Can you easily forgive or not?

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  1. nino gerson

    nino gerson New Member

    Forgiveness..Well it's a tough one to handle forgiving can easily be given to a person.
    But the question is how many times do i need to forgive a person?? Jesus said when peter ask him in
    Matthew 18:21-22" Lord how many times do i have to forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? up to seven times? Jesus told him : not seven times but seventy-seven times" so Jesus was referring to 70x7 times that's a lot!!
    So does this mean we always say to person it's OK i forgive you for the same mistake yesterday?? Certainly not!!!
    Luke 17:3 says " If your Brother or sister sin against you, Rebuke them: and if they repent, forgive them"
    The key word there is REPENT if that person Genuinely Repent that person should not commit the same mistakes again and change for the betterment of your relationship.
  2. lourizemae

    lourizemae New Member

    I used to grow up always hearing "If God has forgiven our sins, why can't we do that to other people too?". And i think i am very thankful as a child to have learned that. Because not forgiving other people for whatever they have done to you can only make you terrible. You are only making yourself sad. You must remember that nobody's perfect in this world. And it is okay to commit mistakes. It is okay to say sorry and ask for forgiveness to someone. It's okay that you care about what your neighbors could feel.
  3. Indra Otsutsuki

    Indra Otsutsuki New Member

    Forgiving really matters to one another, whether what situation you are into, when forgiving someone causes a lighter effects in our emotional status like we are already overpowered our guilt towards that certain person, but because we are just mere humans who seek for care and love for one another, it is just truly a must to forgive and be forgiven, as what I learned from our church pastor and in our school our God is a forgiving God and we must do our best, to also forgive one another.
  4. besty

    besty New Member

    Forgiving is the hardest decision. It depends on how much it hurts you. At first, it was hard to forgive especially if it hurts too much. Base on my experience it takes years to move on and forgive that person. But as we get older we find ourselves mature enough and I would say look for something that makes you busy and forgets the things happened. I may be different to others experience but being away to that person makes me move on and let go of the past. The pain still remains but at least I find myself better than before. But God knows how much I still care about that person who hurt me.
  5. Vanissa Morata

    Vanissa Morata New Member

    The best way to say is forgiving takes time to heal.
    Everyone deserves to be forgiven no matter what they did to you.
    In order to move on with the emotions you are keeping inside and to be at peace on oneself.

    Forgiveness is for you to accept the reality that nobody is perfect. Therefore, anybody can be more caution the next time they make mistake. It's part of life.

    It's hard at first but it can be self-worth after a while. Forgive but never forget the lesson it implies.
  6. leidelmo10

    leidelmo10 New Member

    Can you easily forgive or not? We can forgive people easily no matter how big or small the damages they have made. As long as we still love that person and there is still space for them in our hearts. But the real question is "Can we forget what they have done?". It is easy for us to say "I forgive you", but the truth is you don't. You can't. Because once you gave your trust to a person and they broke it, it cannot be fixed. It takes time to earn another trust. Lots of things has to be done to prove that you deserve a second and chance. But the trust you earned is not the same with the one you received for doing nothing.
  7. Nazroth

    Nazroth Member

    Forgiving is not a favor we do to our offender, it's an act of kindness we do to ourselves. Bitterness, hate and a despising heart chains us to a slavery that weighs us down. Our forgiveness therefore, is an obligation. It makes us the better man/woman. We lose nothing except our pride. As a Christian, I wouldn't claim forgiving is easy. I believe it takes a lot of maturity and insight to forgive easily.
  8. maileen6582

    maileen6582 New Member

    Sometimes we forget that forgiving is not in favour of the person who has hurt you but it is all about how it can help heal our souls. Forgiving is very hard especially if that person has done us so much pain. But we have to remember that sometimes we have to take extra miles for ourselves. We need to forgive so that we can move on with our lives. So i'd probably choose to easily forgive than hold resentments.
  9. ferdzbandoy

    ferdzbandoy New Member

    Forgiveness requires feeling willing to forgive. Sometimes you won't, because the hurt went too deep, or because the person was too abusive, or expressed no regret. Do not attempt to forgive someone before you have identified, fully felt, expressed, and released your anger and pain.
  10. reypanopio77

    reypanopio77 New Member

    I can easily forgive others because it is a command of our Lord Jesus Christ. God will not forgive those who did not forgive others. We should forgive our brother or sister who sins against us not only to forgive us by God but also to have a healthy heart. Anger can cause a heart attack. Cholesterol and sugar are not good for your heart but the bitterness is the most dangerous. If you don't want to die early always forgive others, it avoids fighting. Forgiving is like watering the fire.

