Can you live with out internet ?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by paopao1824, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. paopao1824

    paopao1824 New Member

  2. Yes. But not for long.
  3. jerichomendoza2

    jerichomendoza2 New Member

    It's similar to this question: “Can pets live without humans nowadays?”

    The answer is: 100% Yes

    Life moves on no matter what.

    We don't have internet doesn't mean we don't have books. Books bring us knowledge — just like the internet.

    We don't have internet doesn't mean the doomsday is about to come. You can learn survival skill from your parents or your grandparents.

    I agree that living without internet in the 21st century is hard but we have missed a lot of beautiful moments around us because of the Internet.
  4. aneworjin

    aneworjin New Member

    It might be simplier if we are living withot the internet. I can still manage to do my daily life.
  5. zenithboi

    zenithboi New Member

    The world is now a global village, so living without Internet is like staying in darkness.
  6. kazthered

    kazthered New Member

    Haha, barely. We've all gotten so used to checking our phones multiple times throughout the day or watching YouTube... I can, if I had to. I wouldn't choose to though. The advantages are too many.
  7. MissMori

    MissMori New Member

    No. I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. I love that whatever information I'm looking for is at my fingertips. I love that I can learn anything from the internet. I hate that the internet is cluttered with so much garbage.
  8. sabur2000

    sabur2000 New Member

    I could definitely live without the internet because the internet is not one of my necessities that I need to survive. The question itself is not very applicable though because the internet is used for many things. For example, in my college I have to use the internet to access assignments and tasks. There are also many other important things that the Internet is needed for.
    If I did not have the internet, there would also be many resources unavailable to me and I would not be able to learn a lot of things that I know today.
    All in all, I could survive without the internet, but it does play a very important role in my life.
  9. sundarposts

    sundarposts New Member

    In this day and age, living without being connected to the internet is highly impossible. If we look around us and we will realize, we are connected to the internet almost in all the places and through all the important gadgets we use. Internet is no more a comfort, it's a need.

    This is the age of intenet. Almost all places from schools, hospitals, airports shopping malls, theatres for their activities like online registration, online orders, ticket bookings, patients getting medical advices use the internet. We carry internet everywhere with our smartphones. We are connected to the internet 24/7.

    We are so used to internet that life will be cumbersome without it. Internet makes our life so easy and fast. Without it we will be as good as stone Age.
  10. thisrandomguy

    thisrandomguy New Member

    I mean I could.. but what the hell would I do? Stare at the wall the entire day? Yeah that aint happening, I'm keeping my internets <3
  11. dasquire60

    dasquire60 New Member

    Yes, Internet is not a necessity, but if you will ask that question to a gamer or someone who uses it for business or a student who badly needed it for her report. Then the answer will be the opposite.
  12. RonnieG

    RonnieG New Member

    The internet is still just a few years old and people did just fine without it. Only problem is we would have to bring back phone books lol.
  13. Quintin99

    Quintin99 New Member

    Definitely Not! Almost every possible thing in this world of ours is structured on or around the internet. Business transactions, Markets, Entertainment, Information, even food these days, require some level of internet intervention.
  14. JaneBosch

    JaneBosch New Member

    I might be able to live without the internet. It would be a very miserable time, though!
  15. mcmLiyamcm

    mcmLiyamcm New Member

    People can still live without the internet, but it would not be as comfortable as we are used to. I remembered as a student, I needed to do research in the school library for hours and had to browse the books one by one. But nowadays, I imagine students could simply use the internet and they could come by with pertinent information, but you have to check the credibility of the website and even the author first.

    One feature of the internet is that it allows us to do multi-tasking, like paying the bills while watching some movies online or reading news articles while sitting on a train commuting to work. I can say that the reason why people rely on the internet is that it gives us more time to allow things that matter to us.

