Can you give up soda pop?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by justusforus, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Jennifer Hook

    Jennifer Hook New Member

    I drank Pepsi and A & W for more years than I could count. It was my only vise as I don't smoke or drink so I didn't think I was committing any great sin. I was then diagnosed with a chronic pain illness and found out that sugar could be contributing to my levels of pain. So one day, along with wheat, milk, and meat, my soda drinking came to an end. Everything cold turkey and all at one time. Like a bandaid, peel it off quick. The headaches were horrible for a few days and I still crave bread as I can't find a gluten-free one that tastes anywhere near ok. But I have survived and no longer want the soda so it worked out alright for me in the end.
  2. dcom

    dcom New Member

    I actually prefer juice and water. However, I am more than willing to drink soda when the other two options are not available haha. So it would be pretty easy for me to never drink soda again if the time came. Now if you had said apple juice then I would have said no as that is my favorite beverage :cool:
  3. jessiccaa

    jessiccaa Member

    Nope!!!! I am addicted to diet coke. Its ridiculous. I think about when Im going to have my next diet coke and bring them with me to work and in the car and to other people's houses to make sure I get my fix. I got myself down from 3 cans a day to two for a short period of time and now I'm up to 4 a day! I think I'm going to try to go down to 3 and then 2 again. I saw that another person posted that they felt they didn't need soda when they were eating healthier and I feel the same way. When I eat really really healthy I just don't crave it. I plan to start eating healthier to help cut my cravings, and for other benefits and I also want to start substituting it with carbonated water. That has helped me in the past.
  4. Olivia W

    Olivia W New Member

    I have not had soda of any kind for almost 4 years. I started out just as you are except I didn't see a problem with drinking sodas. I joined a sports team in which one of the requirements was that sodas be cut out of our diet. I dropped sodas, and craved one for a while. About four months later, when the sport ended, I decided that I deserved a Dr. Pepper. I bought one and with my first drink realized they were no longer for me. The carbonation burned me and the thick beverage seemed like syrup in my mouth. You will eventually get to where they don't even appeal to you anymore.
  5. Joel Santana

    Joel Santana New Member

    I stopped drinking soda years ago and I'm sure my body is very happy about that. I do sometimes enjoy alcoholic beverages that come with soda but I try to avoid those as much as possible now. Soda is just extremely bad for your body - it's all sugar and leads to obesity. I have very sensitive teeth so I definitely should stay clear of soda for that reason alone. It really rots your teeth and stains them too!
  6. phea

    phea New Member

    I think of soda pop as something that makes me ugly and age really fast --- that way it loses its appeal. Soda is mainly sugar, it satisfies the taste but harms the body. There are other ingredients in soda that are harmful as well, like caffeine. This addictive ingredient keeps you from reaching for healthier options such as fruit juice and water. So, how about trying this trick if you want to be healthier: Put your fruit juice in an empty can of soda. Sounds kiddie-like, but it may work on adults who need to be coaxed into making better choices.
  7. DNaidoo

    DNaidoo New Member

    I have tried to cut down from drinking soda, but the farthest I could get is going from regular soda to diet. That was a bad mistake, because diet soda is actually worse for you than regular soda is. I'm hooked on the taste of diet soda to the point where I crave it now. The only problem is all the chemicals will do more harm to me than good. I've tried drinking water every time I get a craving, but that hasn't lasted long. I just need to find an alternative for when I get a craving of a flavored drink.
  8. Nikki Albert

    Nikki Albert New Member

    Not sure I could. I have been trying. I drink a lot of diet coke and have been trying to ween myself off of it. What I am doing is slowly adding in water and tea into the mix. So far up to 2-3 cups of tea and two bottles of water. Still a lot of diet coke. If you have not guessed I am constantly thirsty, so that is why I am not sure if I can kick it.
  9. Kacie Houser

    Kacie Houser New Member

    I gave up sodas almost a year ago during my last pregnancy, switching to "plain water", though I must admit I didn't give up my sweet tea! I was one of those people who really drank nothing BUT soda, so the caffeine withdrawals were brutal. I do still enjoy a nice, cold Mountain Dew from time to time, but I reach for the decaf stuff now since I am breastfeeding and caffeine makes my baby go WILD! Of course, caffeine now has a noticeable effect on myself as well, and if I'm not careful about when I drink it, I'll be up all hours of the night trying to wind down. Cutting out all but the very occasional soda has been the easiest way to restrict calories, too, so I call it a win-win!
  10. LadyofAxe

