Can you live with out internet ?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by paopao1824, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. kirayana

    kirayana New Member

    Technically, since the internet is not necessary for survival, I can live without the internet. However realistically, I don't believe I can. The internet is where I keep in touch with current friends, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends. It is where I do research and gain information. It is where I find entertainment. At this point, I almost live on the internet. Given the impact that the internet has had on my life, living without it would not be ideal.
  2. Shai12

    Shai12 New Member

    Well, the internet is not necessary for us we don't need it in order to keep us going strong to live. Back then our ancestral was able to survive and even lived longer than nowadays without the things we have now. Change is constant if you won't change then you'll be left behind with nothing and one of the changes we had is the internet though we don't need it primarily, it gives us the privilege to make things easier to accomplish better than we used to. So, I can live without it.
  3. I don't think anyone could live without the internet anymore. Society is so dependent on the internet now that I couldn't imagine life without it! The internet honestly makes like a better experience and can make almost anything you could imagine come true if you know how to navigate it properly. I am currently learning how to design android apps and I plan on turning this into my full time career one day so without the Internet I technically wouldn't even have a dream.
  4. james2000

    james2000 New Member

    Definitely no. In today's era internet is very useful to us in terms of leisure, getting information and most of all for communication. I can't live without internet because it will be hard for me to communicate and get information quickly.
  5. Thorn18

    Thorn18 New Member

    I would say yes if the question would be literal. But if I really have to answer this kind of question I would stand for a No. Thinking about our time, we are in the millennial time which is gadgets and internet is almost in the needs section of our lives. A very expensive gadget without the internet is just like the ordinary gadget. You cant push it to the limit. Its not just in the gadgets. Some of Us use the internet in so many ways. Some use it to shop online, to secure the bank accounts and many other things that are nearly needed to our daily basis. That's how we have been dependent to the internet that we can think that without it we are lacking something even within just a very short moment or time.
  6. Enzieeee

    Enzieeee New Member

    Yes we can, if i can just turn the flow of time backwards i would. We can definitely live without internet, our ancestors already did, and they're humans, so as we. We're just afraid of the thought that things wont be as easy task anymore. But im not an enemy of internet, yes internet did a significant impact to our lives. It made things, easy, convient and comfortable. But we can live without it, definitely.
  7. noblecuddle

    noblecuddle New Member

    I was born and raised without the internet so actually i can live without it. As of the Internet Era we can still live without them. There are plenty of people who still survived with out it so them alone is enough for us to determine that we can still live without the internet. So don't but some can, "to each his own" they say so for me internet is not big deal not unless you have a business which requires the use of them or depend on them. Internet do have its own pro's and con's examples of which is that business that are online where transaction are made thru the internet and communication is very vital. Internet can be used as a tool for us to live a better and easier life which some could benefit like for example research and development of a specific disease. In order for us to fully utilized this, we could only used this method only for the good of mankind and not for the course of destroying us for using it the wrong way. People are still people and we do hope for a constant change.
  8. MartinVu

    MartinVu New Member

    Not really.I work as an indie game developer, and what made going indie work in the first place has been the internet. Without the internet, we used to rely so much on publishers, who would do the producing and selling. Nowadays anyone could sit in their bedroom, create something and give it to the world to use.
  9. ROTSEN12

    ROTSEN12 New Member

    Yes I can. There is a lot to do in this world like engaging yourself in different sports, read books, writing a poem.
  10. KaezhaDG

    KaezhaDG New Member

    When I actually think about it, living without internet scares me. I feel like my life works only with internet. My daily routines involve internet. My own things make use of internet. Internet is now part of our lives. It actually makes our life easier. But, living without it? I think that it is possible. I once grew up without internet. I remember my childhood, we were just outside our house playing and living our life happily. There are many possible things to do like reading books, play games outside, cook, watch TV and a lot more. When we need information, we could go to the library. Books are always reliable. When we want to watch something, we all have TVs at home. When we want to communicate, sending letters are still available. Just so you know, we could still live without internet. We can make it happen. :)
  11. rikkabergado

    rikkabergado New Member

    YES, it's not essential to life. But the importance of internet is depends on the users lifestyle. Without internet does not mean knowledge is stop and as if it's a doomsday. We can learn survival kit of having internet through our parents and grandparents who grew up without internet.
  12. Rochi

