Can you give up soda pop?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by justusforus, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. RacerGrey

    RacerGrey New Member

    I don't drink any soda as it is. Its very unhealthy and can lead to forms of diabetes. Just drink a glass of ice cold water,its much much better. You can also try juices like V8,or regular fruit juices like apple, orange, etc. Now a soda every now and then isn't bad, you just can't be the one person guzzling them down daily.
  2. Haleigh Hudson

    Haleigh Hudson New Member

    I actually have been soda free for three years! I used to go to Sonic every single day and get a "happy hour" 32 oz. Coke. I don't drink diet either! I still find myself wanting one despite not having one for three years. My biggest motivator has been it being a competition with my mom! Neither of us wants to be the first to crack!
  3. HelenaJackson

    HelenaJackson New Member

    I was an avid soda drinker from birth! I grew up drinking Pepsi and 7-Up. Kool-Aid was the only other drink, with the exception of milk and the occasional fruit juice. So giving up soft drinks was not going to be an easy task!

    At this time of posting, I've been off of sodas for approximately four months. Believe or not, I neither crave it nor miss it at all. I had a taste of Coke a few weeks ago that my friend offered. The taste was sooooo sweet and I couldn't finish it! I've since gave up most sugared drinks, including the "healthy" alternatives and just stick to black coffee, unsweetened teas and water. With all the flavors of teas available today, I'm rarely bored with my beverage choices.
  4. christi71

    christi71 New Member

    I gave up sodas for almost 3 months one time. The craving went away and I drank only water!! But then one day I caved..and now back to having one a day.
  5. lia.voigt

    lia.voigt New Member

    I barely ever drink soda so for me it would be an extremely easy thing to give up however if I had to give up something I drink regularly such as juice or coffee I would be a wreck. I do however think that it is possible by finding a replacement and slowly weaning off of the drink.
  6. Mandoli

    Mandoli New Member

    Sixteen days ago, I was drinking soda after soda. I started a diet, and this is what I've learned:

    It's okay to have one or two sodas a day. My limit is one, but I don't want to have any more than what I'm allowing myself to have. I'm drinking waters and seltzers whenever I need a drink, and some of the water bottles I have all over the place were filled with low-calorie drink packets.

    Sure, it's not as exquisite as everyone else in my house, but at least it's better for me than downing caffeine all the time.
  7. Meagan Lind

    Meagan Lind New Member

    I stopped drinking soda in high school when I learned that plain coke-a-cola is used to remove blood from the asphalt roads when there has been an accident. I think there are a lot of other things about coke (and probably other plain soda) too that sound very revolting and detrimental to health. I think I read once that it can be used to clean the bowl of a toilet. Maybe look up the health factors about what soda does to the inside of the body and maybe that will be a further motivating factor.

    As for what to drink in the morning, you could try drinking soothing warm tea. I prefer herbal teas because I don't like caffeine, and herbal teas are very alkalizing for the body rather than acidic, but if you want caffeine, there is green tea which has a lot of health benefits as well and of course black tea has caffeine in it too. I personally don't recommend going and developing an addiction to caffeine though, so drinking caffeinated tea in moderation is best.

    Depending on the soda flavor you like, you could replace the soda with a flavorful tea as there are many different flavors available. If you want the sweetness without the health side effects of sugar, try sweetening the tea with pure stevia leaf. This can usually be found at a grocery store and usually always at a health food store. Ideally, using stevia with no extra additives (double check the ingredients list) is best, and only a little is needed as it's sweetness is more concentrated than sugar. Some teas come with stevia leaf included in the tea bag, so check the ingredients list and you might not need any stevia for sweetness unless you like a lot of sweet flavor.

