Brand new car or Second hand car?

Discussion in 'Cars, Sports, & Outdoors' started by Anne Yarih, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. ronjeric

    ronjeric New Member

    Having a brand new car is expensive, while second hand is expensive in maintenance. Brand new or second hand, what matters most is that they can bring you to your destination safe and has no hassle. Buy according to the money you can expend and do not aim for a luxury if you cannot afford it.
  2. jodeguzman000

    jodeguzman000 New Member

    I prefer brand new car. For someone who isn't really knowledgeable enough when it comes to cars, opting for a brand new one gives me peace of mind.
  3. Badjouras

    Badjouras New Member

    Sometimes there are deals on the brands that give your nice discounts on service cars, almost brand new, with very little kilometers, and brand garantie and there are also great deals with second handed cars, so I perfer to get second handed cars, or this service cars, for sure.
  4. wale-4gNw

    wale-4gNw New Member

    The truth must be tell, I prefer using new car than used car, new car is more reliable, safety, and less pre repair. While the used car mostly required timely services.
  5. etnad14

    etnad14 New Member

    I always wanted to have a brand new car specially cars like in the movie fast and the furious! :cool:
    sports car or muscle car! but either one of the two are both expensive! so i guess buying a second hand cars will do just fine. after all cars are just a mean of transportation for everyone. as long as it can bring you safe to the place where you wanted to go then that's totally perfect!

    It's cheaper and it's still a ride!;)
  6. yogi76796

    yogi76796 New Member

    Brand new car ofcourse. If the driver is a beginner then I would suggest second hand car so that the person can get well trained with it. Once the person is confident enough to drive, he can go for brand new car.
  7. LuckyKing

    LuckyKing New Member

    It does not matter if it is a brand new one or a second hand one. The only thing that matter is the quality and usability of the actual car itself. There are some brand new ones that breaks down easily cause of factory defect. And there are also second hand ones that do sucks but not all of them.
  8. melissapreston9

    melissapreston9 New Member

    New cars are not made like they were in my grandparents' day. I worked for several different car dealerships, and people had mechanical problems with their brand new cars quite frequently. Buying the car brand new does not guarantee that you won't have any problems, so I really don't see the need to spend so much extra money just for that "new car smell."
  9. ddavies1133

    ddavies1133 New Member

    Buy used Toyota brand is best. Pay cash, cash is king.
  10. StevRam

    StevRam New Member

    Since we can't afford brand new car for now I go second cars. Recently we bought a second hand Nissan Sentra for a very low price. For me it was the best decision we made. It's very convenient for us most especially in our place where there a lot of traffics. We can go anywhere we what,anytime and I can bring along our two lovable kids.
  11. asadmunib6953

    asadmunib6953 New Member

    Brand new car is better than a old one because of its benefits. You just have to change engine oil and put fuel for driving and there is no trouble for any maintenance while the old one may not be so good. You may feel difficulties during driving and it may generate faults in the driving. But it is up to you that weather you buy a new one or old. It also depends on your savings. If you can't buy a new one then I would prefer not to buy a old car because you may not bear the expenses and maintenance.
  12. ceendhy

    ceendhy New Member

    I would choose to have a brand new car rather than a second-hand car. Although a brand new car is more expensive, it gives you more security in the road. A second-hand car has a lot more maintenance process. If you just think you save your money in buying a second-hand car, think twice.
  13. boff64

    boff64 New Member

    I think that a good second-hand car is better if you do not have enough money but you must be careful when buying. If you have money, buy the new one.
  14. lorielync

    lorielync New Member

    It depends on the deal, but for me, I prefer buying a brand new car. You can save from costly and expensive repairs that second hand cars usually incur. Also, buying a brand new car lowers your risk of getting scammed, especially when you have a little knowledge about cars and mechanics.
  15. shoots2019

    shoots2019 New Member

    Well now, I've been driving a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser for 11 years and all of the 124000 miles on it from day one. It's been great to not have a car payment for quite a few years, however, with all the repairs I've had to endure, and there
    have been many, what's the difference if you're paying $1500 a year in car payments or the same to an automotive
    repair place like Firestone Car Care ? Financial situations, like my own, dictate the choice, but in the long run, a new car is much better for the first few years while it's still under warranty.
  16. Poster2019

    Poster2019 New Member

    The answer to this is all about preference. Do you want the best for your money or best performance. Is this a temporary vehicle or something you want to use for 5-10+ years. Ideally, the best cost to performance ratio is a used car that's around 2-3 years old. That's what I would go with, especially if I was on a tight budget. It is definite a better option that purchasing a brand new car on credit, as that will end up costing you more.
  17. jimmy540

    jimmy540 New Member

    it depends about what do u need in cars if you looking for high performance and high quality brand you cant effort on new car , i go for used one
    example if you have 2000$ with it you can buy a brand new Hyundai or second hand Audi
    for me personally i go for the Audi for sure if its in good condition and you dont need to pay extra money for service
  18. Carlo28

