Can you live without your cellphone or any gadgets?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by Airessketh, Sep 14, 2018.


Can you live without your cellphone or any gadgets ??

  1. Yes sometimes

  2. Yes

  3. No

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  1. Airessketh

    Airessketh New Member

    How long can you lived without the technology
  2. AlanAlcantara

    AlanAlcantara New Member

    To be honest it's hard to say how long. Since nowadays technology is a part of our daily lives. From simplest task to more complex network of systems. We are driven to use technology almost in every aspect of society. Technology help society in overall development on both industrial and economical purposes.
  3. heajdaquiado

    heajdaquiado New Member

    I agree, technology is already a part of our lives. It made our lives more comfortable and convenient and it would be so hard for us to imagine without it. But in my case, I can live without it for a very short time only since talking to other people in person and spending time with other important things are one of my priorities since I don't want technology to control me.
  4. Tinapoooot28

    Tinapoooot28 New Member

    To be honest i cant due to some important reasons todays generation we are living in a world of technology. We are all using technology for our daily life. To make our work easier. Specially COMMUNICATION
  5. maachi

    maachi New Member

    Well its hard for me to admit it but no because i'm a computer science student :D
  6. Arshi

    Arshi New Member

    of course not, my first thought would be that I could not live without technology. I'm not sure how much tech I could live without now - but if I wasn't introduced to this stuff, or lived somewhere where I couldn't access it, I don't know if I'd miss it if I didn't know about it.
  7. johnbatan

    johnbatan New Member

    On this generation? probably not. It's so hard to live without our gadgets right now. It makes our life so much easier than before. Getting info is just one click on the gadgets. You can get in touch to your friends or love ones in your gadget. It's not that I can't live without a gadget but I'm sure it's going to be hard.
  8. jennoel_25

    jennoel_25 New Member

    Yes! but not too long although at first we don't have a cellphone but still we survived , but nowadays cellphone has many ways how to used it but then because of cellphone we reduced to spend times with our family.
  9. utfull

    utfull New Member

    I have lived for 20 years without any cellphone and 25 years without a smart phone, but I am pretty sure if I would have to surrender my phone(surrender because I won't willingly do it) then I will not even last for two days. Sometimes I feel like I should be more aware of my surroundings rather then gazing into my digital life, but technology is the most addictive drug ever made. It makes your feel good, regret a little but you will be keep coming back and asking for more.
  10. Cai07

    Cai07 New Member

    I think it is impossible to live without any gadget nowadays. It is necessary for communication and entertainment purposes.

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