Can books do help us to succeed?

Discussion in 'Books' started by michpiong, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. michpiong

    michpiong Member

    Can books do help us to succeed?
  2. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    Absolutely! Reading helps us in many ways. Reading books can increase your cognitive skills and focus. You can also enhance your english communication skills like a Filipino like me and I enhance my english skills through reading books. It can help you wind down at night and it can help you sleep faster and deeper. Reading books will also fill your mind with knowledge and informations. Life is a never ending lesson so by reading books, it will expand your knowledge to some topics and make you succeed. Hope this helps you. :)
  3. Joel2019

    Joel2019 Member

    Yes of course. Most of the successful individuals reach success because of books. They love reading, and with it, they gain more and more knowledge. Yes, actual experience is a very important factor to make you more successful and through experience, you make yourself a better version of you. But it all starts with reading, it starts with the book and after reading the book, you put your learnings into actions then the actual performance will take place.
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  4. chuchu12

    chuchu12 New Member

    Yes, because books have lots of knowledge to read. We don't just read, we should also absorb it. Reading books can improve our vocabulary. We can be smarter by reading and it can also improve our knowledge and speaking confidence. The knowledge we gain can be use on school recitation, job interview, office work and meetings and can lead you to success.
  5. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    Why reading is the key to success?
    Do books make you smarter?
    What books should I read to become successful?
    Does reading really help?
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  6. KostaP5

    KostaP5 New Member

    Reading a book will increase your imaginary skills. With increased imagination, you will be able to solve all kind of problems in many different ways, providing you the edge over others and bringing you success you desire :)
  7. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    Yes, reading really helps us to succeed. It is already part of human's life, this where we started the formal process of learning. We use it every single day and without it we cannot live easily in this modern world. Apart from that, we need to be wise in choosing the right reading materials so that it would really enhance our knowledge and skills.
  8. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    Yes it can help us to success. it will inspires us to do successful things in life. you can make your plans to achieve your goals by getting some tips and advises from the inspirational books. it increase our knowledge and learning skills. we will learn new things that may help us to be successful someday.
  9. Dhanjit

    Dhanjit New Member

    Success! Such a positive word, it feels good to even dream about it. But unfortunately only thinking about it won't help to achieve it, hard work, as well as smart work, is mandatory. Books play a very important role in achieving success, one way or the other. It's not about only success, but reading books increases your knowledge. But this does not mean one should only read textbooks, there are lots of other books on other different topics which will give you an overview of different perspectives. It can also be seen that almost all successful people have a habit of reading books. Even they believe reading books can help an individual learn new things and books are best for your leisure time. And I personally believe one should read all kinds of books for better knowledge of perspectives, which will ultimately make them see the world in a different view and will help understanding it.
  10. aynreq

    aynreq New Member

    Yes books can help us succeed in our endeavors. They are not the ultimate tool but they can really help a lot. By expanding our knowledge through books we have better perspective of things and the world in general.
  11. alzjytdf

    alzjytdf New Member

    Books really helps us to succeed in what we are doing because from this books, it gives you an ideas on how to enhance your skills and many more ideas to improve our thinking (for example in marketing). There are a lot of books with different topics that you can read for you to get an idea for a specific career. Also, it helps you to enhance your vocabulary that will a big factor for your success. It is not enough to read one book for reference, as long as you are willing to learn, you need to read books as long as you can because the more you have more knowledge, the more you are near to your success.
  12. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    Books are powerful materials to explore , creative thinking will develop and enhance our KNOWLEDGE artistically.Reading books will develop self confident in positive way because knowledge is POWER.Awareness is very important in learning process & will lead us to become successful.BOOKS are tool guide to Educators on how they will teach it to children in SCHOOL.
  13. aycee21

    aycee21 New Member

    Yes, a good book does help us succeed. We will be able to learn and acquire new knowledge with books. Reading makes you smarter and it can increase your brain power.
  14. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    Yes,books are very valuable. If a 10 $ book teaches us a concept that can make us 1000 $ , the return over investment is very high.
  15. Masterblender001

    Masterblender001 New Member

    Yes! reading books specially self help books definitely improves one's self. I myself keeps on reading books like Think Grow and Rich by Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins Unlimited Power. It helps me lot in understanding the value of life, money and self awareness. I suggest everyone to read books like I mentioned above as early as possible for they say reading is the key to one's success.
  16. nunox33

    nunox33 New Member

    Books can help us succeed in life If we know how to utilize that knowledge for our benefit. All the knowledge that we attain will not exactly be useful to us, depends on what we choose to do in life.
    Like if you are a doctor learning about textile industry won't help us be better doctors, but if we learn about herbs and their healing properties can.
  17. anngel4

    anngel4 New Member

    Books can help us influence our world positively If we take full advantage of the technological resources available to us, we can become whatever we want to become if you know how to utilize the knowledge and information gathered for our benefit.
  18. GigsNext

    GigsNext New Member

    I will start by saying that "Readers are Leaders"

    Have you ever dreamt of having a mentor like Warren Buffett for share market or Steve Jobs for marketing, then your dream can be made real by reading books.

