Can money buy happiness?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Igor13242001, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Owah

    Owah New Member

    No! Money can't buy happiness! Because what happiness means is "CONTENTMENT". Be blessed and thankful for what you have. I always think of what my mother said to me that only God can give you true happiness.
  2. Jec

    Jec New Member

    No, money is just money. I have never encountered someone paying someone else by being happy. That’s not how it works. What matters is what money can buy. Let’s say food for example, it’s the object that you intend to buy with the money that excites you, not the money itself. You see, when you buy something you want, it’s what causes you to be happy. Another thing is what you can experience because you have money. Let say you went on a trip, after that you will not mostly spend your time thinking about the money you used for the trip but the memories you created. It could be with your love ones or even alone while savoring the time of freedom and solitude.

    Don’t rely your happiness to money. It just like a branch that can lead to a fruitful joy, not the fruit itself.
  3. Science Says Money Does Buy Happiness If You Spend It the Right Way. ... Many studies have shown that happiness levels increase with income up to roughly $75,000 in annual salary. After that, there tends to be little correlation between income and happiness.
  4. kraken2420

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    Money can lend you the opportunity to have memorable experiences. Although you do not need a lot of money to have certain experiences, to travel the world and do so comfortably, significant amounts of money can go a long way. Therefore, spending money on experiences will give you many moments of happiness as well as positive memories to look back on.One important point to note is that the experiences you pay for should be ones that you genuinely enjoy, not just things that society values. If you hate going to concerts, for example, then splurging to go to a show is not a good use of your money.
  5. lisa.beth

    lisa.beth New Member


    I bеlіеvе happiness іs generated whеn one's expectations аrе met оr exceeded. Money саn help achieve thіs іn direct аnd indirect ways.

    A direct example: уоur expectation оut оf life іs tо bесоmе rich.

    An indirect example: уоur expectation іs tо bе аblе tо retire early аnd spend thе rest оf уоur life оn а beach whilst stіll enjoying great medical care, dining оut regularly, buying nеw toys, аnd sо forth.

    In bоth оf thеsе examples, money саn genuinely generate happiness.

    However, money іs nоt а requirement fоr happiness. Аll уоu hаvе tо dо іs set уоur expectations іn а wау thаt dоеs nоt involve money. Fоr example, уоu саn decide thаt уоu will bе genuinely satisfied wіth life mеrеlу bу waking uр alive еасh day. Оr thаt hаvіng аnу food tо eat іs а tremendous privilege. Аnd thаt difficult experiences will simply contribute experience thаt mаkеs уоu better--even painful experiences.

    This sounds artificial, but lооk nо furthеr thаn thе TED talks website fоr evidence (notably frоm Dan Gilbert аnd Dan Ariely) thаt suсh аn approach іs аs valid аs аnу оthеr wау tо produce happiness.

    In fact, setting уоur оwn rules fоr happiness іs mоrе thаn а viable alternative tо usіng external factors. Маnу hаvе pointed оut sіnсе thе dawn оf time thаt fоllоwіng suсh а discipline tоwаrds happiness іs superior sіnсе іt empowers уоu tо control уоur оwn happiness rеgаrdlеss оf uncertainties, suсh аs bеіng robbed, stock market crashes, аnd sо forth.

    So wіthоut preaching а sermon, yes, money саn buy а form оf happiness, but it's а rаthеr insecure оnе compared tо thе happiness thаt аn enlightened, disciplined mind саn produce wіthоut imposing аnу requirement fоr money.

    Among thе thousands оf authors whо hаvе treated thіs subject, Steven Covey dоеs а rеlаtіvеlу good job іn hіs Ѕеvеn Habits оf Highly Effective People
  6. Although you can’t buy happiness itself, you can obtain a guide that leads to happiness. Real happiness does not come from earning enough money so that each adult in the family can have his own car. It is not having a TV or a stereo in your own room or being able to buy new clothing more freely that brings true contentment. There is much more to life. Spiritual interests enrich one’s life in a way that material possessions never can. Whether you find that you as a woman must hold a secular job or not, your greater happiness will come from being rich in such spiritual pursuits.
  7. Samfontaine01

    Samfontaine01 New Member

    Money can obviously feel in some happiness in your life but it won’t make you 100% happy. You will be lonely without love. Without a family. Happiness is a strong word and I don’t think money has that ability.
  8. Meagan1985

    Meagan1985 New Member

    Can money buy happiness? I believe that having a consistent source of income leads to the feeling of security. Feeling secure can lead to more happiness. I am currently not working and I have experienced feelings of hopelessness, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, I believe that having a job and a source of income would increase my happiness.
  9. Neny

    Neny New Member

    Happiness is the ability to be merry at any point in time. Money is the main source of happiness for someone may wish to do, enjoy something that will bring happiness to you because of lack of money you can't b happy.

