Buy Mineral Water or drink tap water?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Rosie Lyn Galvez, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Rosie Lyn Galvez

    Rosie Lyn Galvez New Member

    Because of pollution, people always doubt the safety of the water they get from the tap whether is safe for drinking or not. Because of this uncertainty, though a little expensive, people buy mineral water instead of risking their health drinking water from the tap. When travelling, buying mineral water is much safer than drinking water from the tap since we are not sure where the water resources are from. Unless we know if the water is safe for human consumption, then we can do whatever we think its safe for us. :D
  2. shelby500

    shelby500 New Member

    I don't drink tap water because our city pollutes it with Fluoride. Bottled water is not really any better with the BPA's and public water sources being bottled and sold for profit. I usually take my bottles to get refilled at the nearest natural foods store from their reverse osmosis machines.
  3. Plecotank

    Plecotank New Member

    Buy yourself a home install R O drinking water kit or just a plain old water filter jug, these will both greatly improve you drinking water quality.
  4. edu76ers

    edu76ers New Member

    I never drink tap water because the local authorities here don't have a stringent policy on ensuring the water they provide is clean for human consumption. Sometimes it comes with a brownish color, sometimes it's smelly and on a "lucky day" you just might find small worm-like creatures coming out of your tap.

    So for me and my family, bottled water all the way.
  5. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow New Member

    Unless you live somewhere where there is a proven reason not to drink the tap water, never drink bottled water in my view. The environmental impact of transporting water around the world combined with the manufacture of PTA (purified terephthalic acid (PTA) is the plastic used in bottles, and is a Crude Oil derivative) for the perceived value of a "purer" water is tantamount to insane. Any first world country's water supply will have enough regulatory control around it (more so than the bottled water companies), for the water to be perfectly safe. Spell "Evian" backwards for proof...
  6. MicheleB

    MicheleB New Member

    We drink a lot of what we call "bubble water," which is simply sparkling water with just the essence of fruit. We got hooked when I wanted to get my husband away from the sugar and calories in soda. He wouldn't drink flat water (or anything without carbonation if it didn't have sugar as a major ingredient.) The bubbles in our "bubble water" were enough for him to be able to wean himself off.

    As far as tap vs mineral water is concerned, I shudder to think what's in our tap water. Our refrigerator has a water dispenser with a filter that makes me feel a little better about the local agua. I've heard reverse osmosis systems are a great way to filter for those willing to shell out a bit of cash.
  7. The.Distant.Viewer

    The.Distant.Viewer New Member

    There are places where tap water is potable and other places which it isn't. For places where tap water isn't safe to drink, you would have to buy mineral water or if you have extra money to spend, opt for water filters. If the tap water is potable or drinkable, then it's up to you if buying mineral water would be better or just stick with tap water instead. Either way, it's still better to be safe than sorry.
  8. mommacalla

    mommacalla New Member

    I drink tap water and I have always been a tap water drinker since childhood. It seems that most people I know who were taught not to drink tap water as children grow up and carry on the same habit of drinking only bottled water. On the other hand, those like me who were taught that bottled water is a waste of money seem more likely to hold on to that belief as adults. I believe it also depends on the area that you live in. For example, in certain rural areas near my home there are frequent boil orders in the same place over and over again. I imagine if I lived in one of those places I would go ahead and pay for bottled water.
  9. BreeJ82

    BreeJ82 New Member

    I don't drink tap water, but I also stopped buying bottled water as well. I bought a water faucet filtration system that purifies the water. The water tastes great, and I can help the environment by not having all those bottles from buying bottled water. It also saves money. You don't have that extra bill when you go to grocery store. It doesn't seem like much but over a year it does add up!
  10. Bezcampz

    Bezcampz New Member

    I'd rather be safe than sorry! I used to drink tap water but nowadays, it's uncertain anymore if the one you're drinking is safe or not. With the advent of industrialization comes also water pollution. To make my family safe, I prefer to buy mineral water.
  11. funlyfe

    funlyfe New Member

    Unless your tap water is contaminated, drink tap. Many bottled water companies simply put tap water and sell it to us so then we are paying for something that is free! That's crazy talk! And bottled water is not tested so it is not necessarily cleaner than tap. Plus, the carbon footprint on bottled water is HUGE and 80% of the bottles used for bottled water do not get recycled (not enough recycling capacity) and end up in a landfill. Think about how many bottles one person drinks each day and then multiply that by billions. Can you imagine the amount of resources used to create and then discard that bottle of water only to sell us something that can be obtained FOR FREE!
  12. turkcrowdtask

    turkcrowdtask New Member

    First, you shouldn't worry about fluoride. Legitimate scientists are not concerned. I prefer tap water, but use a Brita filter.
  13. Gail J

    Gail J New Member

    I have only used bottled water for more than a decade. I buy the large 5 gallon bottles designed to be used on a water cooler. A better route for me would be to have an under the sink reverse osmosis system put in but until then I'll stick with bottled. The tap water where I live is clean so that's not the issue, its more of a choice to stay away from the chlorine. Depending on how much turbidity is in the city water they increase the level of chlorine. Currently my family drinks Spring Water which has natural minerals in it. We prefer it to the taste of water purified by Reverse Osmosis.
  14. TeacherJulie

    TeacherJulie New Member

    We drink the water from our well. Its a 300 foot sweet water well. Its clean and pure and doesn't have any chemicals in it. Our well it basically an underground spring. So all the spring water people pay so much for I get it straight from the source. Its so cold and crisp tasting. Yummy
  15. Gayevin

