Can I Make Money Blogging?

Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by success2017, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. success2017

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    Several years ago, I created a blog on business and was posting not less
    than ten business-related posts per day using my phone device and laptop. I
    realized I had to work hard in order to get traffic which I did. Despite
    all posting efforts, I still realized traffic was hardly flowing. So, my
    blog was boring because there was no appreciable traffic.

    I tried submitting the blog to multiple search engines, adding to google
    sitemap using the Google Webmaster Tool and further submitted to blog
    directories. These brought about a little change in the traffic flow rate
    and was appreciable. I joined an affiliate company and chose two digital
    products to promote. Two weeks later, I realized I was already making
    sales. Is there any other way to generate income blogging?
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  2. generalcam

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    I believe that making money while blogging is a great opportunity. First you need a hobby, or something that you have strong knowledge of, then you can write about that, or should I say blog. I think you need to write articles for a few months prior to publishing your blog. Once you have a lot of material then it is time to go live. Writing on Blogger is a way to make some extra money, you just have to monetize it using GoogleAds. If your target audience is big, then you will eventually make money.
  3. oswellua

    oswellua New Member

    Well it is not enough for you to work hard at creating lots of posts for your blog, you also need to equally work hard at promoting your blog. In order to get lots of visitors to your blog, you need to learn traffic generation practices like building of backlinks, posting on social media sites, posting on social bookmark sites etc. It is when you do all these that your blog will start getting lots of visitors and you'll now be able to monetize the blog via various means like, selling ad space, pay per click ad display, sponsored review etc.
  4. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    Interesting story. A profitable investment. How much did you then spend before acquiring income?
  5. Araaye1

    Araaye1 New Member

    When you consider the time period blog, does it represent money to you? Do you accept as true with that you could make money with this new craze? Well permit it be known, that sure human beings definitely are producing greater business to their corporations and they're earning profits. While it comes proper all the way down to it, blogging can effortlessly amplify your internet authority, and increase credibility and marketplace cost. Some humans even declare that they are best in commercial enterprise because running a blog has made it viable for them. Additionally they declare that the business they are becoming has expanded drastically due to it.

    The item is to have a niche and to keep the whole lot small; if you are searching out range of view or balance you will find your self lost in the shuffle. The overall premise of a weblog is to promote an concept, anybody who makes blogs aren't merely asking for cash because of the blog itself, the ideas are the superstar of the display and the weblog is simply the vessel to move it to the clients. It is one of the nice approaches to benefit recognition in business networking, this in flip results in greater commercial enterprise and subsequently to what you have been striving for that is profit. They're sort of like a device that you need to transport information in short bursts, as to not confuse or crush the consumer. By using maintaining them short, many business humans accept as true with that the unique message or core idea stays intact. There's idea amongst the internet enterprise that a long way greater intangible thoughts and merchandise are being peddled online in recent times, this in turn decreases paid content material price, rerouting the connection between the commercial enterprise and the consumer is the primary goal.

    One of the exceptional methods to this point, to generate commercial enterprise and income is to hire an amazing blogger. Bloggers have a manner of gaining consider; they can also seize the marketplace with the usage of strategic popularity. Microsoft is one of the leading employers of the running a blog trend, and uses the blogs on all their websites and sales pitches. Microsoft feels that if they have multiple blogs that supply small portions of records and tid-bits, of wanted content material they can attain a broader marketplace and preserve people knowledgeable on what they're doing in the enterprise and any market adjustments which could come your way. If greater businesses pass this path, you may easily see a exchange in the face of enterprise. Quicker communique between customer and company, greater precise facts packets that aren't stressing to apprehend, and an universal purifier look are the goal with the blogging enterprise. These little vessels of information simply can be here to live.
  6. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    Success2017 stated her story. In the end she earned some money. I simply asked, what is the amount of time it took her, following the steps she described, before earning money.
  7. Excel2017

    Excel2017 New Member

    You can actually make money blogging if you go through the right process. Making money with a blog entails adding useful and informative tips to its content. As far as marketing your blog is concerned, content is king. Uploading product images and videos to the content of your blog is an added advantage. This attracts a lot of readers to the blog and makes them stay safe. The uploaded images and videos function as product description in details. Potential visitors learn adequately about available products from scratch to conclusion.

    With a well-constructed blog, making money is guaranteed. Once the necessary search engine optimization tasks are performed, such a blog becomes a potential income generator. You can monetize your blog promoting affiliate products or selling Fiverr services.
  8. inked

    inked Member

    Ive heard many success stories with blogging. I believe you can do anything you put your mind to and be persistent.
  9. maximumsteve

    maximumsteve New Member

    @Araaye1 mentions some very good points, for example on picking a niche. If your primary goal is to earn money blogging, and content quality/user experience is secondary to that goal then here are my tips for monetizing your blog.

    Search traffic is pretty much out of the question unless your niche is tiny or you have time, money and willingness to learn SEO and do it right (or pay someone a LOT of money to do it for you). Since you want to make money, I'd forego that, as it's a gamble at worst and a long-term investment at best. Get your traffic through social media. Learn how to do Facebook ads with any of the free guides online. Ideally, learn how to create viral content (content that is easily shared) and set up a social media presence with promoted posts. Once you lead these people back to your site, you can turn them into cash. Try using ad services like Taboola or Outbrain. These ads are typically a bit annoying, but they pay well. You can use these services to advertise your site on similar sites, too. I knew one operator of a blog who used Taboola to both advertise his blog and monetize visitors; After a visitor viewed 2 pages on his site he broke even on acquiring the user through ads. The average visitor viewed 7 pages however. As long as he bought more ads and pumped out more articles, he was basically printing money.

    There's a lot of good free resources on these topics available online. Best of luck, get paid!
  10. Simtoink

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    Blogging actually takes guts and courage to survive. If you plan to earn by blogging you have to take risks.
    try investing in online marketing to promote your site/blog. Never be afraid to take risks. Without risks, there will be no income.

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