Can fish survive in milk?

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    Milk and water are both liquid so can a fish survive in milk. The question came to my mind because of the following :
    A few days back an incident happened. We used to take milk from a milkman who stays near our place and he has about a dozen of cows. He used to milk them everyday and supply milk to the whole of our neighborhood. When he was first selling milk his milk was very good and pure and slowly his quality began to deteriorate. The reason was he could not get more milk as per his requirement to meet the demands so he started mixing water with the milk. One day as he was going to deliver milk to his customers, he got a call from one of his customer asking him a few liter of extra milk. But as he was on the way he thought that he would add some water to match his requirements but as he couldn't find any shop to buy water nearby, he took some water from a nearby lake and went on to sell his milk. He went on from one house to another delivering the milk, In one of his customers house a lady came out with a container to take the milk, when he poured the milk in the container there was a fish happily swimming in the milk. And after that incident his career as a milkman was over. So when i heard about the incident i thought about the fish, was he really happy in the milk, could a fish really survive in milk or was he struggling.
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    I do so hope that fish is really happy.

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