    VINROSE New Member

    Peace be with us .
    If we are the offender we usually want to be forgiven as soon as possible. But if some body asking for the forgiveness from us it seems so hard to provide. Long back ago, I belong to those person who don't want peace. Forgiveness is hard for me to spell, although yes the offense really make me suffer for long time and it result to emotional stress and destruction. Until the right time came and dictated to my heart that I'm ready to grant my forgiveness.
    If you asked'' Can you forgive easily or not ?'' then the answer is depend. Depend because it will take time case by case situation the deeper the pain the longer time horizon to healed . But listening to our heart is must once the right time of forgiveness came, don't procrastinate because time is gold. It is best to give your forgiveness if you really meant it at the right time.
    We are all human we need to forgive, as GOD gave his forgiveness to our sins.
    Forgiveness gives way to peace of mind, healthy life and more happier relationship.
    Check out in your own case , If you need to forgive someone listen to your heart maybe the signal had given....
    Forgive them before the time runs out.....
  12. May Ann Villanueva

    May Ann Villanueva New Member

    Yes I am. I am easily to forgive person. I don't know too but for me forgiving someone it makes you happy and it makes you feel free.Forgiving is making you away from depression . Just pray for them for you to be free and avoid bitterness in our heart.
  13. Liezeliezel

    Liezeliezel New Member

    Can you say that forgiving but not forgetting is not forgiving at all?
    Because I think I can easily forgive, I can let it slide, I can easily move on, I can always be happy after what you've done wrong, In fact we can be friends again ( If it's only a minor or not serious thing), but I will never let it happen again. I will be cautious, I might not trust you, I will be reserve around you. Yes, I might be forgiving but I will never forget.
  14. HazelJ

    HazelJ New Member

    God forgives us even how bad we are. He quoted, "As far as the east is from the west, I will remember your sins no more." He also commanded us to forgive one another.

    Yes, honestly, as human, it is difficult for me to forgive especially when I am really hurt. Though it is hard, I have no choice but to stick on God's rule. I ask God to give me grace to forgive someone. If I do not forgive, I become bitter. If I am bitter, I do not have peace of mind. As a result, I could not sleep well and I will be sick.

    Therefore, my choice is to forgive. The "scars" may still be there but the result of being forgiving brings joy to soul.
  15. CeeBern0319

    CeeBern0319 New Member

    quotes-about-forgiveness8.jpg Forgiveness is something that is not given to others but to yourself. I had to admit that I don't easily forgive someone, mostly, if that someone who hurt me is the one that I love. It is because I gave my all to my special someone, my trust, love, attention and efforts. It is not easy to gave someone your all, therefore, you will also have difficulty in forgiving. Being human, all negative emotions will locked up and close the doors from the good things that person has done to you. But as they say, time heals all wounds. Nothing but time will make a way for your healing and forgiveness. It is the time that you will realize that forgiveness will set you free from all the hurt and grudges in the past. Forgiveness is the only way you can get the peace you deserve after being hurt.
  16. Nivraceel

    Nivraceel New Member

    Forgiving is hard and sometimes impossible! It is a challenge! But forgiving gives self a chance to start a new day! It will free you from bondage of hate.
  17. fulltank13

    fulltank13 New Member

    Everyone deserves forgiveness because everyone commits failure.
    who are we in this world not to forgive. God himself describes and demonstrates forgiveness to humanity so we ought to forgive everyone who commits sin against us. You can't say you love them and be loved by someone without forgiveness because if you really love them, learn to forgive yourself first and do it to everyone. I can easily forgive someone who commits sin against me because I myself understand that without forgiveness there is no such love dwelling in me! just love love, love, love and love them back, it means you are strong enough to make a big difference in this world. JUST LOVE
  18. leafy87

    leafy87 New Member

    For me forgiveness is not something we force on someone.It should be freely given and not just for the sake of it or because you’re just pressured. You need to be sincere too in forgiving someone and you need to feel it in your heart that you hold no grudges towards the person. If it’s not genuine, you’ll never have that peace of mind. If you can’t forgive yet you can be honest to the person that you may be able to forgive but it may take time because you also want to be sincere in your heart when you accept someone’s apology.
  19. sweetpot81

    sweetpot81 New Member

    "Our Father........forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sins against us.."Forgiveness is given voluntarily, It doesn't just dictates form you brain but from your heart. It's hard to forgive but we have to learn how to. No rush in forgiving. It takes time to forgive as time passes by it heals the wound.