    Carlo28 New Member

    I prefer "Brand New Car" cause there are downside to buying a used car like you aren’t really given any guarantees. Perhaps, that is why it is so important that you are able to inspect a used car before buying it. When you pay for and receive your used car, it is then yours and you are responsible for it, including all updates and repairs that may need to be made. It is difficult to find a car that offers warranties on their used vehicles. Of course, buying a used car is a risk anyways, as most used car dealerships, as well as owners outright selling their vehicles do not offer warranties either.
  19. Sgovies0425

    Sgovies0425 New Member

    The child in me wants to buy new and a flashy as possible, but I know when the time comes I will buy used. Its best to buy at least 5 years old, so you are paying off the car and not the interest. Which is a good thing because my dream car is a 2013 Chevy ss. Although it will be a few more years before I can afford it.
  20. gomeznick

    gomeznick New Member

    Buying a car can be an exciting and thrilling process, especially if it’s your first time to do. The good thing about buying a new car is that the quality is still at a 100% and you have the warranty. Even though it's expensive, still it's worth the price. On the other hand, second handed cars are great too. You can save a lot but the thing is, you are not so sure the condition of that car whether it is still good or not.
  21. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    buying a brand new car is sometimes expnsive but the quality is high and depends on the feature while second hand cars is more affordable but sometimes less quality
  22. Alvier22

    Alvier22 New Member

    It depends on you, if you got a skills to check the problem of 2nd hand car, or you can afford a brand new car. But for me i must prefer brand new car. Although its expensive but its longlasting usage for tracking or going travel with your family.
  23. zlynch5123

    zlynch5123 New Member

    I've never bought a new car. The saying that it loses half it's value the minute you drive it off the lot may not be strictly true, but it's close enough to it. If you're hesitant about buying a car used, just keep an eye out for low mileage cars of a recent year. You'd be surprised how much cheaper they are than buying new. A lot of rental companies will sell off vehicles after only a few years and rental vehicles tend not to be abused as much as you'd think. They're generally used for business purposes or tourism, after all. Nobody is street racing in the Malibu they got from Hertz. Avoid former police vehicles. Even if you find one with decently low mileage, they're usually horribly maintained and driven under terrible conditions. The poor speedbump in front of my apartment complex probably has enough metal shavings from the local department to build a whole new car out of embedded in it.
  24. markedizon

    markedizon New Member

    i prefer to choose brand new car cause for reliable and more trust unlike the secondhand car u do not know whats the big deal of it like having problem with that 2ndhand car
  25. valspaulding

    valspaulding New Member

    It has been my experience that going second hand is the way to go. Although with purchasing a brand new car you do not have the worry about the car breaking down and they always come with warranties (you sometimes have to pay extra to have everything covered, tires, etc. ) I don't believe it is worth the monthly payment that you are committing to for more two years or more, the higher insurance cost and the amount of interest you end up paying on the vehicle.

    Since I have started driving at 16 every car that I have purchased has been second hand and on every single one I have gotten my moneys worth out of use and have even been able to sell them for a profit. The key to buying second hand is having an interest in cars to be able to tell if it is a solid car or not or even have a mechanic look it over before you purchase it if you're not car savvy. I've always had an interest in cars and even have worked on my cars personally. Knowing how your car is suppose to feel and sound are super important when it comes to maintaining your vehicle, in my opinion.
  26. Chasejoie

    Chasejoie New Member

    brand new car won't trouble you with problems rather than used car you need to change everything if the parts are broken and you'll spend alot of money to repair it. So buy a new car.
  27. jownerd

    jownerd New Member

    This all comes down to how much are you willing to spend. If you can buy a brand new car, why not? If you’re out of budget, with proper research, one will be able to score a reasonable second-hand car. I just bought a brand new car this month. It’s a 2019 Honda BR-V! I spent half of the last year looking for a good second-hand car. But, I’m out of luck to find a good one. I finally decided to get a brand new SUV, and it is one of the best decisions I made in my life!
  28. Ednasci

    Ednasci New Member

    It depends on some factors, in my opinion the new car always and the best choice because it is new right. But it has a lot more involved, when you take a new car from the store depending on the brand it already devalues more than 10% that is a bad point if you want to change cars in a short time. Now when buying a second hand car I would buy one with a maximum of 2 years of use, because it would still be in good condition and of course if the previous owner has been very careful.
  29. AronDhooge

    AronDhooge New Member

    My next car will be a second hand car for sure! Of course there are scammers who will sell second hand cars that have hidden issues, but with a bit of research you can really find good deals. I dream about a lot of cars that are too expensive for me, but the option to buy second hand cars gives me the option to buy one of my dream cars.
  30. m3smerizing

    m3smerizing New Member

    Honestly, there are many factors that go into whether or not a new car or used car would be the right choice for you. Most new cars have a 4-10 year warranty, and some even include free maintenance for the first couple of years! That being said, buying new is a worry-free and low-risk option.

    When you buy used, however, you are likely to get a better deal since the vehicle will likely have already gone though the worst part of its depreciation. Your only concerns now will be more around how well it was maintaned before you took possession of the vehicle and out-of-pocket expenses.

    Certified pre-owned is always a really solid option that can give you the piece of mind you need in a used car, with some of the warranty benefits of a new car.

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