Can you live without internet?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by wanderzx_, Jun 12, 2018 at 10:52 AM.

  1. wanderzx_

    wanderzx_ New Member

    Everyday in our lives, we learn something new such as new knowledge, new changes and even new information. We now live in a world where internet is one of the main needs not just for the students but even in the industry because internet plays a huge and vital role in us humans and even in our society. But may I ask you, can you even live without using the internet? If you will ask me, honestly, I can't live without this what we call internet because it is already a part of my everyday life. I used it mostly in school, researches and everything. Everything starts with internet, the use of your social medias, the applications you're using right now and the things you want to know or even need to know. Internet is such a huge word that can't be explained in one word. But there are some people who doesn't even need to use the internet because there are still books that you can refer on, there are those people who are older where you can refer on. For us, the busy students, hardworking workers, researchers and other people I can say that we do need the use of internet.
  2. samklink

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    I think that, even more than what you mentioned, it is becoming impossible to function in modern society without the internet. More and more businesses are moving to online applications for jobs in addition to applications for government services, and paying bills.

    The internet is reaching a point where many people are calling for it to be considered a human right- one that should be subsidized for those that can't afford it. You can see the importance of the internet any time you walk in your local library and see how many visitors are there solely to use the publicly available computers.

    We need to make the internet available for all, and ensure that the elderly and young who need it have readily available, convenient, free, training on how to use the internet properly without endangering themselves. Because we are reaching a point where no, you cannot participate in modern society without it- which I think is part of "living"- without it.
  3. kizha

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    For me, I think, it's impossible to cope up with the modern world without internet. We have raised a society where we rely on the internet for everything. Our kids and schools and basically everywhere are to reliable in the internet. Also the businesses needs net for so many reasons and no question about that, it makes everything so easy nowadays. And we are very much aware of the importance of internet in our lives. But we should know the limitation of using it because it can harm if not use properly. That's why our government implemented laws regarding the use internet. Internet Law, or Cyberlaw as it is sometimes called, refers to the legal issues related to the use of the Internet. So we must be responsible of our actions too.
  4. jmb1531

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    The Answer Is Yes, You can absolutely live without Internet. Internet is not a Basic Essential like Food, Shelter or Clothes. YET !
    Think about India, Before the Launch of Jio, A lot of Indian Population didn’t have any access to Daily Mobile Internet, and this just like an Year ago and still today It not available with everyone and they still live.
    The Importance of Internet depends on the Users Lifestyle. For me Internet is a Must and a Life Saver.
    I have a Direction Problem, I forget direction quickly so Google Maps is a Life Save, I can travel anywhere I want as long as my Mobile Battery is Up.I don’t buy Books much, Everything I learn is through the Web.

  5. nanzee16

    nanzee16 New Member

    Yes, I can live without internet because there is still a phone which we can use in communication, there are libraries to do research, there is television to watch news and there is radio if I want to listen to good music. Half of my life there is no internet. I even finished high school without internet. But since internet is essential for the students now, I don't think the new generation can live without it. So basically it depends on peoples life style.
  6. jokarlb

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    I can definitely live without the internet! Yes jbm1531 is right when he said that it's not part of our basic needs to survive as humans. It just happened that we are more dependent to it nowadays. It will surely affect me very much since my profession greatly uses the internet most of the time. Even in our society, it would be miserable if we will lost internet because most of the sectors in our society are now using internet in their offices and every transactions. Internet is the best way to communicate with the world now so definitely it will affect us.
  7. wunnam

    wunnam New Member

    I don't believe that we can live without Internet again. If you carefully watch how things are moving these days, i will assume that about almost 70% of the world activities are done by the use of the Internet. For instance, all the information circulating around the globe now is normally done trough the use of the Internet.
    A lot students these days learn trough the use of the net and also be able to connect, communicate trough the use of the Internet.
    I can boldly say that almost all the banks in the world now is operating trough the help of the Internet which no one can deny. A lot of people is now used to be shopping, selling and paying bills, and this is done trough the help of the Internet.
    So i will conclude by saying that it will be very difficult these days to live without Internet.
  8. nikolarajkovic

    nikolarajkovic New Member

    I don't have any reasons but I could. It would be really hard. I think if internet stops working one day (it won't probably) without warning, the world will become chaos. I'm talking about technical stuff but the psychological condition of the population would also be really bad. People would be more social, that's for sure.

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