    EPHESIANS 4:31-32 "Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."This bible verse helped me a lot, it serves as an instrument in molding my bitter heart to a loving and forgiving heart.
  20. Fmattson

    Fmattson New Member

    All I know is as for me yes I always end up forgiving. Sometimes it may take longer than others, but I always find it in my heart to forgive. Like it states in the Bible always forgive. I may not make it to church all the time but I try my hardest to be a good humanitarian, you see so very little of it around nowadays.
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  21. patriciamamon

    patriciamamon New Member

    Forgiveness, is not easy if a person is full of pride. In order to forgive a person should put down their pride and accept that they had done wrong. It's easy if a person does not hold grudges but it is hard if a person that has done you wrong and you cant bear to look at their face.
  22. bel

    bel New Member

    I can't easily forgive. For me it takes time before I can totally forgive you. It needs a lot of effort and patience on your part to gain my trust again. Once I came to the point that I totally forget what you did that's the time I will forgive you. And It's not easy to forgive without asking for forgiveness of the person who hurt you.
  23. shanejhane

    shanejhane New Member

    Forgiving is the best attitude that we need to practice. I know forgiving someone it's really hard, but we should always think if God can forgive us in our sins, why we cannot forgive others. According to the bible we should love our enemy and do good to them, if they hungry give them food, if they thirsty give them water. It's only showing that if there is someone that we cannot forgive how can our Father God can forgive our sin?. If you want to forgive you sins you must forgive first and forget what happened.
  24. sameerf

    sameerf New Member

    It's very hard for me to forgive. Even when they ask forgiveness. Or if i ever forgive, i still carry it in my heart. I never forget. I guess i just love too much that when they do somethi g wrong it hurts me deep.
  25. Emoefe Ughwujabo

    Emoefe Ughwujabo New Member

    As for me it's very hard to forgive, i can't forgive someone if i can't forget what they did, it is easy to tell someone to let it go but it is very hard to practice it, if i can't forget or just let it go then i can't bring myself to forgive.
  26. Yohannz

    Yohannz New Member

    Honestly, it is difficult to forgive someone. It is not normal for a person to forgive others. Forgiveness is centered through Christ. Without Christ’s forgiveness, we are still having a hardened heart. Therefore, it is because of Christ that we can forgive others. I may say I forgive because Christ forgives me already.
  27. MarchesaBicheza

    MarchesaBicheza New Member

    I am not sure. But I have a hard time forgetting. I am capable of being civil but I will definitely avoid those who wronged me. It is my instinct to avoid things that can hurt me. It is the same with people.
  28. I do and I easily forgive people regardless of they have done to me (unless they murdered someone that I cared and love that is unforgivable) As long as I know that they are sincere, I forgive them. Forgiveness should be earned like trust and should be coming from your heart and you should forgive someone because you want to and not because you're forced to.
  29. MarchesaBicheza

    MarchesaBicheza New Member

    For me, to forgive is to forget.
    I've heard this a hundred times before and have been told too many times, I find it too cliche already. "Forgive and forget".
    In my opinion, to forgive is to forget. I find it hard to forget. Something will always remind me of what was done against me or my loved ones and of course, it is a trust issue hereon forward. Forgiving is a big and daunting word for me because I have a hard time forgetting. For the petty stuffs, I don't sweat it. If I say it's ok, then it is ok. Otherwise, I won't pretend or even bother if I still have an issue with you. I will be civil but I definitely won't be able to trust you again.
    I am a firm believer that time plays an important role in gaining back friendship and trust. No one should mess with time. Based on experience, people even with the nicest intention, those who try to patch friendship/relationship usually always fail. I think it is something both parties should eventually agree on or both should at least have realized,that it is time to forget and move on.
    Someone can go biblical on me, tell me how God can forgive and so should we, mere humans. Yes that is true. i believe in God and no one is greater than Him. I am in no way near godly nor do I aim to be godly but at least, I can be honest with myself and with others.
  30. PMarga

    PMarga New Member

    I believe that it really takes time for me to forgive someone who has deeply hurt my feelings. Yes they ask for forgiveness but the sincerity is not there. Or when you turn you back they try to back stabbed you again and again. That's when the pain stays and my heart is likened to a cold rock. Frankly speaking I can only count on my fingers my true friends. I do not keep a lot of friends because most of them are superficial.
    I am only human. To forgive someone is easy as they say but forgetting what that person did to you is another thing.

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