    Reading books is like taking a trip in the author's mind, the author of a particular book goes through a lot of things in real life that even can't even imagine. However, you can experience it through the book which he/she has written.

    It also gives you a chance to gain innumerable knowledge which is most valuable over time.

    Thanks for reading. To know more about interesting things visit my blog Know and grow . Kudos!!!!

    Read to gain knowledge.
  19. emilytw19

    emilytw19 New Member

    Reading is not only an important skill for anyone to have simply for communication or to document events, but also allows one to emerge themselves into another frame of mind, allowing new points of view, processes of thought, and concepts to consider. Books are one of many forms of reading and give people the opportunity to learn from mistakes in other's writing, or to simply learn new vocabulary in a natural context. The human race could not have prevailed from primitive society thousands of years ago without the power that books provides knowledge with.
  20. Wealth4ever

    Wealth4ever New Member

    Yes of course,A reader is a leader , its helps in many ways , if you must stand out and make a different in any part of the world,you must learn how to read , read about your profession , read about life generally, its helps you to view point in so many ways , you will be expose to the true of what you really need to succeed
  21. Megafortune

    Megafortune New Member

    Of course yes! Books are vital to anyone who desires to develop himself in an area of his interest. Importantly, anyone who refuses to read, have succeeded in killing his brain. Notably, brain is like muscle, the more you exercise it with reading , the more its assimilate at a faster rate
  22. Gloron

    Gloron New Member

    This is very true! Because history repeats it's self,reading about the history of some people that inspire you
    May lead you to success in life. Because books can write about some reasons for failure and success of the person written about.
  23. fcaramihan

    fcaramihan New Member

    Absolutely,no doubt about that.Books can give you a lot of wisdom and knowledge,it is 100 times more valuables than any gold in the world.

    It will give you a knowledge that you cannot imagine,it will develop a one person to become a global leader,it can develop a person to become next Einstein or Tesla,and also can develop a one person to become next NOBEL PEACE Laureate.

    Books not only change a person but it can change the world
  24. Megafortune

    Megafortune New Member

    Certainly! Books are vital part in most success stories. Its will be extremely difficult if not impossible for doctors, lawyers, engineers, investment strategist etc, to succeed. If they do not continuously update themselves with latest information in their respective profession.
  25. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    It can help in a way but as such all depends with how you take your life and opportunities you get.
  26. Geofrey93

    Geofrey93 Member

    Reading books helps you live a fulfilled life, not just a successful one - and books will help you discover the difference. Reading sure does makes you smarter, a whole lot more than you ever were! Even reading for leisure can expand your vocabulary, improve your communication skills and ability to concentrate.
  27. meabhi999

    meabhi999 New Member

    Since our childhood whatever we have learned till now is the boon of books. The alphabet, numbers, characters which we have learnt since childhood is all due to books. After becoming elder now we should also read books and level to level we have to update our self in aspect of book depending upon knowledge we want. Nowadays I am reading a book named ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING and that book is helping me to develop the winner attitude inside me in the life. There are many more such book that helps us to move to next level of our life and upgrade our knowledge to next peak. Reading books brings wisdom inside us. It makes us problem solving and situational handling person in our life. Books surely makes us successful in our life. The life we are having depend upon the books we have read in last 5 years and the life we are going to have after 5 years depend upon the books we are reading now in present.
  28. chrizj

    chrizj New Member

    Books are gathered pieces of information about various research, experience, and even opinions or thoughts of different people. It is necessary to know that education is important for us to have a guide and to imbued us with the knowledge, and to practice our skills. The book really helps us to comprehend what we need to know about things or about skills. the knowledge it gives is not only for us to understand but also for us to practice that we need to learn before we take an action or step toward things, problems or situations.

    We have various books to choose from, every content it has provides us knowledge about the things we are interested in. Books are not just pieces of papers with written words just for us to be entertained, These are gathered thoughts of people to share their knowledge to us and be aware of things. It is important to understand the meaning it has for us.

    Therefore, Books really helps us.
  29. bach26

    bach26 New Member

    For me yes. That is the purpose of books: to inspire the reader. When it comes to writing, reading a book does not magically make you a wordsmith. It does not have any actual magical powers. Writing takes a lot of hard work.
  30. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    The answer to that is yes. Books have always been a vital source of information. In places where technology is lacking, books are still the primary source of learning. This the reason why we should encourage reading to our children. This gives them a thirst for knowledge. It just takes time and patience to make it happen.

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