Can you easily forgive or not?

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  1. ligaya

    ligaya New Member

    I easily forgive people especially if you're my friend and if I know that you're a good person. And I sometimes I hate myself for that but there's nothing wrong in forgiving and being kind, it doesn't cost us a penny anyway. But I do hold a grudge on people that I really hate, especially people who looks down on me and people who just disrespects me. I do give them a chance but my grudge against them is still there.
  2. romnick

    romnick Member

    Well before my heart is like a stone. Everytime someone hurts by physical, or by saying bad words at me, by bullying I keep it in my heart and I promise to myself if someday they need my help I will refuse. Even if they told sorry I'm didn't accept their sorry. After all, after they hurts me infront of many people. Its not easy like that.
    But then I realized that keeping angry at your heart can harm our health, I noticed it. So I decided that when someone hurt me, I never put hatred in it. I accept their sorry and ignore what happens, I realized that after all what you've done to a person God will the one to judge it..
  3. Jerson Escorrido

    Jerson Escorrido New Member

    For me it takes time to give my forgiveness to the people who hurt me a lot not by means physically but emotionally because for example if u have a friend and he loose your trust how can we give our full trust again to them if before they can do that so maybe if they wanted to do that again they can do to hurt u again that's why it takes time for me to forgive to the people who give your trust...But some people didn't understand what you feel instead they will do some feedbacks againts to you...
  4. Mark Jayson Soliot

    Mark Jayson Soliot New Member

    Forgiving is a choice for me, I usually forgive people easily but can't forget easily. Especially when it comes to trust. We can really forgive people who did something wrong to us but it is your choice.
  5. Cgrf

    Cgrf New Member

    It's so hard to forgive but it's way more harder to keep that burden of hate inside. Its like keeping a spoiled tomato in your bag whereever you go. It would bring negative feeling which makes you feel uncontented. .let god handle the hatred and release the negativity. Eventually, It will set you free.hahaha . from the rotten tomato .
  6. hubby10

    hubby10 Member

    I cannot easily forgive because I am not someone who can be easily angered. If I become angry at somebody there must be really deep reason. And this can be sometimes hard to just forget. But God wants us to forgive each other so I am like trying to change myself and be subtle and kind at all times. Sometimes getting away from trouble can be better to do that to make arguments that can turn into bigger fights. So let us spread love have compassion to one another and forgive and forget cause nobody's perfect.
  7. Karen020588

    Karen020588 Member

    If your a god fearing person, you should always bear to your mind that we should not let burden or hates stays on your heart. Forgiveness is the reason why our jesus get to the cross because of our sins.

    Beside, hates and or envy will not give us positivities. It will not give us beautiful and healthy living..

    I prepare to have more friends than having more enemy!
  8. savw

    savw New Member

    I do try to forgive but it's hard. Once you break my trust it's really hard for me to be able to trust you again as I did before. In my experience history often repeats itself, so should I keep on forgiving? While it's not healthy to hold onto your anger and sadness it's also not healthy to keep being hurt over and over.
    So sometimes it's better to just cut ties and then let the issue go so it doesn't eat you up thinking about it.

    For example take a cheating partner, how many times should you forgive them? Do they deserve your forgiveness? Do you forgive but still leave them or do you give them another chance? If you give them another chance do you really still trust them? If you have doubts does that mean you didn't actually forgive them?

    What about murderers and rapist? Could you really forgive someone who raped you or your child? I honestly don't think that I could. I don't even know if they would deserve my forgiveness, why should I forgive them for being a horrible human being?
  9. MissGlenSaturday

    MissGlenSaturday New Member

    I can easily forgive beacause : To forgive gives you a positive way of life. When hatred planted in our hearts we will live a messy and sad life.It is best to forgive for we are only humans. Like Jesus He suffered for all the sin we committed but still He forgave us . Life is full of love and forgiveness if we don't keep Hatred , anger and greed in our heart.
  10. asdfghjklc8

    asdfghjklc8 New Member

    I am the type of person that gets mad for a moment but the next day - I feel pity and eventually forgive whatever a certain person did. I am such a sucker when it comes for forgiving people mainly because God is very forgiving so I might as well forgive being made in his likeness and image. We just all have to remember that we may easily forgive but we may never forget.
  11. jemuelterrado

    jemuelterrado New Member

    For me it depends on the value or the weight of sin committed or how the mistake affected you. We can easily forgive who committed small mistakes if it is no big deal and will not affect you forever. You will not easily forgive or even never forgive a person who made a mistake against you that will affect you through the rest of your life. Some will not understand because they are not the one who is in the position and who is affected. It is easy to say forgive but to forget? no way most especially if it affects your dignity or personality that could make others see you dirty.
  12. guardianangelle

    guardianangelle New Member

    It's never easy for me to forgive, not until I found myself in peace. Forgiving is never easy when you're still hurting. Give yourself sometime to grow and understand things. Let it heal and let it go.
  13. allyberry

    allyberry New Member

    Before now I don't forgive easily, I kind of believe you don't have to offend me, in fact I get more angrier when I see that the apology is not genuine, like you are just doing it for me to keep shut. The good thing is after I met God I asked HIM to give me a forgiving spirit, now I forgive in advance, I understand we are all humans with blood running through our veins so there is no way we don't offend each others either by words or actions. Forgiveness is the key for me now,don't have time to hold grudges it kills the spirit.
  14. ClintAnthon

