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Discussion in 'Books' started by Warren1967, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Would rather buy a book or read it online?
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  2. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    I would rather do both. I love to read books especially self-improvement genres and I don't mind whether I read it on books or I read it online and what matters to me is that the knowledge that I gather should process in my mind. There are benefits of reading online or reading on books. You can save money from just reading online and you can save time by reading at the comfort of your own home rather that going to the bookstore to buy some books. But what I don't like about reading online is that I cannot read ebooks at night where I usually read my books so I prefer to read real books at night to help my mind to quiet down and be ready to sleep. And also, screen usage before sleep disrupts our circadian rhythm which makes us to sleep uncomfortably so I don't prefer to read online before going to bed.
  3. bnjgzmn

    bnjgzmn Member

    Nothing beats in having a book in your hand but if you are in a tight budget, it would not harm if you will just read it online or download the books at torrent sites or maybe you will find joy in audiobooks. There are a bunch of offerings in youtube of audiobooks and you will be surprised that your favorite book has a corresponding audiobook.
  4. ClaireG

    ClaireG Member

    If you would ask me what’s better, I would say it’s better to buy and read. Buying a book for me means owning one and I actually love to collect books. This is just my opinion of mine because sometimes I myself read books online but the problem is when I read online I cannot read longer because my head hurts. Having headache every time I read seems very annoying to me and I don’t like it. Maybe it’s because of the radiation coming from those gadgets I used when reading online. It really sucks because even though I wanted to read more, I need to refrain myself to. That’s the reason why I really prefer to buy a book. Well, I can say that some books are really quite expensive and we can’t just buy everything we want so I buy books but with limitations. Like if I knew that I cannot afford it then I will not insist.
  5. Hayciel

    Hayciel New Member

    I love books, I've been hoarding them the moment that I landed into a job. Since that day, i'm making sure that I can get a hold of one book per week, and smell them. They are my morphine, my stress reliever.
    One thing is for sure, nothing compares to the happiness once you've got your hands on them. So I'm buying, until I cease to exist.
  6. anji-4rBW

    anji-4rBW New Member

    I rather buy books, I love to read books specifically horror / mystery / suspense genre. I prefer to buy books because when you have the physical copy of a book, you can read it again and again. I know you can read a book online but if you can't have a ready access to online stuff then you can't read a book at the time you want to read it. And also if you have a book on hand, you can share to other people who also love to read books.
  7. Tsare06

    Tsare06 New Member

    I'll choose both there so many things to consider when it comes to feeding up your mind and soul. Books elevates and feed our ignorance towards brighter future. The factors we need to take into consideration why we must buy books is because some textbooks are not complete as compared to the one we purchase online. It also gives us the the value of values and workmanship. For some it is their treasure or memorabilia. They buy books as a means of collections. On the contrary, we must take into consideration why we must purchase online. For some who are purchasing they have an eye problem. People like me who have cataracts tends to see the text in a cloudy and blurry visions. So buying books online for me is a convenient one too. Also, I can store some of it on my cloud storage account so you don't have the hassle to store them.
  8. jajamon04

    jajamon04 Member

    I am one of the old-fashioned readers. I prefer reading a hardcopy of the story or book. I love feeling the edges of the paper and the texture of each material. It contributes to my overall reading fulfillment.
  9. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    I will go for both but in my current situation right now as a busy mom most of the time I tend to read online than go for my books physically. When I'm in my laptop its not just about reading that I need to do- I need to write, update, chat and surf...meaning I've been doing multiple tasks while online. If its just the book alone we cannot do something else but just to read- and that's my opinion here.
  10. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    i prefer to buy and read instead of reading it online as sometimes its not possible to read when there is no internet but when we have a book in our hand its easily accessible as we can read it whenever and wherever we want to read.
  11. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I rather buy than read online. The problem with reading online is when you don't have internet connection, there is no way to continue reading. At least with the hard copy, you can read it any time and anywhere. Technology's problem is that once things' break down, we're sunk. We depend on technology too much these days.
  12. At this point we can do both, why ?
    because when reading online you can jump on the specific term you need to know by simply searching it and of course you need an internet connection for that.
    but when reading a book you need to find first but you don't need an internet connection to find what you are looking for.
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  13. yograj

    yograj Member

    I like to read online due to following reasons:
    1. It saves my money.
    2. It always remains handy in my pocket, in a mobile phone!
    3. I can modify several characteristics of the content as per my convenience like: font size, color, brightness, background, etc.
    4. I can read it anywhere: at the bus stop, in the coffee shop, on the dining table waiting for dish, etc.
    In this way, I can utilize all my available moments to read it.
  14. Jaaypee

    Jaaypee Member

    A very old thing to do is still up for me - buy and read books. Well, I must admit that sometimes I get a chance to read online which is cheaper and more convenient to do (you can read anytime, anywhere). Still, for a 90's kid like me, I will always choose to have the book which I can carry on my arms, highlight my favorite lines, turn pages, smell the paper, and so much more! I guess you can relate :p
  15. Ethman31

