Breaking up?

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by mangoshake, Jan 9, 2019.

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    When you break up with someone it’s one of those things that we eventually think we’re going to get over. We think that we’ll be sad and then we’ll move on. We’ll move on because life does continue whether you’re with your ex or not. And right now you’re not. And that sucks because breakups, well, suck. You had a system down that fit around your work schedule, both of your friend groups and your outside activities. Even though let’s be honest, trying different burgers with your friends can barely qualify as a hobby (but it really should). Breakups are kind of like when you get the wind knocked out of you. One minute you’re walking down the street, breathing normally, then BAM. You’re struggling to catch your breath. You’re confused as to why you can’t breathe. You’re not even sure what’s happening. And then you panic. You panic because everything that was right currently isn’t.

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