Can you leave your house without your cellphone?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by Anjelica Abucejo, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. meaesteves878

    meaesteves878 New Member

    I will not leave our house without checking if I already have my phone with me because I communicate with my parents and colleagues using my phone. Without it I cannot determine where should I meet them and where are they. I cannot entertain myself if I don't have my phone because sometimes I use my phone to entertain myself especially if I'm bored. And if ever I forget something in our house I use my phone to text my mom if she can bring my things in the office. Without cell phone we cannot access to other people especially during an emergency.
  2. Alamat

    Alamat New Member

    Yes, I can.

    If there will come a time that I will lose my Cellphone and have some important meetings to attend at that very moment... I’ll leave my house without it.

    There are still some other ways for us to communicate with our family, friends & co-workers:

    · I may just bring my Planner Organizer that has records of my important contacts.

    · I still believe & hope that there are still some good people out there that will let me borrow their Cellphone.

    · And also an Internet Cafe: We can always go online by going into an Internet Cafe.

    Again, can I leave my house without my Cellphone? Yes, I can.
  3. Marvin05

    Marvin05 New Member

    No! I can not leave my house without my Cellphone. We all know that cellphone is the basic communicating device that we have now. It's very important not to leave your cellphone because what if a important call is a coming and you missed that call or your family is in trouble and they can't contact you. It is better to carry your with you for emergency purpose and cellphone makes a lot for our daily living.
  4. Onigece

    Onigece New Member

    I can't, else I will miss important phone calls and messages. As if cellphone is my mouth, no cellphone no communication. Aside from my phone is my watch replacement, reminder, map and it can take away boredom.
  5. otepenyo

    otepenyo New Member

    In my every day to day life then no i couldn't live without one, a while back my home landline was getting rang lots by kids in the middle of the night as a prank i therefore put my answering machine on all the time so i never answer the line i instead just pick up my messages and respond to the ones i feel need a response.

    Because of this my mobile is the only way anyone can get hold of me, well there is email but there again thats only when i can get to a computer and check it so it is no difference to the answering machine.

    Now if i am in a dead zone then tough i am in a dead zone if i have to make a call then i have to move to a place where i can get a signal if im in a dead zone and someone calls me then my philosophy is "if it is important they will call back later".

    If i went on holiday then i turn my mobile phone off and leave it at home as i am on holiday and have no intention of speaking to anyone except the staff at the hotel or whoever i am on holiday with if someone from home needs to speak to me urgently there are things called airplanes they can get on to come and find me.

    Hope this helps.
  6. jagcer

    jagcer New Member

    To be honest Yes but it would be difficult, because you might possibly worry that no one can reach you because you left your phone. Someone might call you and you wont even know whats going on your phone.
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  7. JiLL1987

    JiLL1987 New Member

    I can't leave our house without my phone intentionally because this is the only way I can contact my family. I would have many difficulties without it. My family knows that they can send a text or call me if they need something. Though mobile phones may be important not a necessity like oxygen or food that you can't survive without. It's just that, when one has a mobile phone, that person is expected to be easily reached.
  8. Adirad1994

    Adirad1994 New Member

    yes I can, I have left my phone more than once. I have left it at home. I have left it in my dorm room or in the car. I have never left my phone in a public place.
  9. JackOAT

    JackOAT New Member

    I cannot leave our house without bringing my cellphone with me because I don't want my family members, close friends and love ones to worry about me as to my whereabouts should they want to reach me by phone. It is very important to carry my phone wherever I am to have easy access, prevent anxieties and misunderstanding with each and every member of the family, close friends and love ones and most importantly should there be emergencies or unexpected incidents in the house when I'm not around.

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