Can a smartphone replace a computer?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by Emilima, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Emilima

    Emilima New Member

    These days smartphones are really advanced. They have the computing power to run great games. You can communicate with your loved ones on multiple apps. You can shop online, view videos, read the news. All from a tiny machine that fits in your pocket. And keeping in mind how portable phones are, is there any disadvantage of having a smartphone over a computer?
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  2. Saisnueve

    Saisnueve New Member

    As of now, Nope! and maybe never can a smartphone replace a computer platform. For example a certain graphic software, can have an ease editing on a larger screen, some users uses 2 or 3 or more screens as long as the graphics card of their machine supports that certain monitors. Yes, some of the application are same or somewhat identical, most of it, but not all, but still the experience on a larger screen is different, that of a smaller one. Also for multitasking, it is a bigger screen platform that deserves well, with the help of the wide vision area of the workplace, minimizing certain windows to see at once where you will click on what to open next, unlike mobile platform you need shortcuts to open your app to be used when multitasking and you will search it manually. Yes, some smartphone models offers automation for it, but still the experience is better on bigger platforms.

    Typing using physical keyboard otherwise is one of the reason it is more convenient using computer platforms. On mobile the keyboard is tiny that sometimes you press the wrong letter while typing in fast speed. Yes, you can opt to buy separate physical keyboard for smartphone if you want, but the hassle of bringing it separately is inconvenient.

    But, still as I've said earlier, maybe never can a smartphone replace a computer, who knows one day a new kind of smartphone will resemble computer platform.
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  3. Cai1228

    Cai1228 New Member

    I am not a techie type of person, but I do have both a smartphone and a computer. There are things that you can do using your smartphone that you cannot do using your computer and vice versa. For example, things like programming, transcribing and graphic designing can easily, if not, only be done in a computer. As for a smartphone, you can carry it anywhere without the hassle of carrying a large bag to put it in.

    On a personal opinion and experience, these two forms of technology cannot replace each other. They each have their own respective functions that are both useful for us humans
  4. Emilima

    Emilima New Member

    Those are some very good points you've made! For some reason I haven't thought about multitasking and the convenience of a keyboard. So maybe a computer is a better option for some kinds of people after all...
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  5. Renzo123

    Renzo123 New Member

    Yes smartphones can replace computers because almost all the capabilities if a computer is now a features of smartphone. For example the Microsoft Office, Apps like Microsoft Office can be downloaded in your smartphone. Email can also be sent and delivered to your smartphone. Even smartphone gaming parred the capabilities of a computer.
  6. leafar27.r

    leafar27.r Member

    Base in our technology today, I think smart phone is not compatible to replaced into computer, why? Bacause the OS of smart phone is big different than computer in terms of software and hardware specification not enough to rely in smartphone.
  7. Saisnueve

    Saisnueve New Member

    You can also search for a comfortable keyboards on the market, there are many kinds of keyboard available according to your likings and preference. There are membrame keyboards, semi mechanical, mechanical and others. That makes computer still usable and preferred if multitasking or gaming or editing is to be worked on. Innovators are genius not to let a certain thing still usable to be obsolete, because they gain profit from it. Ever wonder why innovators created a memory size of Terrabytes, that before just Kilobytes would already save certain data? Even I don’t know the answer.:D:D:D

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