Can books be considered as an escape from reality?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Katxdjss, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Katxdjss

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    Depression is a very complex matter, and every solution varies per person. It cannot be treated instantly, it’s not some kind of switch that you can just turn of if you don’t like what is happening around you or turn it on when you things are smoothly going your way.

    However you can minimize and manage to control what you feel by finding distractions, it may from the form of foods, or by reading a book. How many of you find peace of mind in reading books? How does it help you?
  2. Meian19

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    Yeah. Books help you to shut yourself from the world which makes you feeling depressed, anxious and suicidal. They are also mind relaxers incase you need to chill out.
  3. maoumaou

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    And some point in my life in got to the point that I wanted to die, I was feeling regretful for my parents on having a child like me. It was the worst feeling ever but then I read a certain book, it made me laugh like crazy, made me cry like a baby, it was amazing and guess what I forgot the reason why I was so depressed. Maybe sometimes we are just making our problem worst by dwelling on it seriously so why don't we look on others perpective maybe that problem was not that very hard after all. :)

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    Like music,books have their own mysterious way of ministering to our mental and emotional wounds .The Bible,is the best minister - bar none.

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