    In a relationship, someone may b truthful, dedicated, caring but yet you still need to show it out for the joy to last longer, money is the key to happiness. Another person, it could be that traveling gives you happiness without the available resources(money) to execute this, you see all your wishes won't come true.

    Happiness is not faked, manipulated or forced. It comes from the inside, last longer and brings inner joy. It gives peace and makes you feel at rest, notwithstanding any obstacles.

    If money doesn't brings happiness, why in the world are people fighting and killing to make money either legitimately or in a foul manner? No one asks you how you made your money, what people would be pondering over is why you are poor and not making efforts to make money and become rich? Personally, money is the true definition of happiness to me.
  10. Darius13

    Darius13 New Member

    Money can buy us happiness. It's a hypocrisy if I say otherwise. If I have all the money I can imagine, I will alleviate my family from financial stresses and also help the needy, travel around the world, marry the love of my life, have kids, build a foundation for the children and the elderly, etc. With or without money, we can be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. But it's a lot easier helping others and enjoying the thing you love to do if you have money. Just use your money wisely and you could be happy.
  11. marwin44044

    marwin44044 New Member

    We as person always ask that same question over and over again hundreds of thousand times in the globe, when it comes on getting happy being rich by having those pockets loaded with cash will make you think that happiness can be bought through it. Well in my opinion buying happiness is not the right term, but having stuffs you get through money will definitely makes you happy.
    That'll be a happy thought by having lots of money, to buy anything that surely puts a smile in you. ;)
  12. Simple_me18

    Simple_me18 Member

    Can money buy happiness? Why or whyt is tough to say whether or not money can buy happiness because happiness is difficult, if not impossible, to define. Some would say that money can provide you with basic comforts (shelter, food, healthcare) that are a prerequisite for experiencing happiness. On the other hand, happiness is a complex emotion that is influenced by intangible factors such as one’s personality. Though possessing a certain amount of wealth may make it more statistically likely that one will lead a happy life, it is by no means the sole determinant of happiness.
  13. adiyamanilom

    adiyamanilom New Member

    Happiness could never be bought. Even a very rich man isn't happy. We can see a beggar who's smiling and even laughing down the road. Having our family beside us will make us happy. Having a stable job that could support the needs of our family can make us happy. Trials could also make us happy. Without pain we can never experience happiness. That is the reality.
  14. Its depends what is your priority is and that is your happiness! Money cant buy my family, Money cant buy friends, Money cant buy Dignity, Money cant buy good behaviour, and most of all Money cant buy Love which leads us into happiness. Therefore Money cant buy happiness.
  15. spanner7

    spanner7 New Member

    Money can makes us happy but in short period of time only. For example, you buy the shirt or shoes you really want to have or buy foods that makes you crave, or spend money to anything goods or services that makes you contented. Then after you get what you want by spending your money, eventually as time or days goes by , the happiness you felt when you bought those goods or services is depleting until you got no happiness felt on that goods you bought. Then you find another goods or services you want to buy again. It's a continuous cycle for us people to be in this situation. It's in our hand how to spend our money because we are the one who earn it. But I'm hoping people realize soon that its not money the only thing in this world makes us happy. Explore, enjoy and appreciate what we have can makes us simply happy, happiness that different from money can give.
  16. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Science Says Money Does Buy Happiness If You Spend It the Right Way. ... Many studies have shown that happiness levels increase with income up to roughly $75,000 in annual salary. After that, there tends to be little correlation between income andhappiness.
  17. babyheart

    babyheart New Member

    Money can't literally buy happiness but it can buy something to make you make you happy. If travel makes you happy, money can buy you a ticket to travel. If eating makes you happy, then money can you buy you food. Not everything can be bought though, but money can at least help to make you alive and happy, but the rest is up to you :)
  18. Everyone deserves happiness. In life, there are a lot of reasons to be happy. Well I admit that money plays a big role in our lives. Money can buy luxurious things that can temporarily make you happy. Yes, temporarily. Even luxurious things fades. I once knew a person that has a lot of money but he is still not happy since his family died on a car accident. See? There's a lot of ways to be happy. You can always live a happy life depending on how you do it and if you really chose to be happy. Happiness isn't all about money. Life is short. Enjoy life to the fullest.
  19. Coachcjay

