Can you easily forgive or not?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by amitkokiladitya, May 30, 2017.

  1. amitkokiladitya

    amitkokiladitya New Member

    Forgiving others is a great virtue and imbibing this in your personality can help bring manifold benefits . When you forgive a person who has caused you any harm it is solely for your personal benefit. You are removing the anger element from your body and henceforth healing your mind, body and soul.

    Forgiveness always gives internal peace and helps to live a stress free life. Life is too short to hold any regrets and grudges. So forgive and move forward.

    How good are you at forgiving others?
  2. iread

    iread New Member

    It depends if its about very little thins,then Yes. If it is about hurting emotions and lying then it takes some time but I forgive. If it is about trust whether if its in friendship or in love then No for life
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  3. amitkokiladitya

    amitkokiladitya New Member

    I respect your feelings as well as your outlook. Trust once broken can never be mended in the same manner. But always remember that forgiving is not forgetting . It is remembering the mistrust and betrayal but without an element of anger.

    Forgive and move on. To give the person a second chance or not is a totally different matter. What is important is that one should relieve his heart of all the grudges. I always prefer to feel light and happy with a clean heart.
  4. Manthy

    Manthy New Member

    Forgiving should be practiced by all, it can only make our world beautiful and peaceful to live in. However, certain crimes are really difficult to forgive.
    When faced with such difficult situations, it takes quite some time for me to heal and finally forgive but forgetting is sometimes impossible.
  5. Manthy

    Manthy New Member

    Well, I think forgiveness should be practiced by all. It can only make our world beautiful and peaceful to live in. However, some crimes are difficult to forgive.
    When faced with such difficult situations, it generally takes some time for me to heal and finally forgive but forgetting is sometimes impossible.
  6. PayneTrain

    PayneTrain New Member

    I'll be honest, I'm terrible at forgiving. I know it's important and that there's no sense in holding grudges, but it takes me a long time to forgive, especially if I've been hurt badly. I actually have a situation in my life where my mother has hurt me really badly, and it's so difficult to forgive because she continues to hurt me. It's like taking a knife and making little slashes at someone again and again, but expecting the cut to heal. So I'm still working on letting it go, because I know she won't change and that I need to be the bigger person in this.
  7. Sandra D Stewart

    Sandra D Stewart New Member

    Let me be honest with you, I have no problems with forgiving others. I never have any resentment in my heart, if another person does something wrong. It doesn't take me a long time to forgive. I recently had a situation, whereas, my husband left me for another woman. It wasn't difficult to forgive, because I know he's never going to change. Years ago, my sister and I would fight. She thought that I would still be upset the next morning. So she'd ask me if I was still angry. I would ask her what do I have to angry about. She would tell me what happened the night before. I would tell her that I did not remember any of it.
  8. Panaesthetism

    Panaesthetism New Member

    Despite the many people who would tell you that they forgive and forget easily, I believe that it is one of the most difficult things to do. It goes against the very nature of our society; everyone wants to get their fair share, and everyone gets irritated when things don't go their way. I would think that only a select few people in the entire world are absolutely selfless and are able to immediately forgive anyone; for the rest of us, there is always a slight lingering displeasure or anger towards whoever or whatever wronged us, despite how hard we may try to act like we have already forgiven and forgotten whatever the issue was.
  9. Jimmy R

    Jimmy R New Member

    I can easily forgive because my focus is on my purpose and goals in life. There are times I have forgiven someone for something they have done, but no longer interacted with that person because I considered that person a distraction to me. If I were to hold a grudge against someone instead of showing forgiveness, then I wouldn't be able to progress in my life. I've learned through experiences that forgiving can bring much needed relief.
  10. lcameron8!

    lcameron8! New Member

    I never used be good at forgiving easily! It is so important to forgive rather than to hold on to the toxic emotions that end up ruling your life! When you feel that someone has wronged you or hurt you on purpose, people tend to play the scenario over and over again in their heads only to relive the situation all over again causing the same hurt. This is not necessary, I went through something last year and I let it control my life until I took control back. Do you know why it is so hard to forgive most of the time because people in general would rather hold on to all the hurt and anger rather than to forgive and move on. It is easier to blame someone else for the way you are feeling rather than to take ownership of it and know that you are in control of your own emotions and life. I realised this and now I am so much happier, I do not know why I held on as long as I did, insecurity I gather. You live and you learn though so no matter what the outcome is everybody learns something.
  11. rounder11

    rounder11 New Member

    Forgiving is overrated. Don't hold grudges over small things but certain actions are very difficult to forgive and in my opinion some things should never be forgiven. If someone said something wrong to you out of anger or borrowed some money and can't pay it back remember not to put yourself in that situation anymore but don't hold a grudge over it. There are things that should never be forgiven however. Don't take the anger out on yourself with depression or start some crazy revenge plot over it though. Just save it in the back of your mind to be used whenever you need it. If you find yourself in a hard situation you can bring this anger up to motivate you through anything holding you back. It's also okay to feel a little happiness if you notice karma has paid a visit to whoever wronged you. Don't let people looking for a way to feel morally superior make you feel bad about it. They either don't understand or have went though something similar and are just dealing with it in their own way.
  12. Sweetdays

    Sweetdays New Member

    Nope. I still have grudges from elementary school. I should probably seek help.
  13. Michele Diamond

    Michele Diamond New Member

    Forgiveness is the true medicine of the soul, you forgive others so you too can obtain forgiveness. I try my best not to sweep things under the carpet, I forgive and learn from the situation. Holding unto wrongs can limit our potential because we end up spending positive energy on worthless issues, so when you weigh the adverse effect you will discover it is far better to forgive.
  14. tararaz

    tararaz Member

    I can easily forgive others but i can't forgive myself easily , it keeps haunting me.
  15. Sweetbaker77

    Sweetbaker77 New Member

    The deeper the hurt, the more difficult to forgive. I understand the modern day principle of forgiveness, meaning that when you forgive, you no longer carry the pain and hate. This idea does not work for me, as I think it is important not to lose your outrage at injustice.
  16. Lynette J.

