Can music help me sleep?

Discussion in 'Music' started by paypaliulianradu, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. paypaliulianradu

    paypaliulianradu New Member

    Most of us have nodded off to a relaxing tune before, but what if you purposefully listened to music when you went to bed? Could it help you sleep?

    “Yes, there is data that suggests that music can help people fall asleep,” says Michael Breus, Ph.D., upwave sleep expert and author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Simple Rules for Losing Weight While You Sleep. But the kind of music you choose makes a difference. Music that has a relatively slow beat may help your body hit its internal snooze button. “If you play Guns 'N Roses, chances are low that it will put you to sleep,” says Breus.
  2. josuel10

    josuel10 New Member

    Yes, music can help you sleep there are a
    lot of variety to choose from, For the example is the artist Rei Brown check his out, He provides Chill music and Lo-Fi sounds.
  3. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    Definitely. It depends on what kind of music can make you feel relax. Sometimes. pop-rock songs can make me fall asleep. And it also depends on your mood, whether you are sad, upset or happy, there will always be a genre of song that will let you go to deep sleep. You just need to look for it.
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  4. GaryNewman

    GaryNewman Member

    I think it, well obviously, depends on the type of music you're listening to. I'm sure some calming music will do the trick. Although I feel that it also depends on the person, therefore maybe even rock music can help you sleep. Haha!
  5. Dijwar

    Dijwar Member

    Yes I think so, It has a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body relax and prepare for sleep. Older adults who listen to 45 minutes of relaxing music before bed fall asleep faster, sleep longer, wake up less during the night, and rate their nights as more restful than when they don't listen to music.
  6. rpayanan

    rpayanan Member

    The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Simple Rules for Losing Weight While You Sleep. But the kind of music you choose makes a difference. Music that has a relatively slow beat may help your body hit its internal snooze button.
  7. Sueann492

    Sueann492 New Member

    I would say that yes, music definitely helps me to sleep. However, not all music has this effect. The type of music that I guarantee will help anyone to sleep are soft music. Those types of music will simple just hush you to sleep. Sometimes you might even be asleep without knowing when you nod off.
  8. shemmymabras

    shemmymabras New Member

    Yes it can! You know, I am also experience insomnia. Whenever I feel that, I will just browse for a relaxing music on YouTube (specifically sound of nature), close my eyes and turn off the switch (if you want to keep the lights on just use something to cover your eyes) and then imagine that I am lying on a green grass listening to the nature’s sound. Then viola! I can already sleep. It actually works with me everytime. ☺️☺️
  9. Fatmasong

    Fatmasong Member

    For me personally music helps me sleep but that also depends on the type of music I am listening to. I like listening to either sad , slow or romantic songs to sleep because they always have some type of calmness in them compared to pop songs or rap songs. I like listening to music to sleep but not every genre.
  10. NaomieCo

    NaomieCo New Member

    Yeah of course, it makes your mind calm and relax.
  11. mom8989

    mom8989 New Member

    That's depend on your psychological state, if you're experiencing stress or anxiety then music can be very helpful at putting you to sleep.
  12. Snehaa1

    Snehaa1 New Member

    Yes of course, there is a lot of variety of music available out there which can help you feel realx. You can try some subliminal music. It really hepls.
  13. Popiiichan18

    Popiiichan18 New Member

    Yes, ofcourse. Good music helps stimulate our brain cells. And if you're having a hard time trying to relax listen to music, especially those melodious ones or simple the ones without lyrics. One example is the Canon in D major which is my very own sleeping pill and stress reliever.
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  14. erzaD

    erzaD New Member

    It depends on the music you're listening to. If you want music that could help you sleep, then choose those that calms you. Most of the time, instrumental music could help you sleep. Not your favorite music with lyrics and rock or lively tuned music because the tendency is, you might go play along and enjoy with it. Listening to instrumental sounds like piano or harp could help you fall asleep.
  15. Gerwazjusz3

    Gerwazjusz3 New Member

    I really like to doze off to my favourite videogames or movies soundtracks. It helps me relax in bed a lot. Just keep in mind to stay away from songs that have a strong/fast rhythm, as it can actually increase your heart rate, and that is not helpful at all in falling asleep.
  16. knleeeeee

    knleeeeee Member

    Yes definitely. Music is also a great sleep inducer because our brains react to sounds and tones of our surroundings. That's why when you're in a loud environment, you find it harder to sleep. Contrary when you sleep in a quiet environment. But sometimes even though it's quiet you can't seem to fall asleep maybe because of some factors like insomnia. Music that could help you sleep are instrumental music like piano, violin, music box, and harps.
  17. Majorphoto

    Majorphoto Member

    There's some sort of connection between music and the soul, especially good music..
    It's tends to relax the mind and most times produces that mode of calmness..
    So I recommend good music for you.
  18. yoshibear

    yoshibear Member

    yes music helps your body relax and prepare for sleep
  19. yusufhashi

    yusufhashi Member

    Iyadoo aad loogu lafo-guray balaadhinta barnaamijkan si loo wada gaadho degmo doorashooyinka dalka mustaqbalka iyo sidii fiiro gaara loo siin lahaa caasimada dalka, waxaanu madaxweyne ku xigeenku u
  20. Tunero

    Tunero New Member

    Yeah.but it depends on the kind of music you are listening to,If you listen to blues or RnB genre songs you might fall asleep.
  21. choii0422

    choii0422 Member

    Music will really help you to sleep, it makes you comfortable and relax your soul! I absolutely love playing music when i really want to sleep.

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