    To further wake up in the morning, you could decide on an activity to do in the morning that excites and energizes you. This could be a hobby, some form of exercise, watching the sunrise, or whatever you can think of that will help you feel excited and refreshed to greet the day.
  8. shaytiffany

    shaytiffany New Member

    A couple of years ago, I had one major thing affecting my health: Pepsi
    Yes, I said Pepsi. I mean I was REALLY addicted to Pepsi. I literally had to have a Pepsi almost everyday. Some nights, I would get up through the night to drink Pepsi. It was so bad. I could not believe how quickly this habit came on me. I say this because I always exercise and/or walked at least 30 minutes a day. So I tried not to drink or eat too many unhealthy things. I believe my addiction started with a lot problems and emotional baggage that I was carrying at that time. I never drank alcohol, drugs, or even smoked cigarettes. One day, I bought a Pepsi it made me feel better. I mean it felt like all my pain just stopped. After that, I found myself turning to Pepsi for all my problems. At that time, I was single parent working two jobs trying to keep our lives afloat.

    How do you kick the habit of drinking soda? I woke up one day and said enough is enough. At first, I tried to cut back and just drink Pepsi every other day. Next, I tried to drink juice in place of the Pepsi. Ok, none of this worked for me. I was still craving the soda. After much consideration, I decided to just go cold turkey. IT WAS VERY HARD TO DO. However, each time the cravings for Pepsi would start back-up, I would say to myself you are killing yourself. Is Pepsi more important than your life? Do you want the soda more than being healthy? I battled with the cravings for approximately 4 months. Now five years later - I still do not drank Pepsi. I honestly believe if I drink a Pepsi today, I will be right back craving it all the time - I cannot afford to go through that again.
    Side note: I also ate sunflower seeds or nuts when I was very tempted to grab a Pepsi.
  9. aauuppaa

    aauuppaa New Member

    Yeah I can definitely give up soda. As I was growing up, my parents rarely bought soda, so it wasn't really something I had a lot. I had soda around 1 or 2 times a month. Soda is really good, but after reading about how bad it is for you I've stopped drinking it completely. I've been soda free for around 8 months now and it feels good knowing I'm not putting junk into my body.
  10. Amber Pressley

    Amber Pressley New Member

    I believe you should just quit cold turkey. Like most habits, it seems impossible, like you'll need some magical solution to quit, but you should just stop drinking the soda. Once you've become used to it, you'll realize that it is not so bad, and you won't miss it.
  11. lolly81

    lolly81 New Member

    I love soda (diet kind). I gave it all up during my pregnancy and didn't really miss it that much. I would have a root beer occasionally instead of an alcoholic beverage, but I otherwise didn't have soda for 10 months. I'm back to two-three a day, and honestly can't think of why I didn't just stay away. Water makes me feel so much better.
  12. bacon.j

    bacon.j New Member

    I gave up soda around 6 months ago and it has made a drastic difference in my workouts and my weight loss. I can't say that giving up soda is a magic cure for a spare tire but it can definitely help. Those liquid calories add up in a hurry, the sugar in soda spikes your insulin levels and makes it harder to build muscle and over time can really damage your pancreas and ruin your insulin resistance which is really important when trying to stay healthy.
    It wasn't easy for me to give up but a major part of the addiction is the caffeine. Caffeine isn't all bad though, do some research and take a caffeine supplement or a pre-workout that contains caffeine, it can be a really helpful part of a weight loss program and can give you a little boost when it comes time for your workout :) Good Luck and drink tons of water. (oh and if you want to add a little flavor to your water Crystal Lite drink powder is a good way to go, 0 calories and nice flavor)
  13. Amanda Marie

    Amanda Marie New Member

    The last time that I drank soda was 6 years ago. I hate the feeling of my teeth afterwards and I don't crave it at all. I think it was easier for me to stop because my dentist would always scare me with the side effects. The only soda I occasionally drink is Ginger Ale, and that is usually when I have a mixed drink. Also it is very rare that I am having Ginger Ale anyway.
  14. amegbert15

    amegbert15 New Member

    About four years ago I use to always drink pop. I would have about two Diet Cokes everyday. During the fall of my freshman year of high school, I gave up sodas and would only drink water. I haven't had a single sip of pop since then. It wasn't really that difficult to give it up, except for the fact that water doesn't have any flavor and I felt as if I needed something flavorful in order to enjoy what I was drinking. Fast forward four year, I am a freshman in college and I live off water. The best way to kick the habit is to quit cold turkey. If you try to ease yourself off, you'll find yourself going back into a cola slump.
  15. 1bizlady