    Ethman31 New Member

    I like to read online due to following reasons:
    1. It saves my money.
    2. It always remains handy in my pocket, in a mobile phone!
    3. I can modify several characteristics of the content as per my convenience like: font size, color, brightness, background, etc.
    4. I can read it anywhere: at the bus stop, in the coffee shop, on the dining table waiting for dish, etc.
    In this way, I can utilize all my available moments to read it.
  16. chwitwine

    chwitwine Member

    I personally prefer reading online because we can reduce our usage of trees from making paper thus helping our environment. It can also save you money and eliminate trash. I think I would only buy a hard copy book that is not “disposable” that I would want to go back again and again.
  17. livingboy

    livingboy Member

    I prefer reading online (free) than going out and spend money for books. In this era, people have to be practical especially when talking about money. Furthermore, Books can be ruined easily by water, pets, fire or etc while stories or anything you are reading online can't be ruined easily because they are saved online. Although your phone got ruined, you can still read or access it on other devices without spending your money just to read your favorite story.
  18. pdlocke

    pdlocke New Member

    Like others have said reading online is free and you can get access to the content instantly instead of waiting for a book to arrive or going to a shop. Personally though I like to relax in the garden with a hardback book as I easily get distracted on my desktop, emails etc. You can always get an Amazon Kindle or other E-Reader if you want a bit of both though.
  19. ChiiChobitx

    ChiiChobitx New Member

    I prefer Both. Because it depends on your situation. Reading books is a good thing when you don't have your internet while if you have you should try to read online. Good thing you have an option.
  20. Pauaprint77

    Pauaprint77 New Member

    A book in hand will always win over digital books for me. Non-fiction has always been my chosen preference, so it stands to reason. There is nothing like a nice shiny new book. I also love the photography that comes with many non-fiction books. Libraries and bookshelves would be a must for me in any new house design so books are close to my heart.
    I have also recently listened to radio talkback reports regarding this very subject and it does seem that many people are beginning to opt back into physical books over Kindle and online resources.
    You can pop a book your beach bag and not worry about sand, sit in the garden or on the deckchair. You can comfortably read a book in bed or place books of interest for your friends and guests to grab if they are staying over. Books are nice to display on a shelf easily shareable or even resellable. Some books even become valuable in time, so why not choose a book.
  21. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Its always suggestible to buy a book and read it aswe can carry the book wherever and whenever we want and also it is easy to carry.
  22. njora

    njora New Member

    Read online, especially if its free.
  23. JMarshall1881

    JMarshall1881 New Member

    Personally, I do both. I love books in general so I love collecting them and having big shelves full of books to read. I also enjoy the overall feeling of holding the actual book while I'm reading. I spend so much time on my computer and phone already it is nice to have an actual book to read. With that said, I still read some online. My local library has an app that you can use to check out e-books and audio books that is really convenient. Usually I add popular books that I don't own to my holds list on the app and read something on my shelf at home until my library book is available. I also subscribe to a lot of my favorite publishers email lists and get free e-book downloads that way fairly often. I think there is room for both for book lovers.
  24. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    its better to buy and read a book rather than reading it online
  25. Ameyjing29

    Ameyjing29 New Member

    I prefer both. I buy the books I want to collect and read. It's amazing to have something to keep, that's why I buy the books I want. Though there are times that I can't find all the books I want inside the bookstores I go. So, I read them online. Actually, there are timed that I download them for me to read it offline.
  26. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    i always suggest people to read books by buying them as it gives us more confidence and helps make utilise time in a very productive manner
  27. mayimayi

    mayimayi Member

    Well it depends on your budget. Money wise, e-book is better, you can access many books that if you buy in the market would cost a fortune. I have read so many books in e-book that I can't afford. On the contrary, having a "physical" book is much fulfilling way to read. I don't know about you, but the touch of the paper of the book really makes me more attached to the book.
  28. Glydzelias

    Glydzelias New Member

    I totally love buying the actual books and read it than just online reading. But I don't have any work as of now to buy anything that I want so whenever I got the chance to handle money I would surely spend it wisely and get more necessary things than to buy my favorite actual novel so I always end up reading online books.
  29. chamielita

    chamielita New Member

    I do love reading both offline and online, but when it comes to book, I'm not a fan of an e-book. I prefer to have an actual book as a collection. For me, it's a piece of art not just in literature but as itself. Because I do appreciate how the books created, especially the old ones with so much details.
  30. Emoad

    Emoad New Member

    My regards to my fellow postloopers and I appreciate all
    However I have some few points to explain in the Topic
    We all know that any educated man/ woman that stop reading will start dying because as for me reading is living and it can be online or offline and as such I embrace the two medium of reading in that they both have there pros and coins
    I will first start with online reading and it numerous advantages below

    I like to read online due to following reasons:
    (1). It saves my money. Because of free and useful informations
    (2). It always remains handy in my pocket, in a mobile phone!
    (3). I can modify several characteristics of the content as per my convenience like: font size, color, brightness, background, etc.
    (4). I can read it anywhere: at the bus stop, in the coffee shop, on the dining table waiting for dish, etc.
    In this way, I can utilize all my available moments to read it.
    (5) It increases my knowledge base and make me to be user friendly on some phone

    Hence with all the above it has it limits in that if your phone is bad or there is virus in your phone it will cost you a lot and you lose some fortune
    While book on the other hand can be well kept can last as long as possible
    Although it has been existing for decades it's still possible to embrace it in other keep us posted of what we have and what we are to know
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