Can music change you?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Litt, Dec 1, 2019 at 8:20 AM.

  1. Litt

    Litt New Member

    I've heard of people saying that music has changed them. How is this possible? Has music changed you? If yes in what ways?
  2. Occultess

    Occultess New Member

    I would say that yes, music is able to change you since this had happened to me personally.

    I had a period of a few year of depression that felt impossible to pass. Instrumental and sad music in general helped me calm my thoughts and slowly I was able to pass all the hard moments. Sometimes sad music can help you cope with whatever is happening in your life.
  3. Lorey99

    Lorey99 New Member

    It does, but the effects are short term, example listening to gospel music on Sunday does not necessarily mean that I am saved, but in that moment I am listening,it makes me get that feeling that I am saved or rather want to be "saved".
  4. Rontet

    Rontet New Member

    For me, music is a way that I get used to the many things and events that I experience in my life. It changes me in many respects, as in times of sadness, songs make me happy. When I was hurt in love, music also comforted me to ease the pain. There are also songs that help me make the whole day feel better. Music can be a part of our lives, it also testifies to all the events of our life from childhood to adulthood.
  5. Larormie

    Larormie New Member

    Music is my escape, especially if I can relate to a song a lot. I like listening and making my own music. I used to bottle up my feelings instead of showing them or telling them to someone because I don't want them to worry. So instead, I use music as a way to tell everyone and get these feelings off my chest.
  6. Shadzwrite

    Shadzwrite New Member

    There’s a bit of truth to it. Perhaps ‘change’ is too harsh of a word but music definitely influences you. People say you are what you eat. I say you are what you listen to.
    If you are heavily into music like myself, what you feed yourself on a daily basis can certainly influence your mood or as I refer to it, your frequency.
    Music has the ability to calm you or get you hyped. To console ,to help you grieve or to lift your spirits. It subconsciously affects your thought process, your outlook and possibly the way you see the world. So I’ll say definitely. Music has the ability to change you, if you let it anyway ...

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