    1bizlady New Member

    Yes as I have already given up soda pop. Strangely, I did not drink pop in college but developed a habit for diet soda when I started working on the East coast. Erroneously, I thought diet soda was better for me than regular soda. After I started reading about all the toxic chemicals, I realized that I was harming my health and last year I gave up diet soda. I must admit that I do not miss it. Now, I drink more water and when I want added flavor, I add fresh fruit to my water or I make cucumber water as it really hydrates.
  16. Dumuzi

    Dumuzi New Member

    I gave up electricity for almost six years! As a consequence of that I had no refrigerator and no ice. Warm soda is easy to give up. But I did not really give up soda during that time. On most trips to town or the village, I would buy a cold bottle of soda. So you could say I really cut back on my soda consumption. On the other hand, I am now completely addicted to tea. I make about two large pots of tea a day and drink all of it. I get headaches that are terrible if I do not get my tea.
  17. destinyisntfree

    destinyisntfree New Member

    Giving up soda for me was actually fairly easy. I mean, I guess I was never really that big of a soda drinker to begin with. What has been harder for me to give up has been my Red Bull and coffee. My family fairly recently acquired a Sodastream and now I just make tea and use the Sodastream to carbonate my home-brewed iced tea. I get the carbonation and the caffeine without all of the chemicals in soda.
  18. brittoid

    brittoid New Member

    I was able to quit it completely when I realized how many calories I was consuming a day. I try to stick to about 1200, and one can of Coke is 250! It freaked me out. And then my brother pointed out that a can of Coke could melt the acid off a battery, and I realized it had to be destroying my teeth. I quit cold turkey, and dealt with the headaches using Motrin. It took a couple weeks, but I got through it, and you can too!
  19. ldehg

    ldehg New Member

    I gave up soda pop (specifically Coke) and juice by drinking a healthy beverage called Good Girl Moonshine (GGMS). I basically water, with a little apple cider vinegar, ginger, and flavorings. The vinegar and ginger give the drink a little kick and also help with weight loss. Here's my favorite recipe I make this every night a put it in the fridge so that I have a cold glass waiting for me the next morning. I haven't had Coke in over a month, and I don't miss it!
  20. Jes3

    Jes3 New Member

    Please google "Water Kefir". Water Kefir can be flavored with any fruits or edible flowers, to suit your taste. It is a fermented, probiotic beverage made with sugar (don't worry, this gets converted), water and Water Kefir "grains". The SCOBY or "Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast" convert the sugar used to feed them into a highly health-packed and beneficial beverage. Doing a second ferment in an airtight container creates the carbonation that we soda lovers crave. It would take me forever to tell you everything great about water kefir and the way to prepare, so, I'll leave that little bit of research up to you. Good luck!
  21. RoguesHarbor

    RoguesHarbor New Member

    I have and continue to drink water exclusively. During my childhood and early teens I drank many cans of various sodas a day. I remember making the transition first from soda to flavored water, seltzers, and sports drinks such as Propel. It helped to still have something flavorful so my taste buds didn't feel so deprived. After a while I cut those gateway drinks out as well and stuck to good old H20. I may have a sip or two of someone's soda a few times a year if I get curious, but I find them entirely too sweet now.
  22. MzBaker