    LadyofAxe New Member

    I used to be so addicted to soda and other sugary drinks. In the past six months or so, I have finally been able to give up soda. It feels so empowering not to be addicted to those drinks anymore. In fact, the last few times I've ordered a soda out I have not finished it or even enjoyed it. Now I stick to water and a few organic protein drinks.
  11. upandonward53

    upandonward53 New Member

    I love "soda pop" and used to drink at least six 12 ounce bottles of coke per day, and I carried the weight to prove it. I still drink at least one 12 ounce bottle per week however would like to do away with it totally. The plan-to get back in the gym and give up all of my vices and learn some healthier coping skills!
  12. Danielle Powell

    Danielle Powell New Member

    To be honest, I actually think I could give up soda. I hardly ever drink the stuff and when I do, I only drink like, four flavors-root beer, Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb, Pepsi, and Sierra Mist. Sure I'd miss drinking it from time to time but it'd be a whole lot easier to give up than my juices and my teas!
  13. Cmpemczak

    Cmpemczak New Member

    Soda is one of those things that you know is bad for you but its so hard to resist sometimes! For instance - I love salty chips and the best thing is a Mountain Dew with it. However, I've learned that its better to drink the diet kind if I drink it at all. For completely giving up soda, I recommend staying away from craving triggers.
  14. Dustin Houghton

    Dustin Houghton New Member

    More and more we are learning that soda and other carbonated drinks have really close ties to increased weight, especially as you age. I used to drink soda all the time when I was younger and as I got older I have gradually cut it out of my life. I still have the occasional Jones Soda, but in general I do not drink soda anymore. This is especially true for diet sodas, which recent finding suggest increases your waist size even more than regular soda in elderly people.
  15. cmsal

    cmsal New Member

    You comment about diet sodas increasing waist size intrigued me. I just had to go and look up the recent research on this subject. Much to my surprise, your statement is true!

    According to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, a study shows that a soda drinking adult has triple the waist size compared to a non-drinking soda consumer. It boiled down to the culprit of artificial sweeteners.

    Thanks for the wake-up. I will definitely increase my water intake and lay off the diet soda. As I get older, it is not time to increase the risk of unnecessary health risks.
  16. Lovie Grams

    Lovie Grams New Member

    YES! Everyone should give up something that you drink & can clean acid off of a car's a no brainer. Sugar is so bad for you & there is TONS of it in soda. If you haven't seen the documentary The Weight of the Nation you should. It shows how our children are in crisis because of the horrible way they eat now a days. Constantly eating fast food & sugary junk is causing our kids to have heart disease, diabetes & not to mention extremely over weight. Children with adult health issues have the same death issues & that's no good for our future. So put the can of soda down & enjoy the fresh taste of H2o...shaken not stirred.
  17. mbles

    mbles New Member

    I do not drink soda a lot. I could live without it for several days but the thought of not having a soda never again just makes me want to have soda all the time. Therefore I would never quit drinking it but maybe not buying it as often could be a good idea to improve my health.
  18. hcase

    hcase New Member

    Regarding the gluten free bread, I am gluten intolerant and I hated the bread that I was offered. It was dense and nothing like white bread. That was until I found KINNIKINNICK bread. It is the best! It's fluffy and tastes like white bread. They also sell bagels, cookies, and bread crumbs. I would recommend that you look them up online.
  19. ifonlyitwas

    ifonlyitwas New Member

    Yes, I definitely could give up soda. I have done it in the past for over a year and a half. I have found that once you are about 2 to 3 weeks out, it isn't nearly as bad to go without it. It is more of a habit for me to have my Sprite than an absolute must have.
  20. 111kg

    111kg New Member

    I don't drink coffee, unfortunately, therefore I need some source of energy. Most of the time I only drink diet coke, as I don't want too much sugar in my blood (diabetes runs in my family). It's a funny thing, now that I think at it: I drink diet coke so I can get to learn more and then I drink diet coke in order to have energy during my dieting periods (I always gain a lot of weight when the finals are coming). Need to stop somehow...
  21. Kewl

    Kewl New Member

    It is possible to give up cola. For the majority of my life, I have been addicted to a certain brand of cola. Several times, I have tried to kick my habit. I would try to wean myself off, but each time, after a few weeks, I would find myself drinking as much, if not more of it again. However, two years ago, I decided to try to break the habit by complete abstinence. I substituted water infused with mint, lemon, or ginger. In addition, I would take frozen berries and water and blend them together. I am not sure why this time it worked, but I believe it was because I was not allowing myself even the smallest amount. I have felt so much healthier since then.
  22. Amy Wilson

    Amy Wilson New Member

    I developed an addiction to Pepsi Max for five or so years, but managed to quit recently. Getting a serious kidney infection and struggling with the household budget made me quite literally tip several 2 litre bottles of Pepsi down the sink. It turns out that caffeine and phosphoric acid are terrible on your kidneys and bladder and can make UTIs more painful in women.

