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    buy btc credit card. a payment card that allows you to use your tokens as if they were in cash. It’s a great way to navigate around the fact that there are still a few places where Betcuen (or any other currency) accepts as a legal currency. Cards are accepted at any store or ATM that accepts Visa cards. Companies that issue these Visa cards are classified as dark currency transmitters and enable service providers to trade quickly and smoothly for other currencies or paper money. Depending on the company you choose, you may have to exchange your home money for paper money before you can use it in the store. They simply use most direct debit directly from regular payment cards. However, there are also cards available to convert encrypted transaction codes into a quick currency when you make a transaction in a store or ATM. As with any new innovation, there are specific risks associated with the automatic withdrawal of this electronic currency, but these risks are not entirely attributable to the benefits 36535

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