Business or Employment?

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  1. rosspigao

    rosspigao New Member

    This is one of an interesting question for some of us.Most of the time people go through this phase and would want to know what is the best in their terms and in terms of the society.There's a lot of big differences between the two of that.First,let's define employment.It is something we’re capable of, where our skills and expertise are utilised and practiced while in business is a learning process where your skills of expertise can sometimes be practiced but requires a lot of training and learning.This is something that not as easy as we all know.Having a business is not easy because it requires a lot of dedication and decision making is very important aspects of this.Employment is were the bosses are the one who make the decisions you only following it.So it depends on how you handle both.If you think you are more comportable of having or being an employee thats a choice and if you think that your capabale enough and ready to handle a business then go for it.Anyways your the one who make your choices and your the one whose accountable for whatever may it bring.
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  2. Tolits

    Tolits New Member

    With Business what happens is, everything is new and utilizes your time to learn the skills on how to handle and how to manage. Above all, this requires a monitory investment. But, this can require education just like a job, but what you’ll require more here is awareness and planning. Each step has to be identified and implemented accordingly.
  3. jahmie1128

    jahmie1128 New Member

    Business of course, it nice to work wherein there's no boss and you are the one in control of your time .
  4. ric_ferro

    ric_ferro New Member

    Se você está a pensar abrir um negócio, tenha muita atenção, não comece só porque a família já fazia e não quer deixar perder essa "corrente"... faça a sua própria análise de negócios... veja se há lacunas no seu ramo de mercado e entre por aí. Verifique os preços que a concorrência pratica e faça as contas para ter a certeza que o que vai produzir (ou serviço a prestar) compensa... só depois deste passo você devo dar o próximo.
  5. tekentek

    tekentek New Member

    employment on my side, it is just that to hard to run any bussinesses around the continent for now thera are some company are closed because of hardships of maintaining its capital .. on the other hand you can make bussines if you think you are financially stable and you thnk you will gain success with the bussines you enter..
  6. Rainer M. Aquino

    Rainer M. Aquino New Member

    For me, Business. If you have a money to build a business why not, If you really want it go for it. own business is so far different from employment. In business it is all how you work for your business, gave it all you can for your business to be grow. However in employment even you do your best, do all you can, your rate or salary is still the same. But in business ofcourse you will be facing and challenge for the first that it is hard, but sooner or later your business will grow if you really work hard for it.
  7. I would definitely say Business. Going into employment is easier than starting a business because it requires less intelligence, less responsibility and ultimately no monetary investment. However when you are an employee your time isn't your own, when you run your own successful business you get to decide how you spend your time and your earning potential is much higher than in any type of employment if the business model is good.
  8. keishastake

    keishastake Member

    Business is not for the faint of heart. It takes serious responsibility and guts to run a business. You have to be open for change because change will come and you must be able to adapt. Being a boss usually means hiring the right staff to assist in running the business. There is no easy way to deal with good or bad employees, a proprietor just handles the task. The first rule of any business is to make money, whether its a for-profit or non-profit. Since money is the key to success then all of the proper financial steps must be taken in order to succeed in business.

    Employment in this day and age is a little bit easier than running a full-fledged business. An employee is responsible for the duties that are bestowed upon them. A great employee is usually valued at a company whereas a bad employee may be subjected to punishment. One should not take a job that they know they do not like or can't handle. Doing so will only lead to a failing business and an employee. It is not so easy to take orders from somebody but that is what an employee is supposed to do. I have been an employee for 17 years of my adult life; I think I would prefer to be a boss and go into business for myself.
  9. yellow

    yellow Member

    Being employment means you go out of gate and the job was over probably on that day.
    Making business means you control everything, but if you like business in an addicted style then probably success is waiting for you..
  10. kris93castillo

    kris93castillo New Member

    I would choose business if you have enough money to build a business, don't look for a job, make a job for others. You are not just making your money grow but you are also helping other people to have a job.
  11. LefthandSuzuki

    LefthandSuzuki New Member

    Keishastake brings up many good points for both sides. A thoughtful, analytical response should be able to consider both the positive and negative.

    At first I thought employment would be more suited for me. A business is more akin to a risky investment, at least with a job you have security and a stable paycheck. However, hearing keishastake's point about being 17 years of employment has made me reconsider.

