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Discussion in 'Books' started by Warren1967, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. mayega

    mayega New Member

    Reading online is so easy and cheap compared to buying books. You can read from your phone rather than walking around with a book which may be quite hectic. You also need storage space for the books as opposed to online books.
  2. earnheartashley7

    earnheartashley7 New Member

    I enjoy both reading online and buying actual books. I do enjoy reading paperbacks the most however, because of how comfortable I can get with them. I can lay down and read with one arm, snuggled under the covers, all while limiting my screen time.
  3. Sannhill011

    Sannhill011 New Member

    I mean, I prefer to read online these days. But, I still buy the books I read online. Fire tablet!
  4. leogem123

    leogem123 New Member

    I preferred to read online. Millions of knowledge found in internet, the cost is only your time and a little bit of money for your broadband to access internet. Unlike books, some of books need to find and buy.
  5. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Thou if you buy a book such book become your own and you can keep it for future references and use.
    But reading online extend and expand your knowledge base on your area of specialization,thou its all about individual choice since some people still make use of conventional ways of reasing.
  6. Vishnumayyanad

    Vishnumayyanad New Member

    Though both are helpful to read, I prefer to buy the book and read it. Online media can be more helpful during travel times. Both have their own advantages.
  7. EeenJay

    EeenJay New Member

    As stated above, whether to buy or read online, I will always choose the latter since i won't pay anything. However if you ask me to buy or not to buy between an actual book and ebook, i would rather strain my eyes reading and highlighting the hardbound. Most of the time, reading hardbound is less handy and not practical in various situations, but still it fits perfectly on my shelf.
  8. joaquinberdon

    joaquinberdon New Member

    Reading online is probably cheaper but I prefer buying a book and read it at home because I like the smell of a book and I love my eyes.
  9. ilirzeka

    ilirzeka New Member

    Well i like reading a book but i also read books online in PDF version, which i can find easily from Google.
  10. Kryptonian

    Kryptonian Member

    The truth is that not every one has the financial capability of buying books.Some online companies that do provide for free online reading have humbled some like me when they give knowledge for free to massive amount of people all across the globe.I would read online but if i had the financial capability i would buy the hard copy.
  11. xPrxnce

    xPrxnce New Member

    I would rather buy the book, having books is just a very nice and special experience, having hard cover books, books with cool covers, reading the books before you go to sleep isntead of staring at a bright screen for hours at a time, having the books themselves is better, you can keep the books and read them over and over and can be kept as long as possible
  12. jjmontero

    jjmontero Member

    Before I use to buy books but today I think it is more convinient to use to read online since we already have access to internet.
  13. rmmlrgld98

    rmmlrgld98 New Member

    Buying a book is better than reading online. Buying a book gives you physical information where you can touch, smell and see in person the writings of an author. It is more encouraging to read books in physical form than online.

    Reading online can have a bad long term effect for your bodies like backache, blurred vision and more. It also consumes a lot of power from your devices that can cost you additional money rather than having a book that you can use without electricity.
  14. Corne-MbpG

    Corne-MbpG New Member

    I read online but I also love buying books. I find that I read fiction books online, because once that story is read, I move on to the next one, so don't need the book. But I love, love, love reading educational content and self-help books. Those I usually buy, because you can go back to them at any time and just take the information you need at that specific time. My problem is: I usually go on a book-buying spree and buy a whole bunch of books. Currently I have 28 books that I still need to read. And I am talking heavy-weight books on psychology etc.
  15. Pajbot

    Pajbot New Member

    I like the fact that I can hold whatever I am reading personally. It also means I can read just before bed without the worry of blue light affecting my sleep, and I think it looks nice to have a collection of books on a shelf too.
  16. AtzinGallegos

    AtzinGallegos New Member

    I very much rather reading a physical book. I like to feel the weight of the book when I hold, if the cover is soft or hard, the material it's made of, the texture of it. I like the sound of pages flipping and of course, the smell; wether the book is old or new, that scent is wonderful. When you read a physical book there's more to it than just the act of reading, more things that add up to the experience and there are more senses involved.

    However, if the book is too expensive on physical format or is too hard to find, maybe because it was discontinued, and the easiest way to read it is online, then, I'll read it online and I'll enjoy the reading as well.

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