Can you give up soda pop?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by justusforus, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. justusforus

    justusforus New Member

    I am one of those folks that loves my cola and not the "diet" kind. I can't drink diet because it tastes like battery acid and gives me a head ache. I do know that the "fructose" in my "leaded" cola is keeping (and maybe adding) some pounds to my waist line. For now I will not diet since I can't give up the regular cola and my goal is to do the...gulp...plain water thing when I do. Has anyone had any luck or any suggestions to kick the habit and still want to get up in the morning?
  2. IkasRiver

    IkasRiver New Member

    Kicking the habit is entirely attainable. I would recommend that you don't try and quit the soda pop habit cold turkey. Try eliminating your intake gradually on a weekly basis until you are free. Although it's admirable to want to jump straight to the plain water thing, I think that water additives are worth considering. A lot of them come in a variety of flavors and have added vitamins for energy. Good luck on your mission!
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  3. afeyrer

    afeyrer New Member

    I really enjoy my soda especially at meal time. I do think that I could live without it if I wanted to. However my coffee first thing in the morning is another story. I love it and would not want to go without it. Now that summer is almost over I am going to have to slow down on my iced coffees. That has started to become a little to frequent in my diet.
  4. Coty

    Coty New Member

    Different methods work for different people and I think that has alot to do with how much soda you're drinking in a given day. For me, I was having only one a day. I just quit cold turkey, dealt with the headaches for a couple days and flushed my body with water. For someone who's drinking more than one per day, I'd recommend weaning back. Start by drinking everything you normally do MINUS one half of a soda. Each day, eliminate another half of soda until you're down to nothing.
  5. BCH

    BCH New Member

    I did completely give up pop several years ago. I am very much an "all-or-nothing" kind of person so when I decided at 16 that 2-3 litres of Sprite each day was too much I cut it out entirely and switched to orange cordial. After a few years I felt comfortable that I could have a drink of pop occasionally and it wouldn't be a big deal.

    Now if I ever reach for something fizzy I almost always take the diet option. I don't notice the difference in taste with many and in fact I even prefer diet options in some instances. Since I read a few studies that suggested that there are no causal links between diet carbonated drinks and cancer I see no reason to take the regular option any more.
  6. RickDeckard

    RickDeckard New Member

    After finding out the health risks associated with drinking soda on a regular basis, I was able to quickly stop my intake with no problems at all. However, I wasn't drinking soda quite as often as other people, so this may have something to do with it.

    Regardless, my advice to you would be to come up with a personal health plan for yourself. Rather than simply focusing on what you can't do, try to focus on what you want to do and what you want to accomplish! I've found that by focusing on the positive, it is much easier to obtain meaningful results.

    Also, it is very important to take things at your own pace. If you find that you can't give up drinking soda cold turkey, then don't do it! Focus instead on deceasing your intake gradually and reward yourself with each baby step taken. Progress, even in small increments, is still progress! The fun thing about taking one small step a day is that you will eventually find that you have travelled an immense distance all on your own.

    Good luck to you!
  7. Numericmama

    Numericmama New Member

    I was able to give up coke cold turkey. What worked for me was finding the underlying motivation that made me want to make the change. In my case the motivation was seeing my mother with the beginning signs of osteoporosis. I have enough of the risk factors for osteoporosis that removing carbonated drinks from my diet was a necessity.

    Removing soda left a big hole in my life. I used the sugar and caffeine as fuel. While I was drinking it, I would socialize with friends. It was very similar to a cigarette habit for me. So I did replace my soda intake with a cup of coffee and one sugar. That way I would still get my fuel needs met while I was also getting my social needs met.

    At some point, it would probably be healthier to switch to green tea and xylitol. However, I am not ready yet.

    Good luck!
  8. Sherrie Vee

    Sherrie Vee New Member

    Diet Coke tastes like soap to me! I can drink Diet Dr. Pepper but that's about it. I really love my Pepsi. I have such a hard time quitting soda it's ridiculous. It's the sugar and caffeine. I actually cut back on my sugar drastically and going through the withdrawals was worse for me than quitting smoking! Numericmama, that's what I did, it was my fuel. Now I just remind myself that water is actually better fuel for the body and try to just always have water by my side. And if it's really that much of a treat for you and it's that hard to stop, allow yourself a treat like once or twice a week. Soda should be a treat, not an every day all the time thing. When I taught myself that I stopped buying 12 and 24 packs of soda. Now when I want to satisfy that urge I just get a fountain drink :)
  9. penclay6