    With employment is security, yes, but it is also confining. Your workplace may offer very little in terms of career opportunities, or may have unsatisfactory coworkers, or simply may not care about its workers at all. With a business, al of that changes. You can decide how you want to be employed, because you work for yourself. The time and effort you put into a business should (in theory) be returned to you as profit. Compare that with the serious work you will put into employment, which is more likely to benefit your bosses rather than yourself.

    It's a tough decision with no easy answers. If I were given the chance to create something for myself, I believe I would choose to become my own boss and create a business.
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  12. Tolitz77

    Tolitz77 New Member

    Good day everyone, in this topic: business or employment?

    As of now i am an employee in the private TESDA TVET provider; some of the post i readed it is really teach me a lot. I just wanna learn more about being a boss also to create my own company and be a leader on not just a boss. I know boss is on the other side and the other side is his/her employee but being a leader you will not see me on the other side but on beside of my employee and sometimes on the back of my employee this how i see myself.

    I learn in some motivating site you will just going to get result as a boss if you commanded your employee with high salary with high conviction on there particular jobs, why i said this... because sometimes, I feel it also :) and i done it it sometimes. This is based on what i do... I work in constraction company, when our Engineer is not around we rest till he/she arrive we get scoulded yet in the end our salary is still paid whole. So I feel why do I have to work a lot when my salary is not that high?

    Yet I would not like this to happen to me when I will be the boss, I would like to see my employee that I am not just there employer but also a good leader for them, that they can rely on their back and I can rely them also that they will do whatever their task and exceed my expectation from them. The kind of business owner who do not eat alone in the office but eat together with my staff.

    This dreamed of mine will eventually get true in the near time I just need a good reliable investor who will going to take my ideal company. I feel this year it will going to be big event for my life...

    So if I were choose between the two ofcourse for my status now i choose employee but I will not going to spend all my life there until retirement, no way!!! I will be a good businessman with good and reliable team beside me who work even if I am not around.
  13. Abicdefghi

    Abicdefghi New Member

    Interesting dilemma. But this depend on which orientation you were brought up. As for me I would want to keep my job and employment but have a business at same time. Keeping my employment not because of monetary stability but because of the status it give me in my community. The business will provide me the financial stability, the needs and wants. And can sustain the status the my employment gives me.
  14. edzalferos

    edzalferos New Member

    This is not an original idea but an advice I got from the people whom I consider successful and became my mentors. We actually need both employment and business. Wise earning does not rely on a single source of income. We need a job for a stable income without worrying if you will earn the same amount tomorrow. If we consider job security, it is a necessity to be employed. Business, on the other hand, is for financial breakthroughs. If we really want success and financially capable, enter business industry because this will not limit you in your earnings. You can always improve, diversify and give you more chances in multiplying your earnings. But considering business, you should really be a risk-taker.
  15. Jovilyn Condat

    Jovilyn Condat New Member

    Business or Employment? For me, I would choose Business because it enjoys a wide range of varieties that benefits the owner of a Business. Whereas, if you are just employed you don't own your time and your abilities are limited to a specific amount of time. Employment should be the reason to jump start your career in Business, You should not tangle with it permanently for reasons that it will not sustain your way of life because as we know the stock market is continuously changing. Having a Business will surely make your life easier because you own your time and you're earning a lot of money at the same time and you are the one looking for people who seeks employment.
  16. Lwashington

    Lwashington New Member

    A job means you can be fired. A business means you are your own boss no one can replace you or fire you, so I prefer Business owner.
  17. rich0630

    rich0630 New Member

    For me its better to own your own boss and you may have the option of a more flexible lifestyle.You might make more money.owning a business opens up the possibility of making more than you could possibly makes as an employee.
  18. Laniegrace

    Laniegrace New Member

    Business or Employment?

