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Discussion in 'Books' started by Warren1967, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Emoad

    Emoad New Member

    My regards to my fellow postloopers and I appreciate all
    However I have some few points to explain in the Topic
    We all know that any educated man/ woman that stop reading will start dying because as for reading is living and it can be online or offline and as such I embrace the two medium read in that they both there pros and coins
    I first start with online reading anf it numerous reasons below

    I like to read online due to following reasons:
    (1). It saves my money. Because of free and useful informations
    (2). It always remains handy in my pocket, in a mobile phone!
    (3). I can modify several characteristics of the content as per my convenience like: font size, color, brightness, background, etc.
    (4). I can read it anywhere: at the bus stop, in the coffee shop, on the dining table waiting for dish, etc.
    In this way, I can utilize all my available moments to read it.
    (5) It increase my knowledge base and make to user friendly on some phone

    Hence with all the above it has it limits in that if your phone is bad or there is virus in your phone it will cost you a lot and you losel some fortune
    While book on the other hand can be well kept can last as long as possible
    Although it has been existing for decades it's still possible to embrace it in other keep us posted of what we have and what we are to know
  2. Heckler17

    Heckler17 New Member

    For me it depends on the availability. I want to read some books but are not available on the nearby book store so I just purchase them online. Both hard or soft copy are very welcomed to me, it's the content that matters. But I can't resist the urge to buy a hardcopy especially when I started sniffing on it's pages. I immediately want to get tucked on my bed and read!
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  3. Tasheika

    Tasheika Member

    I read both online and offline but I enjoy my books better offline.
  4. Cam4020

    Cam4020 New Member

    I really like to have books but they are too expensive, also i have many books that were really high priced but i bought them anyway and i end up without even reading. So i think is better reading online because if you dont like it you stop but i if you i like it you can even buy it. Also become you have the mobile screen you dont need to worry where are you reading, it's so practical!
  5. Thiagosouzacont

    Thiagosouzacont New Member

    I don`t like personally to read a book on a PC. I enjoy more reading a book that's in my hand. But some people can prefer in other ways, it`s a pessoal opnion that varies people to people.
  6. nheilm2020

    nheilm2020 Member

    Reading books online is the most practical ways to save money. So, if you can find the resources that you are looking for and you'll find it very reliable, there is no need to buy, practically.
  7. Dionese1975

    Dionese1975 New Member

    I rather read books online but if the topics are not online, the time I buy.
  8. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    I prefer reading books than reading online. I understand immediately what I read when it's in my hand. I mean, things that are tangible to me are things that easily caught my attention. I can't focus reading if I have to do it on screen and have to scroll it then just one wrong scroll I know I'll lost which part am I reading at the moment. It's not that I'm against online books, it's just buying books and holding it within my hand is my comfort.
  9. vanky

    vanky New Member

  10. vanky

    vanky New Member

    You can feel the book if you purchase it
  11. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    Buy so I can have a copy of it and reread it anytime, anywhere, whenever I wanted to.
  12. RyanIsTrying

    RyanIsTrying New Member

    buying is way better.
  13. miksadasey

    miksadasey New Member

    It depends on my budget at the time. Most of the books I purchase are textbooks for college. If the eBook is cheaper than the physical, I would definitely go for the eBook because I can have it instantly instead of paying for the cost of shipping and waiting in the mail for the physical. Also, if the book was cheaper to rent a physical copy than a digital, I would go the cheaper route.
  14. ikerman88

    ikerman88 New Member

    I prefer buy a book, with on-line book it's more easy to be distract and I like to read in peace and concentrated, is better to enjoy the history and have fun
  15. lyrael

    lyrael New Member

    I prefer to buy the book from Amazon to read online. What matters is the story. When we buy a book we kill more and more trees and to be honest, I don't know how long will this planet last if all we do is destroy.
  16. mithul

    mithul Member

    Reading is a habbit where one can develop his/her knowledge through reading books,articles and the way this topic is about buy or read online,the answer is definitely read online.Because to adapt ourself to the current generation,we have to read online.
  17. MelvinAngelo