    What worked for me was cold turkey, replacing my soft drink consumption with cordial. As of late, I've been replacing the cordial with water, which I now find I enjoy the taste of.
  23. Insane Potatoe

    Insane Potatoe New Member

    My suggestion would be to buy a set amount of Soda to last you a certain amount of time. If you run out before that time, too bad, you'll have to make do with juice or water. Over time, lessen the amount you buy, eventually, you'll get to one or two cans/bottles per week. By then, it should be easy to start mixing it with water or what have you.

    I don't really have a soda problem, I usually drink water, and only drink juice or Ginger Ale once in a while, if I feel like I've got an electrolyte imbalance, or if my tummy hurts for some reason. Any other sodas is just a treat.
  24. Masonry83

    Masonry83 New Member

    It's so hard to kick the addiction. I feel bad for you. That carbonation itself becomes addictive. Maybe even more so than the sugar. What I did to quit was I had one day where I drank all the pop I had left in the house and started drinking water with lemon. It really sucked for the first few days, especially getting over the caffeine addiction, but it seems to have worked for me. Been a few months now.
  25. ClearCover15

    ClearCover15 New Member

    I absolutely can give up soda. I rarely drink it as is, but occasionally enjoy a Sprite. While I enjoy Sprite, Pepsi, and Coke, I'm just not hooked on any of them. My eating habits are not the best, but I have conquered my soda intake. It's now very easy for me to ask for water over a soda. I think if you are tempted to drink soda, try drinking sparkling water with flavor aids added instead. Some times all we really want are the bubbles that soda offers, so sparkling water is a great alternative. Another alternative is sparkling apple cider. I love it!
  26. Flazky

    Flazky New Member

    I think soda pop is just a phase. I was very addicted to all kinds when I was younger and had to drink at least 2 or 3 cans a day. Now that i'm older, me and my teeth regret ever picking up a can! I now drink exclusively water, tea and black coffee and can say I've lost a significant amount of weight and feel much less bogged down.
  27. morganlhoooper

    morganlhoooper New Member

    I absolutely love a regular Coke. I do not drink it constantly; I prefer maybe one can/bottle a day, or when we go out to a restaurant. Recently I decided I wanted to start a diet and exercise plan and one of my goals was to cut out soda completely. It has not been so hard like I thought it would be. I have been experiencing headaches that I believe are because I have cut out the caffeine from the Cokes. I take two Tylenol when they occur and try to drink as much water as I can. If you do not like plain water like I don't, then try flavored water. If you find that infusing your water with fruit is too time consuming or difficult, try the Propel flavoring water packets you can buy at a grocery store. They help tremendously.
  28. labreaoshea

    labreaoshea New Member

    Yes, I can give up soda pop. It would be easy for me because I don't purchase soda pop and I rarely drink it. I am more of a water or juice person. When I go out to eat, I might enjoy a soda but on most occasions I end up with a lemonade or nice, cold glass of water.
  29. Alfredo Camacho

    Alfredo Camacho New Member

    Soda is so awful and unhealthy. I am a visual person so I researched the ingredients and the actual effects that soda has on our bodies and that alone made me stop drinking soda. Soda has literally no nutritional value and is just liquid sugar which the body metabolizes into fat immediately after consumption. I drink fruit water and unsweetened teas. A good substitution is mashing blueberries or raspberries in unsweetened soda water and drinking that if you miss the fizziness of soda.

    I recommend doing research and that should motivate people to stop.
  30. NickiTikiTavi

    NickiTikiTavi New Member

    I have never been a serious soda drinker. I would have one with a fast food meal or at a restaurant, but for the most part I didn't drink it often. So, when I decided to start getting healthy cutting soda was easy for me to do but I sadly didn't have the drastic (and immediate) weight loss that most soda drinkers experience when cutting it from their diet.

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