Can you live with out internet ?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by paopao1824, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. dindodc8888

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    Given the amount of time people spend face down in their smartphones, swiping on their iPads or glued to their laptops, life without the internet seems hard to imagine. For most millennials, the time before the web is a very distant memory, one that’s been eviscerated by the ubiquity and life-changing impact of connected technology. It isn’t just millennials; research has found that society as a whole generally considers the concept of a world without email, social media and so forth unimaginable.
  2. I cannot imagine life without internet. It has already become a necessity but it can also be addictive. Just use it right and not let it rule your life. It is helpful in which it provides knowledge and more information with a lot of things that you even dont know about. It also makes you learn new things discover new places and meet new friends as well as keeping in touch with the old ones.
  3. Rinkukrksth

    Rinkukrksth Member

    Yes, I can live without internet. It is very useful to me.I can search all types of topic easily. Everyday, I see on internet pictures and videos. Sometimes,I search like as flowers, trees, villages and any country name. However,I live without internet.
  4. git531

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    I certainly use internet for almost 8 hours per day but i am sure i can live without the internet, after all its not a basic human need.
  5. Rinkukrksth

    Rinkukrksth Member

    Yes,I can live without internet. It is very important and useful to get knowledge to everyone. Internet changed our life. It is very helpful and provide a lot of information and knowledge. Millions of people are connected by internet. It is helpful to research anything. So, I can live without internet.
  6. im4joey

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    not so true.
    you need to understand that there are a lot of people living without the internet.
    okay... people who are using the internet for a long time. they will take some to bequeath it. But they will.
    although seeing current situations ... yaa it is true ..some people can, some can't.
  7. vikramsri

    vikramsri New Member

    I don't think so that will be possible since internet has become an integral part of my life. After getting up the first thing which I do is check my Facebook and Instagram or WhatsApp. It's not possible for me to stay away from these platforms for long.
  8. nheilm2020

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    Without the INTERNET, life would be miserable. Internet is a part of everyone's daily life. Yes, I can live without the Internet but a huge adjustment may happen.
  9. kianezoe

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    Yes i can live without internet,because nowadays many people waste time their time on internet,they dont have alot of time spending their time with their families and friends,I love to spend my time with my families and friends.
  10. pids18

    pids18 New Member

    YES, 100%. I grew up without gadgets and internet. I still remember my lifestyle when the times of no internet. I can say, my life is not growing just only because of the internet.
  11. dojemi10

    dojemi10 New Member

    I can't live without the internet and a laptop/phone tbh. 40% of my bread and butter depended on it.
  12. Aileen635

    Aileen635 New Member

    Yes, I can live without internet. I've lived without it before, I can do so again. But I admit it will take some readjusting to do so given how much the world has come to rely on it these days. Not having to curse at internet speeds would be a huge plus though.
  13. harlina

    harlina New Member

    I have lived years in my life without internet so there's no reason I couldn't continue living without it. Though it's helpful nowadays, it's not a necessity. Let's not give it too much power in our life.
  14. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    I don't think I can live without the internet, communicating is very important to me. I am in a long distance relationship, so having internet is a tool to relay messages. I'm thankful for internet, it saves melancholy.
  15. ad2715

    ad2715 New Member

    Yes, but in todays age, it would be difficult
  16. Rucker

    Rucker New Member

    Well, you could, but what kind of life would it be? After all, the Internet provides a lot of opportunities, and compared with other people who use them, you will seem very unproductive and etc.
  17. Elegato

    Elegato New Member

    Yes. It would be hard, yes, but I think you'll achieve personal growth faster when you unplug like that. Imagine you're lost in a city. With internet, you can simply use Google Earth or GPS which is good, but without internet, you have no choice but ask around the people there which will help develop social skill or let's you have meaningful relationships along the way.

    Another thought, I think it will be super easy for me if there will be no internet for everyone, but if it's just me, it will be hard because I would somehow feel disconnected, or it would seem unfair to me. Still, I think I can handle it either way.
  18. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    Sorry to say but I can't live without internet. It's a lifesaver. With the use of internet, impossible will become possible. Although internet has some danger on it, we must be responsible when using it.
  19. fairnlove82

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    with No internet life is more time able and do a lot's of work in a day our generation is mostly wasting the time on internet by using some social media etc but not all of the world population.
  20. junick1206

    junick1206 New Member

    of course I can still live without internet.
  21. mithul

    mithul Member

    The answer would be definitely NO ,as we live in a environment where we are addicted to internet. So for every task we often refer internet for aid.:(
  22. MelvinAngelo

    MelvinAngelo Member

    For me it sometimes it depend when you are in the City or Province..province they have internet but very too slow so nonsense..,so give your time your family instead..,but when you are city they are surrounded with people that have wifi or data signal :)
  23. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    maybe in old time i think yes.but internet is now part of my daily life,chatting with friends watching videos and share some pics together with my families and friends.
  24. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    i think no because life is not complete without internet
  25. selectra

    selectra Member

    Yes absolutely.I know that am not gonna die because i don't have internet, the first days will be a little difficult but with time i will accept the situation and move on.
  26. Nicktabi

    Nicktabi New Member

    My answer is "NO" because since I discovered what I can do through the help of internet my life haven't been the same. Right from the day I started using internet, I have not spend I dim in buying text books, doing my assignments, communicating, advertising, watching videos, carrying out research and reading.
  27. sar

    sar New Member

  28. Aleona

    Aleona Member

    Yes, I can. Well, atleast if it's summer or a long vacation since I won't be needing it for educational purposes. But if it's school days, I can't. I'm too lazy going to libraries and reading books so I find browsing through the internet more convenient when searching something related my studies. Another thing, as millenials, we are basically using group chats as a media to update everyone about everything. So if there's no internet during school days, I would probably be lost about what's already going on.
  29. nglin34

    nglin34 New Member

    Can humans continue to be in the state of being "alive" without the internet? Of course! Humans survived thousands of years before this without the internet, so why can't we continue to. It's just that life would become much harder! The internet has become integrated into our culture and society in so many levels that we may not even realize. It's how we get our news, do our jobs, interact, entertain ourselves, and so much more! Some people's fridges are even connected to the internet nowadays. So yes, we could continue living if the internet were to cease to exist, but life would be much harder than what it is today, and we would have to make many, many sweeping changes.
  30. stphniemaun

    stphniemaun New Member

    With the emergence of technology nowadays and with the help of it in our daily living, it is impossible to live without it. We grow with the presence of technology that we are used to it as part of our daily routine. We can't help to accept the fact that the Internet (which is the product of technology) gave convenience to us. It helps us to communicate with each other, to ease our work, to have business with it and many more. It becomes a part of humans to live. And taking internet off will result to us not being able to do what we've used to do and can do. It will be hard for us to adjust because we are now used to have internet in our daily life.

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