can you stop yourself from falling in love?

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can you stop yourself from falling inlove?

  1. no, i dont think so.

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  2. Yes

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  1. Daisycuba

    Daisycuba New Member

    I say no.! you actually can't because the more you try to stop it, the more you'll fall in love.
  2. Yoon Hee

    Yoon Hee New Member

    Yes. Love is still a choice, in the end. If you are starting to feel yourself becoming trapped in no time into someone's charms, better run away (that is, if you refuse to love that person because of personal and emotional matters).
  3. bhensley37

    bhensley37 New Member

    I would have to say no. The cliche saying,"You can't help who you fall in love with", is absolutely true. I have found myself in this situation with an abusive ex-boyfriend. It didn't matter to me, at the time, if I had received a black eye or a disturbing comment, I found myself head over heels. I don't know if it is because I try and can see (most of the time) the good in people, or if I was just flat out blinded. Anyone can hide emotions, so to ever get a true answer to the question will never be a reality, but some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves.
  4. PLScloni

    PLScloni New Member

    Yes. I know how to stop myself from becoming one. haha. Many might not understand and won't believe, but a person like me exists. I guess it starts with a crush, right? . Yes , i do feel like having crushes , but it won't last up until a month. I just feel it like for weeks , then lost. Every time i have a crush, I would always think about my limits and my disadvantages, then lost this less than a month. I know it was weird , i even think i was. But maybe there are persons who knows how to control there feelings.
  5. MushyPhilip1822

    MushyPhilip1822 New Member

    We can only stop loving someone or avoid falling in love with someone only when we truly accept the reasons behind why we can't see a future with this particular person. I my self was my own victim of unrequited love and I would never wish this to happen even to my worst enemy. At the end of the day, acceptance is always the biggest factor to resolve this.
  6. luttara

    luttara New Member

    Falling in love with someone could be an accident sometimes, like you'll just wake up one day and find yourself falling to someone! But then, staying in love to that person is now your choice. You get to know more of your partner, the weak points and strengths, then time will come you'll start measuring your feelings for that person so it'll become your choice if you'll stay or not.
  7. Ryan33

    Ryan33 New Member

    If you are single then its easy to answer.
    If you found the guy for you, then ofcourse! you can not stop your self from falling in love.

    But if you are already married or committed.
    Well then, we act with maturity.
    You can stop your self from falling in love with others person.

    Unless you are not faithful, the answer is very clear,
    you can always fall in love anytime anywhere and to any one!
  8. LouisVaughn

    LouisVaughn New Member

    One has to ask... "WHAT IS FALLING IN LOVE"?

    Is it the moment of physical attraction? The moment of chemistry between two individuals? Is this what one calls "FALLING IN LOVE"? Is it a moment of heated affections of delight for another person?

    ...if that's the case, then, that type of love is like catching a cold or the flu. It is very contagious and after taking some cold medicine and eating some chicken noodles, the cold will go away and you will be all better.

    When you're young, the feeling of "FALLING IN LOVE" happens a lot. Feverous desires and affections do flair up and it left unchecked, they will drive you up a wall.

    Its fun to "Fall In Love", but its horrible when your heart is broken from falling in love. Be careful, be sober, and mindful, and don't like the drunkenness of falling in love take you down. Take time to understand the meaning and differences in REAL LOVE and Falling In Love. To be in a heated delight for someone is one thing, but to really LOVE someone outside of physical attraction and hot chemistry, is something different all together.

    The more you begin to study LOVE and what it REALLY is, the more you can STOP yourself from falling in love.
  9. OANN

    OANN New Member

    Yes, I agree that loving someone is a choice. Mind should always be higher than heart.

