Can you live without internet?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Cortnee Ayala, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. FarAwayCows

    FarAwayCows New Member

    If I lost access to the internet, my slow descent into insanity would commence. Somehow, my whole life has been consumed by social media and funny cat videos. The entire world's infrastructure is relying on a tiny black box.
  2. notjama

    notjama New Member

    Can I live without it? Definitely yes. Do I want to live without it? Definitely not. Most people take this technology for granted and don't give too much thought into it, but what the Internet really is offering us is nothing short of amazing and I'm fairy positive it's the greatest invention of all times. So much information and so many possibilities with just the click of a mouse, time-consuming and addictive as it might be, in my opinion we'd be much less advanced now if it wasn't for the Internet.
  3. Kennedy Gachihi

    Kennedy Gachihi New Member

    I am a designer and I use the internet for almost all my research. Without it, I would go hungry and I try as much as possible to avoid that.
  4. ByLilOneG

    ByLilOneG Member

    No, I can't live without internet. As much as I would like to think I could, I would only be kidding myself. I do just about everything online and can't imagine what I would do without it. It's hard to believe there was a time when I did just fine without it, but it was so long ago, I wonder how I ever managed.
  5. karen darnell

    karen darnell New Member

    I love being online and being able to stay at home with my son is so awesome. I find all kinds of ways to make money and I also get to see pictures of my granddaughters on Facebook since I live so far away from them. Im not so sure what Id do without the internet. I guess it would be a kind of boring life.
  6. mydog4444

    mydog4444 New Member

    I don't know if I could live without the Internet, let me google that...
    JK! Yes, I could, and I have before. It definitely helps get things done faster, but as long as you have the software you need pre-installed on your computer it still works as good. Besides, internet doesn't mean the cellular network, so I would probably just call people if I had a question instead. And there's always books!
  7. Ginnyire

    Ginnyire New Member

    No, never. Ever. Haha
  8. Areldona

    Areldona New Member

    Technically, yes. But I wouldn't really want to, unless it was for the best in the long run. The internet is such an important resource. You can learn just about anything you would want to learn about online. There are many sources for news because it's not just the mainstream media's playground. There are many independent journalists that are able to do what they do because of the internet.
  9. saida

    saida New Member

    I would not be able to survive without it. I would also feel a lot less knowledgeable without it. I love the fact that I can search any question that I have and get an immediate answer. It helps for my college work and also for entertainment such as watching movies or shows, listening to music, or playing games. I generally use it for research. Scientists today would not have had such ground breaking innovations with out the internet. I taught myself Calculus using the internet and I read books on there. I learn many computer programs and study online physics textbooks. I believe that the Internet is essential to those who truly want to be knowledgeable.

    That being said, I do believe that there are cons of the internet such as the abuse of social media, viruses, and hackers. Also you are connected with billions of people from all over the world which could be a good or a bad thing. It gives you the ability to make new friends from other cultures or connect with old friends and family members. One could even find their long lost family members using sites such as The Bad things could be that your privacy could be violated and be robbed of your valuables as well as your dignity. There are many predators out there as well.

    The internet could be a good or a bad thing, it depend on the person using it.
  10. Jekaterina Maslova

    Jekaterina Maslova New Member

    I can't really imagine life without internet, but I think that it would make my life a lot slower, because researching would take up so much time. If i need a quick translation of a sentence, I will have to open dictionaries and look for single words. Seems like too much.
  11. hellen maina

    hellen maina New Member

    long time ago our great grandparent survived without internet but for me i guess it impossible to surviove without it....its part of nervous system i bet
  12. tobby maine

    tobby maine New Member

    No, I can't live without the internet because i do w=everything on the internet from school to work. The other day my wifi stopped working and i noticed how miserable i was without it.
  13. trojohn.war1991

    trojohn.war1991 New Member

    Internet is very important. It helps people in many ways. It makes our lives easier.

    Not that I literally can't live without internet but I think life will not be this easy without it. Most of us use internet for communication purposes, information, business, social networking, shopping, entertainment and job search.

    I work as a home-based teacher. I always use skype, facebook messenger and tango to get in touch with my family, friends and students. I love shopping and watching movies online. I can't imagine life without internet.

    We may be able to continue living our lives with the absence of the internet but we'll all have a hard time, for sure.
  14. ana_vazquezp

    ana_vazquezp New Member

    Yes I would, like millions of generations did just before the Internet was created. It is true that Internet helps us in many aspects of our life and makes our life easier, but being realistic and rational: we can all live without Internet, we humans would find another way to make connections and to communicate with others.
  15. Rodrick Onsare

    Rodrick Onsare New Member

    I really cant live without internet, i just cant imagine losing all my friends on facebook, twitter or even instagram. i like engaging in late night chats with my friends. Its not like i love cheating, but google has been an awesome companion of mine through campus, sometimes i like googling new things, like in the new generation kids us abbreviations to text, the slang language, i always google and get the full meaning of the abbreviations. One of my friends was making a presentation on a research project and at the end he just said i want to thank the inventor of google for all the materials you have posted online, that earned him a F.
  16. Rodrick Onsare

    Rodrick Onsare New Member

    I really cant live without internet, i just cant imagine losing all my friends on Facebook, twitter or even Instagram. i like engaging in late night chats with my friends. Its not like i love cheating, but google has been an awesome companion of mine through campus, sometimes i like googling new things, like in the new generation kids use abbreviations to text, the slang language, i always google and get the full meaning of the abbreviations. One of my friends was making a presentation on a research project and at the end he just said i want to thank the inventor of google for all the materials you have posted online, that earned him a F.
  17. millyones

    millyones New Member

    The answer will always be No I cant live without the internet.
    The internet I the greatest means of communication the planet has as for now.
    Through the internet the live of every human on the planet has been affected some in a very positive way but others in a negative way.