    ClintAnthon New Member

    Human as we are, I think we can easily say that I forgive you, but forgetting the mistake committed by someone surely, it is the hardest thing to do. I can really say that forgiving is an easy thing to do. But it okay you know, because the one who made the mistake surely know that the mistakes someone made can't be easily forgotten. Because like the nail in the wood, you can maybe pull it out but the hole in it will remain. In my case, I can forgive you but don't expect that I will forget what you have done,
  15. zeran22

    zeran22 New Member

    Forgiveness is depending upon how you being hurt. Sometimes forgiving is really hard to give because we hurt too much to the point that nothing was left for us. The more were hurt the more it's hard to forgive. But the more we kept ungrateful to our heart the more we suffer.That's unfair! however only forgiveness who sins against us is the only way to live blissfully and at ease. After all forgiving is not forgetting you just choose to remember love instead.
  16. Bok724

    Bok724 New Member

    I can easily forgive but I don't forget. I don't know why, I think it's just who I am.
  17. rhea1128

    rhea1128 New Member

    Forgive is to forget. But it is difficult to do. The situation, how it was happened and to who the person you got in trouble, is a big factor to forgive. Communication is a key. Sometimes lack of this makes everything worst. But first both parties should be on state of calmness. Because when we are angry, we tend to speak ill- words that hurt both of us.
    Based from me, I can say is let time do the work. Just let your mind set that things happened for a reason. Maybe it is for the good that will make you both a better person. Then when that day will come, try to communicate and solved the differences. Because the world has so many problems that we may encounter, if you can fixed one then do it. Put your most precious pride aside to settle things in order. Being able to do this, eventually you will execute the act of forgiveness.
    Forgiving is not easy but it is a step by step process just take your time, don't make yourself hurry. It's like a wound that doesn't heal the next day. It needs time to heal, then all the pain goes away little by little.Then you can move forward and forget to have a lighter happy life.
  18. Julhian

    Julhian New Member

    I used to have issues when it comes to forgiving not until I realized that I should learn how to forgive myself first. It was difficult at that time when all I felt was hatred and anger. It was so unhealthy. It didn't just affect me but also the people around me like my friends and family.

    All I did was I prayed then suddenly, I felt like God was talking to me as he took away all the pain and enlightened me with His love. That's how I learned the art of forgiving. God forgives us, so we should know how to forgive others too.
  19. J143E

    J143E New Member

    I don't get mad easily. I have a big granary for patience. But when I get mad, I get mad. I can forgive you, but it's gonna take a lot of time for me to heal. You know why? Because I am the kind of person who will receive and accept all the bullshit that you have, but with a limit. I used to be unlimited, but that destroyed me. So I learned to give importance to myself and start cutting off toxic people. It's not being mean, it's being good to myself for enduring so much pain and bullshit form one person I thought really loved me.
  20. danahabarro

    danahabarro New Member

    Who am I not to forgive? even God forgive the sinners.

    But it really depends on the situation. for example, you have given him/her another chance and still he/she continues to give a shit about you. well, maybe its time for you to love yourself first and don't let anyone fool you again. BE WISE AND SMART!

    But, If this person shows that he/she changed a lot. that he's really sorry about it. then give him a chance. maybe his sincere about it.
  21. Maria Ida Alzaga

    Maria Ida Alzaga New Member

    I don't want to forgive but I am forced to, for my own good, health and peace of mind. I am forced to forgive because I do not want that person to have control over me and my peace and happiness. And most of all, I am forced to forgive because that is what God wants me to do...
    I may forgive you, but I will never forget. I can still be kind to you, but I will never trust you this time...
  22. As for me. I do forgive easily but so hard to forget. Specially when it involves breaking of trust in all different aspect, regardless of what kind of relationship type we have.

    I forgive easily most especially when they really want to prove how sincere they are on having a second chance. It's because I love them to the point that I don't want to loose them. It's not being martyr it's being rational and realistic that they are only human who sometimes can't avoid temptation or won't be always perfect to choose the right thing. It called second chance.

    And because I love them it's really hard to forget what they did. Actually it's not really what they did but the pain that it cost you. That no matter how you try, you'll end up asking why did he/she do that? Am I not enough. That even deep down in your heart you forgive them, there's this fear that won't go away. Fear that they might do it again. Fear that is a outcome of your pain.

    Yes eventually or gradually that pain and fear will disappear, and you'll forget everything. You know what's ironic? You'll realize that, that's really the time you forgive, forgive not the person that did wrong to you, but yourself.