    Gayevin New Member

    If you live in a very developed nation, I wouldn't worry about drinking tap water; and, I wouldn't worry about water fluoridation. Most of the concern about water fluoridation is just conspiracy. There currently haven't been any studies that prove serious long-term negative effects of fluoride consumption. If you are traveling to a less developed nation you probably should buy mineral water.
  16. Jadelynx

    Jadelynx New Member

    Aquafina just admitted that their bottled water was nothing but tap water, and I would not be surprised to hear that most others are too. Buying bottled water is a waste of money and a crime against the earth. Where do you think all those plastic bottles go when you get done drinking your expensive tap water? I advise everyone I know to not buy bottled water. If you are concerned about the safety of your tap water, buy a Pur filter, buy your own bottles and save some money by packing your own water!
  17. Excelsior9292

    Excelsior9292 New Member

    You should consider installing a water purifier system instead of wasting money buying bottled water on a regular basic. A good water purification system with ceramic filter can effectively remove unwanted substances and harmful bacteria to prevent serious E.coli infection. Meanwhile, dechlorination is another crucial part of water purification system as the poisonous effects of residual chloride on human health have been reported. Hence, a good quality water purifier system not only guarantees your health, but also saves our earth from unnecessary wastes.
  18. Veg-girl'93

    Veg-girl'93 New Member

    I used to always drink tap water but I switched to spring water recently when I learned about the fluoride in public water. Fluoride is meant for topical application (your teeth via toothpaste) and NOT for conaumption. It wreaks all kinds of havoc in your body and I just don't want that. I at least buy gallons of water instead of individual bottles.
  19. edz26

    edz26 Member

    I prefer to buy mineral water instead of tap water. Its better to spend in mineral water than to spend much for hospitalization. Our tap water in our place is not safe to drink you can see the color as like a tea.
  20. NomeQueEuLembro

    NomeQueEuLembro New Member

    Personally I see no problem about having tap water, but that's only because I've researched my local water company and I know they're doing their jobs! I do own a water filter though as I'm aware guests may not like having tap water. When travelling to places where I'm not so sure about the quality of the water I may end up buying mineral water. The only thing I would like to throw out about this is: make your research, even for mineral water! Mineral water companies are also subject to regulation and after a quick research I've found some news about how some of the major brands around me have been busted for not following the regulations, so don't automatically trust it just because it's bottled!
  21. simon2018

    simon2018 New Member

    I have researched water for years & found that distilled water is actually the best choice for clean water & also cheaper than bottled water. You can purchase home water distiller & if you are afraid of low nutrition you can add some Himalayan salt and/or special supplement designed specifically for that. You get your nutrition from food & not water & it is not true that distilled water washes nutrients out of your body. Tap water is full of chemicals & it also collects more chemicals as it travels to your home. Filter systems get clogged up fairly fast, they are expensive & do not filter absolutely everything. With bottled water you do not know what you are getting and if it is not contaminated, the plastic from the bottle has likely contaminated it. The distilled water is definitely the best choice.
  22. vinzero6

    vinzero6 Member

    buy mineral water I also tap water .because the tap water able to be broken of the stomach .. better yet the mineral water there are safe the health we not foam to kakasakit in the stomach.. delicious mineral water when cold.
  23. Maffi15

    Maffi15 New Member

    There are various reasons why I prefer tap water than mineral water:
    1. On the premise that the source of the tap water is not contaminated with anything harmful, I believe it is healthy to drink tap water than mineral water. Tap water contains little dose of chemicals like magnesium, calcium and others that are beneficial to the body. Mineral water on the other hand is thouroughly filtered that it loses its other chemical contents.
    2. Tap water tastes good! Tap water tastes better than mineral water due to its other chemical contents. Tap water is a product of nature's natural process while mineral water is filtered multiple times making it taste bland.
    3. Tap water is more affordable than mineral water. I came from a developing country and buying mineral water,when there is a natural source of water available, is considered a luxury for us. Mineral water is expensive. Furtheremore, mineral plastic bottles are harmful to the environment if not recycled properly.

    All in all, I prefer tap water because it is healthy, free and delicious!
  24. VTVkhanhtrang

    VTVkhanhtrang New Member

    Buy good mineral water but I often use tap water
  25. ajslorezca

    ajslorezca New Member

    Better to choose the safe water not only for you but also for the health and safety reason of your family.
    Choose the best that makes you worry free suffering with diarrhea or any diseases getting from unsure tap water.
  26. pristine

    pristine New Member

    Nowadays, we have to buy water, distilled, purified, or mineral water than drinking tap water, - it will make me sick - we are uncertain of its impurities, so why risk your few money spent of safe drinking water, when after drinking tap water, you will be going to the hospital because of amoeba.
  27. eegee88

    eegee88 New Member

    Do not take risk when it comes to health. Water is one of the important fluid that we should be taking in. So, it would be advisable to drink distilled water rather than drinking tap water. Water that come from the faucet isn't safe. So drink safe. Keep Safe.
  28. Yoj

    Yoj New Member

    Tap water or mineral water... lets drink the water that has added minerals or other dissolved substances for therapeutic or taste altering value...but if you dont have budget for this mineral water, we can drink tap water, it relieved our thirstineds. At the end of the day, you’ll figure out which one is safer for your family to drink.
  29. Divine68

    Divine68 New Member

    In my home, I drink tap water because I know and trust the source of the water, but when I am out of my home, I drink mineral water to keep safe. My choice of drinking water depends on where I find myself.
  30. Humbledqueen20

    Humbledqueen20 New Member

    Mineral water is healthier for the body and provides a lot of minerals. Plus it tastes better.

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