    We don't easily fall inlove by just seeing someone and not engaging your time to him/her, love at first sight is not real (it's just an adoration or infatuation). And falling in love with someone means a deeper thing, it's a matter of choice, it's about choosing the person whom you'll going to share your life and whom you will accept and love unconditionally.
  10. chan0328

    chan0328 New Member

    You can stop loving someone or avoid falling in love with someone only when you truly accept your reasoning behind why you can't ever see a future with this particular person. ... If you want to stop falling in love with someone, you can't ever do it unless you make up your mind that it is what you want.
  11. Landost

    Landost New Member

    Yes, it is very easy for me actually. Of course I have felt physical atraction but that never meant that I felt in love with such person. In my case, falling in love is a difficult task, mostly because I am very picky at the moment of dating or choosing the appropiate partner for me. I do not know, if this is a gift or a curse, but I always find sometimes unattractive about the person that I was first interested to. And I'm definitely not talking about physical appearance, it is always a matter of uncontrolled emotions, attitude, unfinished business with other people, etc. Or well, perhaps i'm just kind of a pessimist in love and I have not been aware of it. :p
  12. maryanne1995

    maryanne1995 New Member

    No, because we are humans, we are created by God who says that we should spread the love of Him.
  13. Chibee Gordon

    Chibee Gordon New Member

    Love just happens. Sometimes we don't even see it coming. Other times, we enjoy it.

    I thinks it's possible to stop love from happening. It involves conscious conviction that the feeling is not needed or that the person involved isn't right. It works. I am not talking about wiping the person off memory. No! Daisycuba hinted on falling harder while trying to erase the person's memory and it's true. You cannot forget someone you once loved but you can associate a memory with the person on how it wouldn't work out. I think you can be able to smile whenever the person calls to mind. Your thoughts then might be, "That girl is really pretty! But how can I cope with her attitude".
  14. maskrider

    maskrider New Member

    For me it's a yes, everyone of us has a choice. For some says that they easily fall inlove, it is not falling inlove it is an attraction when you never knew his/her background then you'll say your inlove! Some make a decision without knowing the person they might to be with in their whole life thats why some gets a mesirable life.

    When you're really inlove that is the time you already knew his/her background and accepts his/her failure to the fast. But it depends upon the individuals and there "standards". That why we have the choice to fall inlove or not to a person we might get along with.

    Some says it is the "heart" why we fall inlove, but isn't it's they "eyes" why some says they fall inlove? Specially to those who is attracted physically to an individual? So don't blame the heart when you got broke because it is your eyes who cause you "hurt". Because if it's really your heart you will never fail to "find true love".
  15. jo.marquez

    jo.marquez New Member

    I believe that you can't stop your self from falling in love with someone, but you can fool your self that your not in love with some one when the truth is your madly and deeply in love with him or her. It's just the same as you can't choose the person whom your falling for. You can't really teach your heart.
  16. Vanissa Morata

    Vanissa Morata New Member

    Being in love is such a wonderful feeling in the world.

    It keeps you realize that life is indeed beautiful whenever you are in love.

    If you have found someone, it could be your possible future partner. So let yourself be in love even if it hurts.

    It will make you grow as a person and I believe that the best teacher are your experiences.
  17. genesis pabilonia

    genesis pabilonia New Member

    No, you can't stop yourself from falling in love, but you can accept this love and categorize it, whether it's for friend love or more than that. Our generation tends to be very outrageous when it comes to falling in love, they make and explore things which is beyond their age, or others do things even over the teenage years, still make the same mistake. Before saying to yourself that he/she's the one, make sure to know the person well first and understand your feelings, that way you can emphasize the true meaning of love.
  18. leidelmo10

    leidelmo10 New Member

    You can't stop yourself from falling inlove but, you can choose to do the right thing. Whenever you're in a situation wherein you have to choose between the person you love and the person who loves you. For me I would choose the one who loves me. Maybe at that moment I don't love him but I know time will come when I can look at his eyes and tell him that I love him. I learned to love him and that he deserves the love better than the person who chose to broke my heart.
  19. Nazroth

    Nazroth Member

    I believe that falling in LIKE cannot be prevented. It is our impulse and an ordinary human instinct. It manifest itself in our feelings, a brew of hormones surging within us.
    To fall in that's completely different story. If it were me, I'd start by being careful with what I consider to be love. So first and foremost, you have to consider: Is it love? am I just attracted by beauty or personality? am I willing to commit to her/him and be the best person for her/him? ....or, is it just an infatuation?
    Love has to be true, or it isn't love at all. Love can only gain its strength when feeling is followed up by a well-though decision. This is vital since love, at times, is not escorted with the rush of emotions. But it remains true nonetheless, whether the feeling is there or not.
    We have to understand that we as human beings has a primal nature to find a mate. Every emotion and rush of happiness that we highly ordain to be an otherworldly bliss can be broken down and accredited to our psychological and biological make-up. Simple put, we are programmed to like. . And yes, to lust. It is who we are as an animal. And while love may branch from these two inferior cousins, it would be premature, even foolish, to consider it love.
    And love is not something that should be mistaken among these two; lest the statistics of divorce will continue to rise. Love, in its true and selfless form separated us from the animals. It defies our instinct of self-preservation that we may altruistically prioritize the person we claim to love.
  20. irah cunanan

