C# or java?

Discussion in 'Web Development, Programming & Graphics' started by ignaciojohnpeter, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. what is programming language do you prefer?

    for me both.
  2. davidusa1993

    davidusa1993 New Member

    For me both .But i like C.
  3. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    both but Java is easier
  4. polypeptide147

    polypeptide147 New Member

    It really depends what you need to do. Unless you need memory management for some reason, Java is really the way to go. If you need to be able to do more tasks directly relating to the hardware, C# is what you should use. There are uses for each language.
  5. chrischan14

    chrischan14 New Member

    For me that's depend on your familiarity o the Language and uses of it and what platform you will use . But if you like web developement and Hardcore Programming i recomend Jave , and if you are Game Development i recomend C#.
  6. lynnk

    lynnk New Member

    I use C# because the Common Language Runtime (aka the .NET virtual machine) is better designed than the JVM. The main things for me are (1) value types - I can use structs in C# to reduce heap allocation; and (2) reified generics - the CLR supports generic types natively but the JVM doesn't so Java generics just get compiled down to using Object.

    For example, something like List<int> in C# gets implemented as a flat array of int but in Java you get a an array of heap-allocated Object. This lacks type safety, reduces performance, and increases memory consumption. The problem is big enough that some languages on the JVM like Scala have introduced the ability to specialize generic types manually (the @specialized annotation in Scala).

    Have you confused C# with languages like C or C++? You can technically use pointers and such better in C# than Java (and people have written entire operating systems in it) but that's not really a major use-case.
  7. elyiien

    elyiien New Member

    Java is easier to use
  8. pauley108

    pauley108 New Member

    Unless you are creating software for your grandmother surely the answer to this is: neither, it depends or both. We create software for clients for the most part. The last thing they would need is for a punk developer who's only ever used Visual Studio to come into their LEAN Java on Linux environment and start quoting on Microsoft technologies. I mean, we are talking thousands of dollars just in licensing - before a coder's touched a key.

    So the answer is dependent on the software stack you are developing on. My personal preferences; If its a complete new, greenfields project then probably neither. If its a project that has Microsoft throughout, then the .NET framework. If its a project that is small or already has a large Java influence then Java.

    But in my opinion: when you ask a me which language I like more, its like asking me which child is my favorite. And the answer is always - whichever one is behaving better in the environment I am in.

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