Can Creativity be Learned?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by CasperHktmr, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. CasperHktmr

    CasperHktmr New Member

    Based on your opinion and your experiences in life do you believe that someone can be taught to be more creative? Or is it something that only a gifted few have at there disposal.
  2. Kateryna

    Kateryna New Member

    Creativity is inborn in ANY human being. It is often blocked or overshadowed by the routine of everyday life. Usually, it starts as early as a child starts school. Only a few lucky ones have a teacher or a parent who instead of suppressing a growing person individuality with their authority or ambition would support one's true identity. Thus, they contribute to the development of creativity in this person. Once you grow up and suddenly start feeling some urge to create, go for it. There are plenty of sources for inspiration, modern examples and classic masterpieces that can teach you how to wake up your dormant creativity. Just be curious and don't be afraid to be laughed at. Two years ago I started painting having had absolutely no school or prior experience. Every time I take brushes or pastels, I learn something new and feel the joy of creation without even knowing what will happen in the end. And quite often, something new and unexpected appears on canvas or paper, which surprises both me and those whom I show my pictures.
  3. jennyolally

    jennyolally New Member

    Creativity is part of being human. I think that others who may consider themselves less creative are simply suppressing the ability. When we do not use a part of our brain, the neurons stop firing and the connection withers and dies away. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to encourage our youth to think outside the box. My dear autistic daughter, at the age of four, has constantly surprised and amazed me at her ability to think in a completely different way than most. She does everything completely different than you'd expect, and is the most creative person I know. I encourage her to be creative; to create, and not destroy. It's so important to remember that humans are different than other animals because of their ability to create something beautiful, only for the sake of beauty. Ants may build beautiful structures, but only because of necessity. Humans build the Taj Mahal because they have an innate desire to create and admire art.
  4. genejie

    genejie New Member

    I believe that some people are predisposed towards creativity, but everyone has it in them!

    The only way to get the creative juices flowing is to start creating. Start anywhere and try to give up your reservations. Don't tell yourself that something is no good and stop there. Just flip the page and keep going with something else.

    Try taking five minutes to just doodle or colour every day. Eventually that part of your brain will open up more and more and it will bleed into everything else.
  5. MaggiNoodles

    MaggiNoodles New Member

    Some people are born with talent, and some are not.
    The differences with them is the duration that they pick up on what they're good at.
    If you are a hard-working and motivated person, you'll try your best to learn everything that you need to know.
    This can also apply to creativity. If you try hard enough, you can reach the point that you are able to express a lot of things and be creative. There are a lot of people that derive their creativity by using a certain process that they stand with. Just learn from your surroundings, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of inspiration waiting to be molded to be written by your hand.
  6. Jabashie10

    Jabashie10 New Member

    Everyone was created with creativity within them. It is just a matter of discovering one's self to which he/she is most inclined to. Awakening the mind to their interests and doing the best that they can will surely bring out the creativity which is hidden within.

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