    We can live without the internet, but we will surely suffer. We will do things manually just like reading the news, you have to buy the newspaper from the newspaper stand, waiting for the taxi to pass by your location rather than booking in advance via mobile app, and even calling your relatives long-distance that pay every minute rather than the unlimited video calls. So, I can say that we are lucky to be living in the internet era.
  16. Carlo28

    Carlo28 New Member

    Nope. For the last 10 years I have been using the internet as a source for information, sometimes this is vital information about phone numbers, location of places and breaking news alerts, and sometimes I am just surfing the net in search of some product or service that I think would be nice for me to get.
  17. Victorolamide

    Victorolamide New Member

    living in this earth without internet is jus as if I am in dungeon
  18. iamwil101

    iamwil101 New Member

    Yes. I have my books in my room it could be my world if there is no internet. I like reads books specially novels and textbooks related to accounting because that is my course. Internet is addictive but I trained myself to read books in order for me to become more intelligent person.
  19. CaptainDee

    CaptainDee Member

    Honestly speaking, yes I can live without internet. Everyone can live without internet. Our early ancestors lived without internet. They travel and explore the world without internet. They discover things without internet. They find answers without internet. They can before, then I can also.
  20. monkee

    monkee New Member

    No, not now. I wouldn't die without it but most of the important stuff is done online. Even when I go shopping I look at the bargains online so I know what to buy and can get away quickly.I never had as much contact with my family as when Facebook came along with it's messenger. Now my son is away at university 200 miles away I can still speak to him every day with no hassle, just drop him a message or reply to his and it just sits there until we see it.
  21. laiza2019

    laiza2019 New Member

    In my own point of view, Yes i can live without internet. I was born on 1994, at that time in our place there is no internet. During my childhood years we don't have gadgets, so we spend our leisure time playing locomotor games or in Philippines we called it "larong lahi". It is very fun at the same time it can enhance or boost your mental, social, intellectual and physical skills.
  22. akabaned

    akabaned New Member

    Sure, it would be as good as a life but I mean I could still breath and eat so living sure now would it be the most tragic thing that has ever happen in my life and for the whole human race.
    I at least would have lost almost everything without internet, friends, money, my music. the internet has made our lives so comfortable buying thing online, reading news, watching tv, learning, making social life, even finding love now this day.
    whit out a single doubt the internet is the biggest invention in modern times, we could live whit out but I would be such a different life I guess like the time of our grandparents.
  23. benz2694

    benz2694 New Member

    There's certainly a life without internet, it's just we're dependent on the "instant" that technology has given to us and being able to live through virtual life rather than the reality. It might be sad, but you can change this perspective that "we can't live without internet" just by starting with yourself.
  24. dessdlmm

    dessdlmm Member

    Yes. Because I lived already without internet before. Only the love of my parents and faith on God is the source of my strength.
  25. kayeriego01

    kayeriego01 New Member

    Living without internet from thesedays is very hard
  26. rdezjoyce

    rdezjoyce Member

    Can live without it but not a day. A couple of hours at most.
  27. Niyo09

    Niyo09 New Member

    Technically, we can.

    Internet isn't a fundamental need like food, clothing or shelter.
    However, speaking from a realistic perspective and from this day and age.
    I can say it is extremely hard and almost impossible to survive without it.

    Most of us spend most of our time online and many businesses are even run right on the internet so the internet is a fundamental part of our lives as well.

    Personally, I must use the internet every single day in order to feel like myself.
  28. itsmaurine

    itsmaurine New Member

    Yes definitely,because when I was just a little girl I am comfortable in just reading books or playing inside the house. Living without internet is a not hard task to do so,cause with or without it you can live your life to the fullest depends on how you will do it.It's not the end if you have no internet in your house,work or school,it is not a reason to stop on what you are working off,hence it is just a tool to ease the difficulties that you are encountering whether for school works,research about something that you are curious about or means of communication with other people that are far from you.Internet just ease the lives of people but living without it can be more productive for it can strengthen your personality and physical skills.
  29. arz

    arz New Member

    Yes I do, I used not having an internet when I’m in my parents hometown. So technically speaking I could live without it!
  30. roddyrodrods1

    roddyrodrods1 New Member

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