    Coachcjay New Member

    You are so correct, however I’ll like to add that the system of the world has made everything for sell. The rising demand for essential resources and the dwindling global economy has made genuine loyalty a scarce commodity. Friends betray friends easily for money these days.
  20. jm69

    jm69 New Member

    Happiness is a sense of contentment. People tend to be happy if they are successful, they feel lucky or safe maybe they feel happiness but being content on something that you have for me that's happiness. People strive for more which means buying something that is luxurious or too expensive things which shows that they are not satisfied on something that they have which is money so that means money can't buy happiness
  21. zscott

    zscott New Member

    I believe that money can buy us happiness, maybe even love for some. Money can buy experiences like going to concerts or amusement parks. It also buys the car or plane ticket you use to get to those destinations and the gas in your car. Further, it buys you healthy food which you put in your body which directly affects your mood, or that gym membership you never use.

    Now for a very few amount of people, I do think that it can buy love. I think this because, as I'm aware, there are very expensive dating services you can use. I've not had luck with online dating, and luckily don't have to worry about that anymore. However, I'd guess for maybe 10% of the population that money can in fact help you find the love of your life.
  22. heyitsannnee

    heyitsannnee New Member

    In my opinion, money doesn't bring happiness, but sometimes it helps. There are a lot of things that brings happiness, like family, friends and sometimes in sharing with poor people and helping others, we find happiness.

    Money can take away some stress, which will make you a little bit happier, but true happiness comes from your heart, not your wallet. ;)
  23. arthurdelacruz001

    arthurdelacruz001 New Member

    Having money makes our lives easy in relation to financial obligations. But does it really bring happiness? Somehow, being able to buy anything you desire might make you happy for awhile, but is it the kind of happiness that can last?

    Let’s imagine this scenario. Being happy and poor might work for some people, but being happy while you are wealthy is a different thing because it is happier in a sense that life is easier.

    In my opinion, contentment is the answer for happiness. To be content doesn’t mean you don’t desire more, it means you’re thankful for what you have and patient for what’s to come.
  24. Ericbreezy

    Ericbreezy Guest

    Maybe money can't literally buy happiness, but money can buy you some of the things that bring you happiness. If you know yourself, know the things that make you happy and you have the money, you can buy those things and put yourself in the kind of places to enjoy those things and you'll definitely have a happier life.
  25. LMFI2031

    LMFI2031 New Member

    While I would make the argument that money can't buy happiness, too little money can absolutely lead to unhappiness. Those among us who struggle to provide for the essentials in life, food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare, are really hurting. The uncertainty of knowing that if you get sick you can't go to the doctor is damaging to a person. The fear of being homeless or hungry quickly saps away the joys in life. I would say that even when these basics are covered people are a long way from happiness still. With the basics covered individuals are free to do the soul-searching and self-exploration necessary for happiness. I fear many don't but that is a whole other discussion.
  26. Sonson

    Sonson Member

    i dont believe that money can buy you happiness , yes i would still prefer having money and getting what i want . but what really bring you happiness is love,family and happiness come from within.
    overall, people can choose to be happy or not with or without money .
  27. Coherence24

    Coherence24 New Member

    well this is a nice question. in some sense to be honest money CAN buy you happiness, temporary happiness like food, movies, going to a bar and so on, but money can never give you total happiness. when you are in a lower class of the society all you'd ever want is money, thinking that that would make you happy, thinking that after having the amount of money you desire you'd probably be happy, however after achieving such amount, you'd still want more and even more it never stops there. that's why money can give you happiness temporarily, and if you it that way then good but if you don't then find your own happiness.
  28. lockhard41

    lockhard41 New Member

    Having money can't buy you happiness but it can make your quality of life better which will make you happier. Money itself could make your life worse. I was always told that the more you make the more you spend. As an adult I can attest that I have done just that. Although I am happy it was not the money.
  29. tripplephil

    tripplephil New Member

    Money can buy happiness if your happiness is based on material things. But happiness has grades and levels. There is a level of happiness when you have loads of money and girls and cars and travel first class every other week and truly money can make these things happen. There is also another level of happiness which occurs when you have reached the less privilege and blessed their lives and imparted them positively. This level of happiness is what money can never buy.

    True happiness can only be defined by a person who has a terminal illness or on a death row because the luxury of life looses meaning in the face of such issues. Such people cherish people over things and know the value of time spent above the value of money made.
  30. natka

    natka New Member

    Money can't buy you happiness, but definitely at the moment I need the money to buy me peace in my mind. I spent more then I can afford, so now I need them just to cover my debts. The trouble is that I don't tell my husband about this problem I have, and now I have to deal with it by myself.
    So the answer for your question at this moment is : yes the money can definitely buy me happiness.

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