    Humans are so fascinating and intriguing at the same time. Sometime we thought we're still mad but still want them to be is, its because where not aware that we are controlled by our ulter ego. It's not bad it's natural. But always weight your decision.

    And lately, yes it's good to forgive, but don't let them make it a key pass for loop of action. Never take yourself for granted for giving the same person a forgiveness with the same mistake.
  23. David977

    David977 New Member

    Yes, I can.
    And I think that that is a problem.
    Someone can torment me for years on end like they did in school, and now when I meet then in the street I talk and smile and laugh.
    I should not even look at that person, I should not give the slightest care in the world about them.
    But no, everytime i meet them I just smile and talk like nothing ever happened.
    But I just can't go against my natural way of talking and conversing with people, its just how I am, and i really hate it.
    Sometimes I wish that I was born a little bit more evil.
    Atleast to just not forgive to people like that, but to completly cut the out of my life.
  24. luvrhej

    luvrhej New Member

    I can say I'm a kind of a person who easily to forgive, but hard to forget. For me what's done is done, but it takes time for me to forget because there is still " the feeling of hurtness'' hiding inside my heart. But I know when I forgive, I am at peace.
  25. JayianRhy2829

    JayianRhy2829 New Member

    Forgiveness can be hard if the pain was intensely felt and the one who did you wrong is a closest friend. As for me, I can easily forgive people who are not that close to me, an acquaintance I should say or just a stranger I just bump in on the streets. But those people who have my trust and respect, I admit it will never be that easy.

    It takes more than a week, a day or even a months and a year to trust someone. Like a roots that grows deeper in seasons, as trust widened it's roots, the more it is hard to ignore, forget and forgive when betrayal happens. What's even hard to accept is that you just have to forgive whether you like it or not to set yourself free from pain. If you have to question me what could possibly be done to forgive? I guess you just have to let the time set a pace. You don't have to 'force' yourself to forgive but rather teach yourself to accept all things that you can't change and let God handle the rest. Absorb it one step at a time and put in mind that it'll all comes to pass. Forgiveness is a process and not a quick product of acceptance. I may not easily forgive totally but I'm taking a step towards it.
  26. marvz0101

    marvz0101 New Member

    I can't easily forgive when somebody hurt me physically and emotionally to the point that it affects my way of life. Who can forgive so easily? Forgiving someone so easy is not forgiveness at all.
    Forgiveness demands time, and only time will tell when. And in order for you to do that is to heal, and nobody is healing in an instant. The process of healing must be done in order for us to forgive, no skipping.
    Forgiveness is up to us, because whether we like it or not.. we all have to move forward.
  27. In my experience , I can easily forgive. Even though I felt betrayed , hurt , pained , depressed , or stressed because of what they've done I could easily forgive them .
    How? I can easily forgive them if I can see and I can feel that they are really sorry and sincere. I know all of us are not perfect. And even I sometimes can't resist temptation. That's why I understand them as long as I can feel and see that they are really sorry and sincere I will choose to forgive them.
    Because if you plant an anger to your heart , In the end of the day . You're the loser.
  28. Karl Karl

    Karl Karl New Member

    Yes and no. It all comes down to mistake they have committed and the hurt brought about by it. If it a simple mistake, we can easily forgive and forget. But if it they hurt us so bad, we tend to get angry and hold a grudge. Sometimes it is not the act that hurt us, but the thought of what they have done. That is why it is quite hard for us to forgive. But in the end, let us move forward and go on with our lives. We can't do that by constantly remembering what they have done. Forgiving is not just about forgeting what they have dont to us. It is about accepting the hurt and letting go of the hate.
  29. Donna Sanchez

    Donna Sanchez New Member

    I do forgive easily but I can't forget. Especially if you're a member of my family or one of my closest friends it'll be very hard for me to forget what you did. Yes, I will forgive you but there will be scar in my heart. Maybe through time it will heal but the thought of hurting me stays. I am a very quiet and kind person but if you did something wrong I can say that in front of your face and make you realize what you did wrong. But who am I to hold a grudge towards someone? Every one commits something towards a person. That's how human nature works. A little negativity gives some spice to human life. It just depends on how you handle things. Spread the love.
  30. L. Lowery

    L. Lowery New Member

    It's easier these days, for me to forgive someone than when I was younger. I would be willing to forgive someone who hurt me but it would require me getting over being angry. Now that I'm older, more seasoned, even though I may still be angry at the person who wronged me, I can still forgive that person. I just don't think that you can forget what has happened. We do not have the luxury of choosing what gets ejected from our memory. God is the only one who has that ability. I don't believe the Sea of Forgetfulness is a metaphor, and He is the only one who knows where it is. Sometimes, what has happened, will run across my mind in a daydream. But I'm not continually bringing it up to the person, or to other people. I've stopped listening to people tell me if you didn't forget then you didn't forgive. Can I forgive you? Of course, I can. And if you're not sincere, or you're just playing me for a fool, ultimately you have to answer for that. But my part is done.

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