    MelvinAngelo Member

    i always buy a book.., i feel the topics when i hold the book then sometimes i read in my free time..i like a fairy tales more
  18. mi306

    mi306 New Member

    Although I prefer reading physical books, I think it is better when reading online.
    I can read physical books faster and with more interest as I can feel the pages, feel the book in my hand. But then again reading online is so much easier. I can read as many books as I want while saving my money. I don't have to have my bookshelves racked with books so I can save a lot of physical space as well. One of the main reasons is probably because I can read before sleeping. It's difficult to read in the dark so using a phone to read a book is much easier as I don't have to worry about the lighting.
  19. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    its better to have e book because its very convinient.i can save it in my smartphone and read whenever i want.
  20. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    I'd rather buy books than read it online, I'm an old soul and literally a hoarder of books. The books are remembrance, and if you want to read it again, you can take it out easily.
  21. lal86

    lal86 New Member

    I do love the feel of a good book in my hand, however, with my busy on the go lifestyle I have found myself using the kindle app on my phone more than actual books. I have damaged the covers of too many books buy throwing them in my purse or in my car over the years. For long plane trips or road trips where I am not the driver I will still by a nice physical book.
  22. clairebalubal

    clairebalubal Member

    I am financially incapable right now so I'd prefer reading online for free. Writing and reading are some of my passions however, even if I love reading I will not going to buy since I don't have enough money for books and my daily necessities. But if given the chance to have that fund to buy all the books I love, then I'd rather buy books then reading online. Reading books is even safer for our eyes than reading online.
  23. mhatter47

    mhatter47 New Member

    "When you read on paper you can sense with your fingers a pile of pages on the left ... There are also potential considerations for those reading e-books on ... the effects of some of these features before making a vs. screen reading is very different. Research suggests that reading from a book is completely different than reading from a screen. ... In books, this is impossible, so you'll have to force yourself to read. Online, you can be distracted by pop-ups, ads but also the thought of the option to do something else.
  24. itsceejxx

    itsceejxx New Member

    For me personally, I prefer buying actual, physical books. Ooooh, noting can replace the smell of books. I also love the fact that I could display the books I have read in our house and people would be able to see it and appreciate them, they can also be great conversation starters, trust me ;) I also don't like the fact of having too much radiation up in my face lol. It is also fun to collect books and display it in your bookshelf rather than just viewing them in your online library.
  25. suby

    suby New Member

    When it comes to reading something quickly and which is not too detailed or lengthy, I tend to go for online reading. But for reading detailed material like novels, I prefer to buy a book. Physically reading a book helps me to reduce the strain on my eyes when compared to looking at a computer monitor or tablet. A physical book also helps to enhance the overall experience of reading by bringing in the added dimension of Touch & Feel, which is missing when reading online.
  26. Ruelene18

    Ruelene18 Member

    It's really matter of choice. Some prefer to read books online, but some prefer classic old fashioned soft covers. Each have their own pros and cons.

    Reading on your phone or online definitely saves paper and it also makes you able to carry hundreds of books with you. But then again, if your battery runs out, your phone is as useful as a brick. The biggest flaw is, it doesn't feel like reading if you are staring at a screen. And also watching your screen for prolonged hours put a lot of strain on your eyes.

    The touch of the papers, the smell of new books, the smell of old books, everything feels great. But then again. it wastes a lot of paper only has a finite life, eventually it will degrade.
  27. donjandex

    donjandex New Member

    I LOVE paper books. But, living in Latin America, e-books have saved my life. The bookstores here have a very small English language selection, and I am just too lazy to read in Spanish. So, E-books have meant no postage, no heavy suitcases full of books, no waiting 4-5 weeks for books from amazon, or lost books.
  28. stphniemaun

    stphniemaun New Member

    As a reader myself, I would like to buy the book rather than read it online. Why? Because of two reasons; One is you get to have the experience of reading with a physical book in your hand. Nothing beats the feeling of having a book to yourself, and you can display it to your shelves making it a collection of your readings. Second is reading online can give risks for your eyes as you are looking through screens which is harmful. It is better to have it the traditional way, buy the book then read. If you are in a tight budget, it's okay. Save money then buy the book you wish to read. Besides, you are also helping the author earn by buying the book, as well as the illustrators and publishers.
    When we buy books, we will have that happy feeling. The thought that you buy the book with your own or saved money, then you get to display the book and see it as your collection. You will have that contentment feeling knowing that you can keep physically the books you've read. Rather than reading it online where you just read then that's it, it's like stories are just passing you by.
  29. ildadim

    ildadim New Member

    Personally, I prefer buying all my books. The feeling that a real book can give you is different. And sometimes reading online can be complicated. My eyes get easily tired by keeping it glued to a screen.
    But online you can basically find every book you want, and if you live in a small place, some books are impossible to find, so internet is like Wonderland.
  30. selectra

    selectra Member

    I don't like to read online but i don't buy books, too expensive for me so most of the time i borrow them. If someone i know is reading what seem to be an interesting book i will borrow it

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