Breaking up?

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    When you break up with someone it’s one of those things that we eventually think we’re going to get over. We think that we’ll be sad and then we’ll move on. We’ll move on because life does continue whether you’re with your ex or not. And right now you’re not. And that sucks because breakups, well, suck. You had a system down that fit around your work schedule, both of your friend groups and your outside activities. Even though let’s be honest, trying different burgers with your friends can barely qualify as a hobby (but it really should). Breakups are kind of like when you get the wind knocked out of you. One minute you’re walking down the street, breathing normally, then BAM. You’re struggling to catch your breath. You’re confused as to why you can’t breathe. You’re not even sure what’s happening. And then you panic. You panic because everything that was right currently isn’t.
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    Breaking up sometimes is not always the end of the road, sometimes its just a mark of a start of a new journey. Breaking up with someone or breaking up with a habit you definitely can't let go off, it both tragic and can't bare the truth that you have to let go at some point in your life journey. The pain, the struggle, the feeling of hopelessness is all part of the package. Crying, moping and being silent to the world is our usual response. But you see, its fine, because we are not created to 'NOT' feel the pain and the emptiness breaking up will bring us, whether we broke up with them or they broke up with us, there will always be that feeling we cannot hide from. What to do is, acknowledge the pain the emptiness and the sadness. Why? Well, acknowledging the pain will show us that we are capable of feeling pain and love and joy and anything else in between. Acknowledging the pain will bring us to a point where we can realize we are capable to know and experience such feeling and in our life journey we can use this to be a better person, help others cope up when they happen to be in such scenarios in their lives. Another is feeling the emptiness, that feeling of having a hole in some part of your body, hole in some part of your day, a hole in some part of your life - it's normal because you will eventually stop doing all the things you and your partner who just have broken up with you or you broke up with, and acknowledging it will bring us to some point in our lives where we realize we can do more to fill up that space - or there is a new space in us we can focus filling up with than having it empty - in this case we can get the chance to learn a new hobby, find new friends, learn different cultures, or finding another focus in your life. Last is acknowledging the sadness, having to know this, accepting this will make us appreciate happiness even more when it comes - or finding that genuine joy even in rough rainy days. So you see, breaking up is not all bad after all, sometimes, it brings up a new start to being a better person, for ourselves, our families, and our friends.
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    It is never easy if you are experiencing the "break up stage" since the pain is there, it's fresh, it's the thought that: "When will I be okay?", "When will I move on?", "Can I really get over him/her?". You would experience, listening to break up songs and you'll really know the in-depth meaning of every word of the song while it slowing crushing your heart, crying at the middle of the night, stalking him/her on social media, and that inevitable pain in your chest whenever you think about him/her and it would constrict your heart and that gut feeling the pain of reminiscing your memories, over and over again. You feel like it's a never-ending cycle and you ask: "When will it end?". The truth I WILL. Eventually, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel, you'll see the rainbow after the storm because first of all Time will heal you, friends will help you overcome the heartaches, your family can be your shoulder to cry on may it be your mom, your dad, your older brother or sister, even your closest cousins will help you get through it. And lastly, you would acknowledge God about it, asking for help, asking if He could take the pain away. For me, you shouldn't force yourself into a new relationship just to help you forget. Trust me, it doesn't. Take time to heal. Distance is also a great factor to not remember much about that person - you won't go to your favorite cafe or your go-to book store, and you would know you won't run into each other. Surround yourself with positivity, like new friends, family, new colleagues, new officemates. Try to do something new for instance, go out for a jog, watch a movie by yourself, pamper yourself, and eventually, you would learn how to love yourself again.

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