    penclay6 New Member

    I do not think that I can give up soda, it is probably what I drink the most. Soda is very refreshing and I only enjoy drinking it when it is cold. My favorite soda is called Squirt. I also enjoy drinking Pepsi and orange Fanta. The only soda I do not drink is Dr. Pepper because the taste is awful.
  10. jaybyrdn91

    jaybyrdn91 New Member

    I can almost feel the cold, bubbly, and refreshing taste of my favorite soda pop (Mountain Dew) as I just read your post. I too was once a soda pop fanatic, but I was one who would drink it daily and still complain about my larger than normal waste line. Motivation, along with a good substitute for soda pop, is key for cutting back successfully.
    My motivation was to loose that annoying bulge taking up my mid-section. I would try water and that would only work if I was participating in extremely active situations. I need more flavor than water can offer. Turning to one hundred percent juice seemed like a good idea to kick the habit. Once again, a complete failure because of all the bad carbohydrates and sugar associated with these products. Getting very discouraged I started drinking all natural iced tea. My mid-section was slowly disappearing, however, the cash in my wallet was as well.
    I then had an epiphany! I can still drink bland old water and not deplete my wallet if I add some flavor to it. I tried lemon juice, and that was just a sour experience all together. Finally, I found Crystal Light drink shots. They are similar to the MIO brand additives to water. The Crystal Light drink shots come in several flavors (mine personally being iced tea, mango, and pomtini).
    I found the ace-in-the-hole for me. I am losing weight and staying away from high fructose corn syrup soda pops. I hope that I can help you with this post. Just remember, stay motivated and keep searching for a healthier substitute and you will succeed!
  11. posti13

    posti13 New Member

    I am really in love with soda pop. The yummy sweet flavors just send my mouth into liquid overdrive. I think for me to give it up it would take a lot of tenacity and dedication. I mean Rome wasn't built in a day right? I know that it would be a great struggle, after all this is something I have enjoyed ever since I was young. It is part of my everyday liquid delicious consumption. I do think I could do it but of course time will be needed to break this temptingly yummy habit.
  12. pennyplportal

    pennyplportal New Member

    I liked how you put it - I can live without soda but not my coffee so I understand what you mean. I think you could start by reducing the amount you drink each time that you do and maybe try other things like flavored seltzer. It will be hard and frustrating but if you did it gradually and then eventually came to a point where you made a decision to stop you could definitely do it.
  13. Jeremy LAngdo

    Jeremy LAngdo New Member

    I think that its important to note the difference in health effects between Diet and Regular Coke/Pepsi/Etc. Most times, the diet version will contain aspartame. This substance is a proven neurotoxin, and makes the excess intake of plain old sugar look, well, not so bad.
  14. calebmelvern

    calebmelvern New Member

    I was able to eliminate cola in my diet many years ago. I still drink occasionally but I can absolutely say that I can live without ever drinking soda again. The key, in my opinion, is to learn how to say no. It always starts with yourself. You must have the determination if you really want to get rid of a certain habit. In this case, I suggest that you gradually reduce your soda intake until you are no longer craving for it. Just remember to construct a plan and stick to it.
  15. jackson chen

    jackson chen New Member

    I rarely have soda nowadays after moving into a healthier regime (diet/working out). I was motivated into training at the end of last year and in that time for around a six month period I barely touched and junk food and only ate healthy foods such as tuna/peanut butter/vegetables. After that six month period I didn't feel the need to eat or drink any junk food and I felt great about it. Nowadays I only have junk food once in a while as a treat for myself and I feel better about it.
  16. gooby

    gooby New Member

    Just drink more water, or you could even try zero calorie flavored water. Soda, whether it's diet or regular is just really bad for your teeth due to its acidity.
  17. DaanV

    DaanV New Member

    I haven't been drinking sodas for a long time now. I used to drink a whole bottle every day. When you see a lot of videos of people being in an amazing shape, you could get affected by it. For me it was a wake up call to start living healthier. So I gave up on that habbit and started drinking a lot of water to achieve my dream body.
  18. flipperchi

    flipperchi Member

    I actually stopped drinking soda about a year ago. At that time, I also decided to be vegan. I have to say that these were some of the best decisions I've made in my life. I feel better now than I did when I was eighteen.
  19. MamaThree