    Rochi New Member

    The Internet allows for flexibility at work.
    Our grandparents might not understand, but the work world today no longer demands that we remain chained to a desk in an office building for 40 hours a week. The power of the Internet means we can work from anywhere, anytime. This increased flexibility to work from home means more people can maintain a work/life balance contributing to overall health and happiness. Internet access also allows employees to respond to work outside of the normal business day from home, taking care of emergencies, last minute preparations and longer projects.
  13. Mhykelite

    Mhykelite New Member

    It's quite heartbreaking. Imagine one wakes up to discover there's no internet. The truth is I'll just run mad immediately. The internet has enhanced lots of things

    Are you bored? With different apps made available at your fingertips through smartphones, it’s easy to pick up your phone and quick launch apps like Twitter, Instagram to join in on interesting conversations and images that makes you forget your current situation.
  14. Maegregorio25

    Maegregorio25 New Member

    Yes when I dont have any jobs. But now I have a job online, I need it.
  15. Rejoyce

    Rejoyce Member

    Nowadays, internet is a necessity. You use it for communication, gathering information, etc. Moreover, many people make their living through internet.
  16. Yes I can. Sometimes we need a break on social medias.You still can communicate your love ones even without internet via sms or call (prepid/postpaid)
  17. dylanfaust

    dylanfaust Member

    Yes i can live without internet, you just have to talk with your friends sharing its other interest, play with them, plan for out of town, it is better to have a bonding with them and your family than being alone in your room by searching anything in internet..
  18. mariaj

    mariaj New Member

    Yes I can live without internet. There are lots of activity you can do to enjoy your life.
    We just need to be creative and must use our imagination.
  19. Ojuksfrank

    Ojuksfrank New Member

    in this modern age is going to be very difficult for me mostly because my course in school is internet related so if I don't use the internet I may not really work for sure and if I work no cash for daily activity. so for me, the internet is very important for me
  20. teri84

    teri84 New Member

    I can live without "Internet" but it's very difficult for me if there is no Internet connection because I'm working online and I do most of the time online. I always go surfing the internet if I have a questions and things that I don't really know if I want to search online jobs I always access Internet. Internet is very important for me but my life is more important than the "Internet" so that's why I still can live without the Internet.
  21. Danna0305

    Danna0305 New Member

    If i am in the province when i'm there i always get busy and when i have free time i just rest, eat or watch tv so it keep making me busy and i forgot to check my phone so that's why i can live without internet only in province.
  22. TheCount16

    TheCount16 New Member

    Of course you can. But your life would be completely different from what it's now, and that's why it would be incredibly difficult.

    You wouldn't be able to live in a city, for example, because many bureaucratic procedures that you usually have to do in a city are done exclusively via the internet. Thus, you'd have to be living in the countryside, isolated from most people.
  23. Emem

    Emem New Member

    Yes. I can live without internet. And this was my life before. A life that living like in paradise.. Sorrounded of green plants, fresh air to breath, fresh fruits and vegetables and listening the singing of birds in the forest. What a wonderful life!And im dreaming to live like this someday with my whole family.

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  24. joshuadeveyra

    joshuadeveyra New Member

    First understand the difference between Living and Surviving, yeah you can survive without Internet but it wont be a better idea to just survive in this technologically advance world.
  25. Poostloop

    Poostloop New Member

    Definitely yes! I can live without it but I still need it. Not all the things that I need to live are to be found on the Internet. On the web, you can watch movies and be entertained but what is more entertaining is when you go outside with your family, enjoying in a recreational area where you can at least breathe fresh air while having some fun with them. Life is happier, satisfying and even more worth living when we spend it with family and friends.
  26. saifsayed

    saifsayed Member

    People can still travel by feet so why do we need trains and planes for travel. Its just that simple, technology is all around us and it will get better in future days, it is on us how we treat and use these real world advance things
  27. jlynjanz

    jlynjanz Member

    yes i can live without internet as long as there is music or television i cant still enjoy and make my day relax even without internet.
  28. Fartytester21

    Fartytester21 Member

    Yes, before everything online our ancestors were able to live with just fur clothing and stone hammer (sarcasm).

    Okay so in our generation, lot of people would say "No" to your question just because they only care about their social media profile. But the truth is internet can't live without us, isn't it?

    Internet is a tool, just like a stone hammer we can live without it but using it will make our lives more productive. So be productive while you have the tool and don't overuse it in nonsense (I'm not mad bro).
  29. Arjade

    Arjade New Member

    Yes, first of all the internet speed here in the Philippines is very slow and I used to read books and searching data's and information in library rather than browsing in google,so I guess I can live without it.
  30. willan18

    willan18 New Member

    I cant! because, I wont be able to see and talk to my wife overseas. It is my no.1 necessity.

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