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    What would be the next business thing in the third world country? Any thoughts on this?

    I mean, we know third world countries cannot compete with the big businesses in US but is there a trend where they should focus that might someday give their countries a recognition?

    Just wondering guys, let me know your opinions. Thanks!
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    Well according to studies in 1980 it was the computer those people engaged on the same business made billions out of it, in 1990 it was the VCR those people who are also involved in those business made billions out of it and now on the year 2000 onward its now the Wellness industry, the demand for this business is estimated to grow to 10 Trillion dollars because of the demand from the "Baby Boomers" these people aged ranging from late 30's to late 50"s who were involve in the business of VCR and computers during 1980 to 2000 are now millionaires and billionaires who wanted to stay fit, young and beautiful and they have the money to spend, products ranging from soaps, creams to make skin brighter, Vitamins, food supplement that make one healthy and all other products that promotes health, beauty and fitness will be in vogue as it is imminent as of today.

    Even the profession that deals with cosmetic surgeries, Sauna Spam and massage and all other professions that deals with beautification are making good up to this time and even an ordinary doctors of medicine. This is just the beginning of the trend that the demand for wellness industry will soar to 10 trillion dollars.
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    Starting a business requires a proper understanding of the marketplace. And it is not a very easy task and takes a lot of your time and effort. Although it has a high return and profit in the long run. Profit comes after the sacrifices and hard work and most of the time it takes a little more time to generate money. Patience and higher margins for a fund to run the business make's it work and operate smoother. It doesn't matter what kind of business you are planning to start just be sure to find your market first and possible clients before even buying the things that you need.

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