    Lynette J. New Member

    I am currently in a position to agree with a part of your post. I have always been a forgiving person. i have been married for six months. this is how my opinion on forgiving easily started to change. In my previous single world I would forgive anyone. We all make mistakes in this world. the biggest problem comes when a person continues to make the same mistakes. I believe in life we forgive and forget, and then we move on. I lost that belief when my husband and I separated. I heard everything that makes the definition of "liar" all too true. the person I had known for years had a secret life. I have to say that your comment on "emotions" is something that I personally believe now. I am not sure if I have it in my soul to continue forgiving him. I have a new outlook in life now. I fell like forgiveness comes to those that are honestly never going to make that same mistake again.
  17. sheliaann1969

    sheliaann1969 New Member

    Forgiveness, whew....that is indeed a tough one.

    If I get my feelings hurt, I find it very hard to forgive and make myself miserable by feeling surly in the process. I lash out with a wicked tongue and put walls up around my feelings. It is so hard for me to get past that *seeing red* stage so that I can move forward and stop rehashing the past events.

    When I finally do forgive, it is totally and I never want to revisit the past hurt. But when I refuse to forgive, I wallow in the mire for what seems like an eternity.

    I'm working on it. To answer your question, I do not forgive very easily. :(
  18. Veronica2886

    Veronica2886 New Member

    I think that because we are incapable of forgetting sometimes, it causes us to forgive again everytime we are reminded. Therefor leading us to sometimes re live the same pain each time it's remembered then forgiven again. Somethings do irreversible damage that can live in the mind, and stay in the pit of another ones soul..
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  19. SaucyPasta

    SaucyPasta New Member

    Yes and no, it depends what the person has done for me to be able to forgive them. Say they did something as a joke or in a harmless way, Yes I can forgive them. If they did something hurtful and not forgetful no I cannot forgive them.
  20. aleumdawo

    aleumdawo New Member

    It depends on what the person did. If someone intentionally does something to hurt me, it might take me awhile to forgive them. I can easily forgive a person if it's just something small or simple.
  21. Goldeng123

    Goldeng123 New Member

    I used to find it difficult to forgive in the past but now, I forgive and forget easily.
    Religion helped me to start forgiving easily. I tell it to myself each time someone hurts me that, "It's not him or her but Satan" I just let the person know how it hurts then, I forgive even if the person did not apologise.

    I learn to rebuke Satan instead of keeping grudges, I see it as a way Satan uses to tamper with people's happiness.
    It does amaze people how I relate well with them even after hurting me and I feel good about it.

    So, it's good to forgive to stay happy and healthy. One might even need the help of the person one refuses to forgive in the future and the person will sure be reluctant to render the help.
  22. Mayet14

    Mayet14 New Member

    Honedtly, it's easy to say that we can forgive and forget. But for me, that's not the case. I may forgive, but I just really could not forget when a person did something really wrong to me.
  23. Ryan33

    Ryan33 New Member

    How good are you at forgiving others?

    Time heal the wounds.

    Some wounds are very deep.
    We forgive but we can not forget.
  24. Veeckay C

    Veeckay C New Member

    I can't easily forget what was the wrongful act done to me but I take note and be cautious with the person whom I will forgive.
  25. Jam&Jelly

    Jam&Jelly Member

    It kind of depends on the weight that the other person did. If the other person did something randomly annoying, it would be okay for me. If someone made an offensive joke about me, I would get a bit mad but I would just laugh it off. But if someone made something personal, I think it would take some time for me to get over my head.
  26. Johnlloyd

    Johnlloyd New Member

    It depends on their sins.
  27. idolman05

    idolman05 New Member

    I easily forgive but its hard to forget.It takes time for me to forget specially it hurts me the most.Lots of people say's that forgive and forget is the best way of healing.Call me plastic but its hard for me forget.My forgiveness is for everyone but I take time to forget.
  28. Daredevil73

    Daredevil73 New Member

    Not easy but in the long run you'll feel you're also carrying the burden of hate. Might as well forgive, leave the excess baggage and learn from it. Forgiving doesn't necessarily mean the offender will have his second chance to do it again to you. If that's the case it is stupidity on your part. You may forgive the offender but you now have a clear picture of who you're dealing with and avoid the trap of another mistake. Life is short to focus on things that will hamper our goals so might as well give forgiveness and love and let the Universe reward you back.
  29. emoxigh27

    emoxigh27 New Member

    Whether if someone did something bad to you or they just hurt you a bit, we should forgive them. Yes, for some it is very difficult but to achieve peace and happiness, we should forgive them.

    As for me, I can easily forgive someone, but the only thing I can't do is to forget what they did easily. I believe that we need to remember what happened to us in order to avoid letting it happen again. Just because we have forgiven someone doesn’t mean that we’ll choose to keep them in our lives. Sometimes the healthiest thing we can do is forgive them and then move on without them. It’s important that we don’t allow ourselves repeatedly to be the target of the same mistreatment.
  30. OANN

    OANN New Member

    As for my old self, it's really hard to forgive someone who never ask for forgiveness. It's hard to say it's okay or it's nothing when it really means to us or when it hurts us too much. Even if most of the time, the person who hurted us don't intentionally did it or maybe that person is unaware of his/her mistakes.

    But as for my new self, as I encounter God in my life and as I received His forgiveness it became easier for me to forgive others and to love them unconditionally, for God sets as an example in my life. He forgave me so I can forgive others.

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