    I would choose business. But before aiming to have your own business you should be equipped with knowledge, skills and professionally prepared. Business is better than employment because of you're the boss, you're managing your own time, controlling tasks, etc. It depends on you how long would you run your own business. While in employment, you might work in limited time pace. You have rules to consider every time, you might work under pressure like shifting schedules and others.
  19. belleamau

    belleamau New Member

    I know that I cannot choose both so I wanted to be realistic. When you are employed, you don't get to choose how much you take home because the salary is fixed. You spend a lot of time doing your assigned task in the office. You always do the same routine everyday. You cannot choose the things you want to do on a specific day. But, you always have a choice in life. First step is to file your resignation and go explore your enterprising skills. Though becoming a businessman or woman is not an easy task. You need to have the passion. The commitment to make it work. And the motivation to continue doing the business. There are also ups and downs in business. Becoming your own boss is no easy task. You have to take the lead all the time. You have to make your brain work all the time. You have to be brave and strong when dealing with business problems. That is the downside of doing a business. The advantage, however, is that you own your time. You can choose what you want to do. You can decide who to deal with. You can have an income that is not fixed every month. If I have the capital, I would certainly choose doing a business than be just an employee.
  20. kristyjane

    kristyjane New Member

    There are many things to consider before you choose between the two. If one wants stability, then you would go for employment. But if you are a risky type of person, then I think business would suit you.

    For me, as of now, I would want and look for employment. I still have to save money for my investment in the business that I am planning to put up. I still have to experience how things work and research on what kind of business is good to establish.
  21. Marksheen

    Marksheen Member

    Business or Employment. All we know that employee is basic way to earn through a company. Being employee can generate income little by little and zero risk of bankruptcy but you maintain by the supervision of a boss, compensation is fix or rate upon you skills and experience.

    Business is the best way to increase rapidly your income by a few months, having a business is not easily become successful, you need to take courage for taking the risk and ready yourself for breakthrough or disappointment.

    Both of this is essential in our life. I probably prefer business, it's generate your income as much as you can but you need to take the risk, prepare your strategy and plan to have a good result.
  22. Ferdie

    Ferdie New Member

    I prefer business because it will generate more job opportunities, especially to the lower class of our society. While employment will just benefit either the employer or the one working. There is no multiplying benefits to others, because it only benefits a few individuals. Having a business enterprise will be more less stressful to you. More quality time with your family and friends most of the time. You are the one making the tough and right choices for the business, in short you are the Boss. Hence in order to prosper one must be decisive, good planner, have the right attitude, passion, positive outlook, good managerial skills and most of all must have enough capital funds. In order to sustain the continuous existence of ones business enterprise.
  23. jmai2026

    jmai2026 New Member

    For now, employment. I will work hard to earn money and put up a business someday. I know it takes a lot of sweat equity to build up a successful business. At the end of the day, after all the hours, days, and weeks we pour into our businesses, we want to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For many, that will mean selling your business. As far off as that may seem, it’s crucial to prepare for a big exit, right from the start.
  24. ROBETA

    ROBETA New Member

    Business or Employment? At a certain point in your career, you need to be employed for you to be exposed to a business. But if you are in a point that you have already given your 15 years as an employee and still does not improve your financial standing then you have to do a business.

    But having a business is not for everyone. You need to know how things are done in a business. Not to mention you have to be aware of some of the government compliances when you have your business because failure to comply lead you to downfall.

    Being employed is a guarantee that you will have an income for the month. But the income you will be having is fixed no matter how hard you worked, how dedicated and passionate you are but you still get the same amount of salary. Though it could raise you up to your career ladder and raise your salary you still get a fixed amount. Your boss or the company benefits from what you have done. It gives them more income from an employee like you.

    Imagine having your own business. You run your own company, you do the same thing when you were employed. You worked hard, passionate and dedicated. All of the outcomes will be for your company and make it grow. Growing company means a growing income. Your income lies in your hands and depends on your hard work when you have your own.
  25. giogata

    giogata New Member

    I employed for 25 years, and I tried a small business but it seems is not fit for me. I always started with motivation to have patient to have a little profit and gradually grown up but ended up nothing. I say this, because along the way, the problem arises such as manpower, lack of time, supplier has stock outs and delinquent customers was also a problem.
  26. yndye

    yndye New Member

    I would go for business because I just like being the one who would employ people rather than the one being employed. I have tried working for someone else and it seems that I can't just do what I wanted to do because there are rules that should be followed and even if I know that what should be done would be good for the company, they would not accept it and would insist on following the rules. It just lack freedom for me that's why I like to have a business because I can do whatever I want and it gives me an unlimited income opportunity too. It may not be easy at first being the boss but eventually, the problems will be addressed and then money will follow.

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