. maf082015

    maf082015 New Member

    It depends on your auto expertise. Cars depreciate in value, so if you know a lot about cars it makes sense to save money and buy used. You aren't tied to a car payment every month and if something goes wrong you can fix it at-cost. If, on the other hand, you don't know a lot about cars, buying a new car may be the better route for you. You can take care to keep to the suggested maintenance schedule to keep it in optimal running shape for as long as possible.
  30. TKaliber

    TKaliber New Member

    Second hand by far I'd say, while some cars may have issues, they're going to be significantly cheaper to purchase and even with repair costs factored in, you shouldn't be paying near what the car was costing brand new, so long as you didn't just go out and buy the first vehicle you say. If you put time and knowledge into what you're looking at and researching the common issues, fixes and cost of things then if something is wrong with the car, it shouldn't be much a shocker when you get it.

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