    irah cunanan New Member

    I believe it is impossible to not fall in love. We are human beings, and it is in our nature to receive and give love that we deserve. Also, scientifically speaking, hormones are very difficult to control. Hormones are substances in our body that secretes other substances that make us feel in love. Therefore, falling in love is impossible to resist.

    Who wouldn't want to feel in love anyway? It is one of the best feelings a human being could ever feel.
  21. Kcdumalo

    Kcdumalo New Member

    I think yes, it is possible to stop yourself from falling inlove if you make yourself busy and avoid the things that makes you think of that person. You can stop it by controlling your brain. It is our brain that has the power to fool your heart.
  22. Mark Jayson Soliot

    Mark Jayson Soliot New Member

    Falling in love is automatic, when you feel it you can't remove it to your heart. Falling in love is not a choice, but staying in love is.
  23. Cgrf

    Cgrf New Member

    Yes, but it depends on the situation. If you cant stay away from that person you will definitely fall it is up to you. Say for example, when you found out that the guy/ girl you are into happens to be your long lost relative theres no way you'l pursue,right?. .again it is still your choice.
  24. bullet0426

    bullet0426 New Member

    No, you can't stop what you really feel. If you want to stop falling in love that is the hardest part. Go with the flow enjoy it, everyone can experience to fall in love and you deserve to be love. Don't force yourself your just a human it's normal to felt it and don't be scared. If you fail it's ok, that's part of love.
  25. MeshiKun

    MeshiKun New Member

    No, you can't stop falling in love. You can't help who you fall in love with. However, if you have good reason why you can't fall in love with this person, you can always help yourself to fall out of love. Indulge yourself into activities to avoid thinking of this person. Set up goals and dreams and achieve it. One day, you'll realize, you don't love him/her anymore.
  26. johnjohn0291

    johnjohn0291 New Member

    Love is in the air. It means that you can not stop loving its like when there is no air youre dead. You can not stop but you can love less. But theres no such thing of ending the love. Because love had a very deep meaning it can be love for other things such as you love to be alone, you are saying that you hate all people arround you but still there is a word love of being alone. So you can not stop loving until your heart stop beating.
  27. gc773124

    gc773124 New Member

    You can't really make your brain go against your heart. But that does not mean you cannot do anything about it. If there is a person out there you know you are to fall in love with and you don't want that to happen, there is one thing you can do. You can avoid them. I think if you don't see that person in a long time, it will keep your feelings dominated until you meet the right person. It will not work if you have already given your heart to that person. But if you are not, just avoid them to avoid falling in love with them. If you keep seeing them every day, everything they do will obsess you and you will fall madly in love. There is nothing really you can do about it.
  28. anna maria palero

    anna maria palero New Member

    Falling in love is something that we cannot stop. It happens to everyone. Sometimes, to someone we hate the most .. we cant stop it, there's no way for it. But we can stop that love growing. By avoiding that person, making ourselves busy, having some fun, until we are no longer into that person.
  29. your thoughts

    your thoughts New Member

    Yes, you can stop it. if you can divert your attention in to something and slowly forget about falling in love to someone. Its all matter to your mind set, if you know how to control your emotion then that won't be a problem.So, If you can't be so sure that he/she love you then avoid him/her before your love grows and reach the point of fall in love to him/her.
  30. rk2008

    rk2008 New Member

    No, I can't stop myself from falling in love. Being in love is my choice and I feel like its's natural for me because it's what makes me happy. It makes me inspire more. It makes life beautiful and complete. Sometimes we say we don't want to be in love because it only give us pain but I guess if we can learn to love our self first. Love can transform pain into strength. Love is not just an emotion. It's a decision and commitment.

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