    MamaThree New Member

    I absolutely love soda, but I know there are serious health consequences from drinking it.
    Personally the only way that has ever worked for me is to quit cold turkey. I have tried in the past of just having one cup a day but that never seemed to work. When I quit all at one time I eventually lost the taste for it and it was much easier. Don’t get me wrong, the first few days without soda are very difficult. You may experience headaches, caffeine withdrawal, and overall mood swings. Once the cold turkey phase is done you’ll be back to your normal self, except without needing to drink soda or the common cravings for it.
  20. klsane

    klsane New Member

    We have been trying to cut back in my household and are finding it really hard too! I've starting buying some sparkling waters and seltzers instead, but he just can't stand that they aren't as sweet as regular soda. I did get him to switch to diet for the most part, but there are always still a few cans of regular soda rattling around in the fridge. Since we do the shopping together, I've been able to curb how much we buy at a time and kind of "ration" how much people are drinking on a daily basis. I keep telling them its about money and not their health so they don't think I'm nagging them to death - also makes them think its a treat, but they want it to last because we can't buy more right away!
  21. charma

    charma New Member

    Yes you can give it up gradually. If you're drinking more than 1 a day, try to cut back to just 1. You'll find yourself wanting it less and less.
  22. fuseuk

    fuseuk New Member

    I don't mind drinking it once in a while, (probably once a month maximum) but whoever drinks it daily like it's water is literally begging for diabetes.
    I used to drink it regularly a few years ago but since I've changed my diet to a healthier one I've gradually drank it less. I usally only drink water now
  23. Nikors

    Nikors New Member

    I could but it would take some effort, I can't deny that they are tasty but with enough willpower you could give them up in an instant, there are many natural juices out there that could replace Soda, I suggest that you invest in a Juicer and start making your own juice at home, it is much tastier than any artificial juice and it is also healthier! The best drink would have to be water, it is the most refreshing and healthy drink that you could possibly have.
  24. gates

    gates New Member

    I gave up soda a few years ago and literally watched the pounds start coming off, going from 185 to 140 in about a year. You may be able to lose weight faster by working out but the one thing in my diet was all I needed. I know it is hard at first to stop and if you find your self missing that fizzy goodness, you should try mixing a little carbinated water with purified water in a enclosable jar. Add fruit chunks of your choice and put it in your fridge for a day or so, after that you have a nice fizzy healthy sweet drink.
  25. mandienmaddie

    mandienmaddie New Member

    As a nursing mother, I wanted to monitor my caffeine intake, but with daily, chronic migraines, doctors are pushing the caffeine since it is preferable to drugs. I am feeling as though my soda addiction is out of control and expensive and am in the process of cutting WAY back, if not completely quitting! It is so difficult! I am aiming to drink at least 64 oz of water daily, with flavored mixes containing caffeine and vitamins. This is successful thus far, but I must say I never went to the bathroom nearly as often when I drank more soda! Water goes through me like
  26. Elizabethr6144

    Elizabethr6144 New Member

    I have actually done this before. On the road to a healthier lifestyle after having kids me and my husband decided that we were going to cut soda out of our lives and have been very successful with it. After ditching the stuff me and my husband not only lost a few pounds but also have discovered a whole new world of tea drinks and juices that are amazing and good for you. Also without all that sugar everyday you feel so much better, inside and out.
  27. Eva Pfromm

    Eva Pfromm Guest

    The only way I have ever been able to give up soda pop is quitting cold turkey. Once I have soda, I immediately crave more. I have to get into the mindset of wanting to become healthier, switching to juice, and eventually flavored water. The second that I taste soda pop again, it turns into months of binging before I feel too unhealthy to continue.
  28. B. Bailey

    B. Bailey New Member

    Diet sodas are actually worse for you! I cut out soda in high school mainly because my mom was an on again-off again dieter. I found that when I do drink soda, I prefer it flat because the carbonation almost feels likes burning. There are a lot of soda-like waters that are really good! Try CASCADE ICE. It's fruity, zero calories, and carbonated. It surprised me how good it was!
  29. TimmyH6

    TimmyH6 New Member

    Yes, you can give up soda. After years of drinking it, I decided to make an effort to stop and succeeded. Instead of going to the soda section of the store, I turned to bottled water and sports drinks. In an effort to get away from sugary drinks and save my teeth, I began to only drink water.

    I began to stop drinking soda because of my teeth, to avoid carbonated drinks and to cut down on the sugar. I also began to drink more water, because it helped me stay hydrated during intense workouts and on hot summer days.

    Giving up soda is not easy, because it tastes good and can usually be bought cheaper than other drinks, but it can be done and you will feel better after doing it.
  30. Shaper

    Shaper New Member

    Caffeine has its hooks deep in me. I can limit my soda intake by supplementing with coffee, I suppose. My best success in refusing the allure of caffeine was when I was involved in martial arts. At some point caffeine becomes an obstacle to the clarity and natural response that the sport requires. Unfortunately, I have become far less disciplined in my caffeine intake as I become older. Of the many vices that I've had caffeine is likely to remain the most persistent.

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