    The internet has help singles get mates
    The internet has support companies increase sales and maximize profits.
    The internet has helped students and lectures ease the transfer of

    The list is too long.

    Where is what the internet has also done BAD ,,,,TOO BAD.
    The internet has also help THIEVES and online SCAMMERS TO STEAL AND CHEAT.
    Thousands of internet users lost billions daily.
    I love the internet and I do hope that some day we will be able to use the internet for good only.
  18. LexiJ

    LexiJ New Member

    If I absolutely had to yes. We have become so accustomed to it. It has helped us to do many great things - build businesses, keep in touch with family here in the US and in other countries, learn, check places out before we go to them, and so much more. It has become a way of life. I am old enough to remember the days without internet. Those have it's pluses too. We spent more time face to face, more in depth conversations and other advantages of relationship without the internet. If I absolutely had to... yes I could. Only because I already know what it's like without it.


    Internet is now an integral part of my life.I use it for communication,watch videos,shopping,search for information and much more.Yes, i agree that there is a life beyond internet and there was a life before we even knew about it.There are people who don't know about internet and are living normal life.But for guys like me we just cannot imagine a life without it.
  20. bloodymonkiey

    bloodymonkiey New Member

    Can I live without internet? Yes, absolutely.

    However, there is a difference between being able to do something, and doing it. If I had to live without internet, I'd need a very good reason to do so. As I'm a student, a lot of my life revolves around it- homework, tests and countless other things. I could probably do without all those, but I don't want to. The internet is simply too convenient.
  21. gagandeep kaur

    gagandeep kaur New Member

    yes i can. If human being actually wants then nothing is impossible. I can spend more of my time with my family my friends. I can sleep for more hours without any disturbance of ping.
  22. kimmy178

    kimmy178 New Member

    I don't think I could live without the internet. I use the internet almost 24/7. It's my way of communication with friends and family. Also, it's my form of entertainment when I have nothing better to do. I think I've relied on the internet so excessively these past few years that if it were to ever disappear, I don't know what I'd do.
  23. TylerT

    TylerT New Member

    In short answer, there is no way I could live without the internet. Not only me but the whole world has come to revolve around too much. I use the internet when I first get up, and usually use it almost non stop until I go to sleep. Almost everything we do involves using the internet of some sort. If we want to drive to work and listen to Spotify we are using the internet, to check Facebook we are using the internet, and to get online forums like this also involves the internet. Even playing games on your phone will involve internet. I just think it would be almost impossible for me to live without the Internet.
  24. CaptainC

    CaptainC New Member

    In answer to your question - I could live without internet. I would prefer not to though!! I mostly use Google and online forums such as to keep me up to date and answer queries. The Internet is the bomb. Could I live without it? Sure. Would I want to? Heck no. :love:
  25. Sabaton

    Sabaton New Member

    I could, but it is better with internet. For the last 6 months I have been living in an apartment that didn't have internet because of some problems. I am out now, and now I have internet and it is much better this way. Everything is easier, everything is at my finger tip.
  26. art69

    art69 New Member

    If you live in the mountain and prefer to have a solo lifestyle then the internet would not be the needed since you actually do not have a cell site in the forest / mountain.
  27. Hyunmin Kim

    Hyunmin Kim New Member

    I can't even write a single report without the internet. Googling has been a part of my life for a very long time and losing that? I can't stand even thinking of it :>
  28. Ronnele Reyes

    Ronnele Reyes New Member

    Fortunately, I can live without internet as long as there is other modes of communication for me to contact my family and friends. Even though Internet is everywhere nowadays I only use of for social media and communicating with friends and family. If there are other methods where I can communicate with them, I think I do not need Internet anymore.
  29. mackj

    mackj New Member

    Its will be very difficult to live without internet, all of our day to day tasks involve internet in some form or the other but if its a question of survival yes it is possible I mean the human race has been doing it for thousands of years.
  30. suzwinge46

    suzwinge46 New Member

    Yes, you can live without internet. It would be hard to get adjusted to not having internet, life might be a little more boring, it would be harder to stay in touch with long distance friends and family. If you use your computer to work with, it would be impossible to get anything accomplished without the internet. I would definitely miss the internet, I depend on it for almose every aspect of my life, however if there was an announcement stating there would be no more internet, as hard as it would be to get used to, I nor would anyone else keel over dead.

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