    MzBaker New Member

    We all have opinions, but I will never give up my soda! I do drink it occasionally and I do drink diet! It doesn't have aspartame and honestly if it did I wouldn't care. Pretty much everything that comes packaged and made at a facility is full of fake crap none of us should be digesting! But anyways I love my soda! PS I used to weigh almost 370 lbs! I quit sugary pop, started with the aspartame pops and crystal light. I lost over 40lbs in 3 months! It's been over a year now and over 120 lbs down! Pop is bad, but it's not so much the pop, it's the sugar & carbs that make you gain! Sugar is the culprit! It will pack the weight on and it will cause heart disease, not good fats! I know and have learned from life experience. Eating 60% carbs and following the food pyramid to a T to try and change my life. Never worked! I quit listening to everyone and did my own thing!
  23. jannanichols

    jannanichols New Member

    Diet sodas are worse for you than the regular kind. Aspartame is just awful for you. I also would suggest weaning down one by one. I love sprite and occasionally still drink it while at a restaurant for my drink as a treat. I did just stop buying soda. I do not buy sparkling water either as most of these have some sort of chemical additive that is harmful. The chemicals in these cause headaches and other side effects for me. Replace the soda with more water and flush it out. Cravings will reduce.

    But I'm with you on the coffee. I have cut back on that but can't go without my wake up cup.
  24. MzBaker

    MzBaker New Member

    Sugar is horrible for you too! Aspartame hit the internet and went viral and realistically has no real history like sugar does. Sugar has years upon years of proving what it can do to our bodies! Enjoy!
  25. sking6

    sking6 New Member

    I will binge drink soda, and then I will feel the need to give it up. I have gone 3 months without so much as a sip of soda. I always quit drinking soda cold turkey, which means the worst headache and lack of energy for about four days. Once I get past the headache and lack of energy and sleepiness I start feeling really good. I think my lack of a good diet always brings me back to drinking soda. If you are wanting to quit my suggestion is to ease into, unless you are a G like me. If you drink multiple sodas a day everyday start with limiting yourself to one soda a day then a few sodas week, then give up all dark sodas, and eventually you won't really crave them. Giving up soda for me was what I imagine a mild detox is like. Headache and fatigue are the withdrawal symptoms. It is totally worth giving them up, I just have to find the motivation again.
  26. LaurRne14

    LaurRne14 New Member

    Giving up soda is a very attainable goal! I gave up soda for life on April 1, 2003, so it's been 12 years now, and I haven't looked back. I honestly consider it to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. At the time, I was looking to make healthier choices and I wanted to give up something that I thought was truly possible to give up over the long term. I was tired of making healthy resolutions only to go back on them in the days or weeks ahead. Soda, I thought, was actually attainable to give up and I'm so glad I did. It seems almost every week or two there is a news story about the empty calories in sugary drinks, the cancer causing properties of diet drinks, etc. and I just sit back and am even more thankful I don't drink it.

    The cravings were hard in the first few weeks, and even months, but having good alternatives made a big difference. I often drank iced tea and even better, I now drink a lot more water. Occasionally I would have cravings for root beer, which is weird because I didn't often drink root beer even when I was drinking soda. I think I crave it because it is very sweet and has such a distinguishable and memorable taste. Oh well, no root beer for me and I'm better for it! Good luck on your journey to deciding if giving up soda is right for you!
  27. thebenlong

    thebenlong New Member

    I used to have a strong addiction to soda. Mountain Dew was my weak point. Every chance I had to drink Mountain Dew, I would seize the opportunity. I found myself dehydrated most of the day and feeling sluggish. I did some research to see how bad soda is for the body. The scientific results scared me into giving soda up. The first week of quitting soda, I would experience consistent migraines. The migraines were miserable, but I stayed strong and got through it. About two or three weeks in, I felt better than I ever had in my life. I have saved a substantial amount of money from not buying soda. The day I quit drinking soda was the best day of my life.
  28. Tezel Smith

    Tezel Smith New Member

    I can definitely give up soda, I'm not a big fan anyway, I prefer natural juices, where I'm from (in the Bahamas) we have a lot of options to choose from, so soda isn't a hard thing to step away from.
  29. bathologiebylisaz

    bathologiebylisaz New Member

    Our household gave up on soda a few years ago. We used to purchase it every week as our teens had their friends over most week-ends and that is what they all wanted. Once our kids graduated and the friends stopped spending every week-end here, we just decided we did not want to have it around. We will still drink one very occasionally if we are going out, or want to make a mixed drink!

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